Photography vs. Videography: The Respective Usages in Business

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It’s no secret that Chicago Corporate Photography and Video offers both photo and video services. Although both photography and videography for business are extremely important for your company’s image and general growth, there are definitely situations better suited for photos and others better suited for videos. This guide is to help you better understand the most appropriate uses for professional photography vs. videography for business as well as their respective benefits.

Photography Usage Examples:


Today, as many companies fall victim to impersonal online presences, the value of corporate headshot photography cannot be understated. By allowing website visitors to put faces to names, effective headshots provide a sense of human connection between business and client.

This seemingly minor familiarity that a potential client may gain from seeing your business’ headshots can make a world of difference as they decide where to take their business. Great photographers are experienced in creating personal and professional headshots which will easily differentiate your business from the next.

Office Lifestyle Photography:

A strong company culture has a vast array of positive impacts on your business. If employees feel a substantial connection to their jobs, then the quality of their work will assuredly improve. Many businesses send newsletters, event recaps, and internal emails to employees in order to promote a sense of community at work, and these methods are significantly enriched when paired with photos of events and daily office life.

It is through these photos that employees can see themselves engaging with coworkers and participating in work events. Through this awareness of their company engagement, these photos have the potential unify your staff and ultimately strengthen your company.

Impressive photos of various aspects of your company allow for visitors to your website to see your company in action. They also serve to build your brand and allow customers or prospects to not only read about your company, but to view compelling high quality photography that really tells the story of your business. It not only illustrates what you do, but how you do it and allows people to gain a good understanding of your business in action.

Videography Usage Examples:

High quality videos offer an extremely dynamic alternative to traditional photography. Well-produced videos are amazingly effective at condensing large amounts of auditory and visual information into easily digestible products.

Videos for Conventions and Trade Shows

At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we film a great number of our videos at large events such as corporate conventions, trade shows and conferences. After filming, our experienced team edits the footage into entertaining yet still valuable videos. Often, these videos are then used to provide future attendees, customers, and prospective customers with a lively look at what each of these events are like. If you’re seeking to inform your audience while still maintaining their interest and attention, then our artfully crafted videos are perfect for you.

Video Content for Your Business

In our increasingly digital world, the habits of online audiences and consumers have been changing markedly. Consumers’ preferences for video content is growing as the reach of video content continues to expand. For this reason, investment in video content for your business is more necessary than ever before. Featuring your product or service through online video will almost certainly engage a wider audience and provide you with an impressive return on investment.

Additionally, high-quality videos help to validate your company in the eyes of consumers. With the understanding that not all businesses fully utilize video, a site visitor will recognize and appreciate it if your company features well-made video content. This recognition serves to build your business’ credibility in the eyes of consumers, and so the importance of website video content cannot be understated.

The Takeaway—Real Differences in Usage of Photography vs. Videography

Both photography and videography for business are great to have and can really engage your user base, and both are most certainly better than having neither on your website or in your promotional materials. Photos are generally better to have on most pages of your website, as there are faster page load times with photographs than there are with videos.

However, video can tell a story even better than photography can. As long as videos are only on a few pages of the website and do not slow the entire website down, and as long as they are not so lengthy as to discourage user interest, videos are great to have. Even if you only have a few different videos of your trade show, convention, or your business in general, these are very powerful tools to tell your brand’s story and showcase your product or service offerings.

Remember, whether using photography and videography for business, make sure it is high quality photography or videography and it professionally edited. You want the photos or videos to look the very best they can be, captured and edited by a true professional!

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