Best Tips for Your Next Photoshoot

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Photoshoots are important events that should be well planned to make sure it goes as well as intended. Whether you are doing a photoshoot relating to your company, professional portraits of your professional profile, or a photoshoot for an important event, you want to make sure you prepare for it appropriately so everyone looks their best!

General Photoshoot Tips

  • Drink plenty of water the night before and the day of the shoot, so you will look and feel hydrated
  • Get plenty of sleep so you are well rested. This will help you look more relaxed during the shoot and will also ensure your eyes the look the best they can (i.e. no dark circles!)
  • Abstain from alcohol and extraordinarily large meals for 24 hours beforehand; you want to feel your best!
  • Pick out what you will wear well before the shoot. You don’t want to find out an hour before your photoshoot that a certain piece of clothing has stains on it and needs to be dry cleaned, or that it doesn’t fit
  • Start thinking about the different poses that you will be in for the photoshoot beforehand by reading about posing tips online and practicing in front of a mirror. Your professional photographer should also be able to provide you with some guidance.

What Should I Wear to My Photoshoot?

What you should wear to your photoshoot is one of the most important things to plan out. In general, you want to wear clothing that is comfortable and makes you look great! You want to not only look comfortable, but feel comfortable as well. How you are portrayed in your photos is as much about how you feel as it is what clothes you are wearing. You want to be in a good place mentally so you project the best images possible, and wearing clothes you feel good in is essential to projecting a strong, confident image for your professional photoshoot session.

What you wear to your photoshoot also depends on what profession you are in. If you are an executive or work in a very conservative industry such as the legal or financial industry, you will likely dress more conservatively than if you are in a more creative industry such as a start up or web development company. As the old saying goes, “dress in what you would normally wear to work.” If you are looking for employment, dress how people in the profession or company you want to be in normally dress. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your professional photographer for tips on anything you may have questions on.

What Should Men Wear to a Photoshoot?

  • For the typical business-formal look, wearing a suit coat, button-down shirt and tie is most appropriate.
  • For a business casual look, generally your three options are: a jacket or sport coat coupled with a button-down shirt, a shirt and tie with no jacket, or a button-down shirt by itself.
  • Polo shirts can be a good choice for certain industries. Whatever shirt you wear, just make sure it is in excellent condition and fits comfortably.
  • If you are looking for a casual look without a jacket, colored shirts can be a good option. You want your skin tone to be lighter than the color of your shirt.
  • Don’t wear a white dress shirt by itself unless you plan to wear it under another piece of clothing.
  • Bring several different wardrobe choices – jackets, shirts and ties – so we have choices for the photoshoot. An experienced corporate photographer should be able to help you pick out the best wardrobe choices for the shoot that will make you look at your very best.
  • No turtlenecks – they block the neck and crowd the face.
  • Remember – overdressing is not necessary, especially if you are in an industry that is more on the casual side.

What Should Women Wear to a Photoshoot?

  • Avoid clothing containing large prints or patterns that look too “busy.”
  • Different necklines will alter the way your face is portrayed, so bring a multitude of different shirts and blouses to determine what will work best. Again, a professional photographer should be able to help advise you a great deal in this regard.
  • If you are looking for a casual look without a jacket, colored blouses can be a good option. You want your skin tone to be lighter than the color of the blouse.
  • Be stylish in your clothing selection, but don’t focus too much on accessories or jewelry. Remember – the focal point of the picture is your face.
  • Bring items with a different options in terms of sleeve lengths. Sleeveless tops or dresses can draw attention to your shoulders and arms.


  • With jewelry, keep it simple. The smaller the better.
  • Don’t wear jewelry that is outdated or is a distraction from your face. Your face is everything when professional photos are concerned.
  • Consider any piercings you may have on either the face or multiple ear piercings as to whether they will be appropriate.

What Should I Bring to the Photoshoot?

  • Multiple changes of clothing
  • A great attitude
  • Lip balm
  • A hair brush or comb
  • Extra makeup

The Takeaway

It’s best to be as prepared as you can before going into your next photoshoot. Prepare as early as possible so there are no last minute issues or dilemmas. Most importantly, arrive to the photoshoot with a great attitude and feeling good about yourself. Doing so will make all the difference in how the pictures turn out!

Have you ever thought about doing a photoshoot for yourself or your business? Do you have questions on the photography strategy that would work best for your business? Please let us know in the comments section below; we would love to hear from you! Please also free to Contact Us Here or at 312-623-3456.

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