Candid Photography: Show the Human Side of Your Business

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Corporations sometimes have the reputation of being faceless entities, existing only to make a profit. They’re not usually thought of as a group of hard working people working together toward a common goal. In fact, recent data suggests that trust in corporations is lower than it has been in years. But all corporations, big or small, are made up of human beings. The easier it is for your customers to see that, the more likely they will want to purchase your products. Candid photography can be a great way to show the human side of your business and build consumer trust. Here are some of the many ways you can utilize candid photography for your website to eventually help boost profits.

Photos of Employees in Action

Your employees keep your company running smoothly. Hire a photographer to come take pictures of them throughout their workday. The photos will capture your employees in their natural habitat, engaging in a healthy mix of working hard and socializing.

These photos can be great for the “Careers” section of your website. What better way to entice people to apply for your open positions than to show them what it’s like to work there? Good candid photos can also give customers a glimpse into your day-to-day operations, enabling them to feel closer to the products or services they purchase and the people that “make it happen.”

Candid photography is especially great for after-work parties and events. Show the world that after a long day on the job, your employees like to have fun and enjoy themselves. Your customers will also be able to put a friendly face to the representatives they speak to and the company they patronize.

Photos of Products

Want to introduce a new product to your consumer base? Have a photographer take some photos of employees or other customers interacting with the product. An intuitive photographer will focus on reactions. Capturing snapshots of people being pleased with your product is crucial, as their positive reactions can influence people into making a purchase. Accompanied by an informative video, these photos can take away some of the mysticism that surrounds new products and entice your customers to buy them.

You can also use candid photography to show off your manufacturing process. It’s important for your customers to see how your products are sourced and produced so they will feel more comfortable purchasing them.

Have a photographer pay a visit to your plant or factory and take photos of your products being made, along with the employees that keep the machines running. Depending on your market, you might find that customers are more likely to purchase products made by someone who could be their neighbor.

A Valuable Social Media Asset

Social media marketing is as precious as ever in the online marketplace. If you run a small company, social media can help you branch out and find new customers in other markets without ignoring your local base. If you run a large company, a well-run social media profile can affect public perception of your brand in a positive way.

But no matter what size your company or consumer base is, high-quality candid photos can do a lot to dictate your social media strategy. Periodically posting the photos on your social media profiles accompanied by a clever caption is an endearing way to engage your customers.

Simply put, candid photos make for excellent content. But more importantly, they give your customers something to interact with. Try posting a candid photo with a funny caption. This gives you the best chance of being shared across your base. As your posts gain more traction, you’ll gain more followers on your profile. Soon enough, these followers will be converted to paying customers.

Communicate Your Personality

As stated above, humanizing your business by capturing candid moments can affect the way people perceive your company and the products you sell. It’s all about personality.

Are your products and services geared toward a younger audience? Candid photography can help communicate the more laid-back side of your company. Are you trying to reach an older demographic with your content? A candid photo of an employee hard at work can show your customers that you are serious about providing the best service possible and making them happy.

These days, people want to purchase products from brands they feel a connection with. The age of faceless corporations peddling their wares is long gone. To survive in a competitive marketplace, your base needs to be able to trust the humans behind the machines. It’s all about personalization!

Find a Candid Photographer Near You for Top Notch Candid Photography

Candid photography can boost brand recognition for your company and sales across the board. But the last thing you want to do is overpay an inexperienced photographer for mediocre shots.

The best photographers will work with your schedule while enhancing your suggestions with their expertise. And it doesn’t have to cost you your entire marketing budget.

Interested in having candid photos taken of your company? Contact Us Here for more information and we’ll be happy to help strategize your office lifestyle photo shoot!

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