Why Hiring a Photoshoot Makeup Artist Is So Important

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When scheduling a photoshoot, many people do not think about what makeup they will use until the last minute, let alone making sure there is a professional photoshoot makeup artist to help them on the day of.

Even if you’re not used to wearing much makeup day to day, and may not plan on wearing much for your photoshoot, there are many reasons to make sure you have a makeup artist on hand for your next photoshoot.

It’s also important to note that makeup does not just apply to women, but can apply to men as well. Men may not be aware that their faces and foreheads can look very shiny in photographs, in many cases too shiny. A little makeup or powder on the face and forehead can eliminate this issue, and also save money in that the photographer won’t have to spend as much time retouching the photographs.

Here are the top 5 reasons a makeup artist is a must have for your next photoshoot or professional headshot:

1. How Makeup Appears in Photos is Very Different than How Makeup Appears When You Wear It Every Day

Makeup adds so much to images even if you’re typically not accustomed to wearing much makeup. How makeup shows up in photographs is much different and more pronounced than how it appears when you wear it normally. It takes an artful and experienced eye to see the structure in each face, and then use professional techniques to ensure that beauty comes out in your photographs.

A professional photoshoot makeup artist know exactly what products to use and where to apply them. Makeup artists also know exactly how certain types of makeup will affect how the photographs turn out, as well as how light will affect the makeup shades and they work with your face. As far as photography is concerned, you want to view your face as a clean canvas to begin with before adding color. You may not think it will unless you are a professional photographer, but the makeup colors you choose for photoshoots will directly impact how your photographs turn out. You want the makeup, clothing, hair style and wardrobe to work with your face, and not against it. A makeup artist’s job is helping you make sure all these factors come together to make the best photographs and portray you in the best possible light.

2. A Photoshoot Makeup Artist Will Make You Feel Confident and More At Ease

Having a professional makeup artist will make you feel more confident about the photoshoot and more at ease in general. In any photoshoot, you want to be as relaxed as possible, as your demeanor will have an impact on the way your images turn out. You want to focus on your poses, facial expressions, and posing well for the shoot in general. You will have one less thing to worry about by having a great makeup artist on hand, which will also increase your confidence knowing that a professional just did a fantastic job on your makeup!

3. Having a Second or Third Opinion is Always Helpful

Your professional photographer should be well versed in all aspects of the photoshoot, including how your wardrobe and makeup choices will affect how the pictures turn out. However, although they may know a few things about makeup, makeup is likely not one of their primary areas of expertise. You really want to have a second opinion on your makeup from a professional makeup artist you trust. This will ensure your pictures turn out great and you are making makeup choices that put you at your very best. Makeup artists can do wonders very quickly, and can also change things in an instant if you want to try a few different options for the shoot.

An analogy is that your photographer is similar to your general physician. Your general physician may know a lot about medicine, but is not a specialist in any one area. A makeup artist is the specialist that can really help diagnose and fix any makeup issue or potential issue very quickly. Especially with so many different factors that go into the photoshoot, you don’t want makeup to get in the way or be an area of concern. Make sure you have a professional photoshoot makeup artist that can provide their opinion as to the best way to coordinate your makeup selection.

4. Look At Having a Professional Makeup Artist As An Investment in Yourself!

You already made the intelligent decision to hire a professional photographer to capture your professional photos and/or executive portraits. Go the extra mile and hire a professional photoshoot makeup artist as well! Remember, whatever the original reason to have the photoshoot, the photos taken can be cross-used in different settings. If you have a corporate shoot with professional headshots, you may also want to use those photos for your professional profile, website and a multitude of other ways. Please note that if the pictures are from a company photoshoot or one that you did not pay for specifically for your use, you need to make sure you are licensed/authorized to use the photos before using them in other ways.

A professional photo shoot has so many benefits and is one of the most important factors in how you present yourself aside from physically being there, so make sure you ensure the photography session has the best outcome by hiring a professional makeup artist to be as certain as possible it turns out great!

5. Save on Retouching Time and Expenses

Hiring a great photoshoot makeup artist will save time and expense in terms of the photo retouching that will need to be done after the shoot. Whatever it costs to hire a makeup artist, you will generally get back in the time it will save in retouching the photos. Make sure your photographer knows you’ll have a makeup artist on hand for the photoshoot so he or she will know it will take less time retouching and will quote your project accordingly.

The Takeaway

Hiring a photoshoot makeup artist is well worth it for many different reasons. Makeup artists have the experience needed to make sure you present yourself in the very best way, will add to your confidence level during the shoot, and will eliminate you having to choose makeup that may not look as great in the photos as it does in everyday wear. In many cases, your photo is the first impression people have of you, and first impressions count!

So make sure your photos are the best they can be by hiring not only a professional photographer but a great makeup artist as well. Your professional photographer should have a database of excellent makeup artists you can select from.

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