5 Reasons Why You Need Awesome Product Photography

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Online shopping has been steadily increasing over the past decade. So much so, that Black Friday now has it’s partner “online” holiday, Cyber Monday. It is no mystery that eCommerce companies are increasing in relevance, and platforms like Amazon are becoming commonplace to present the latest and greatest products as a vendor. This is aided by high quality, professional product photography that is utilized by these big-name companies.

One of the key factors in a purchase decision is how a product looks online, as the quality of photography really means everything when someone does not get into interact with your product directly—they may not have the opportunity to touch, taste, feel, smell, experience, or hear about your product first-hand. This means that you have one chance to sell them with a photo.

Product photographs are really key in reaching clients online and having a photographer who is skilled with these kind of images can really make all the difference. Let’s explore five reasons why your company needs awesome product photography…

1. Professional Product Photography Demonstrates Quality

High quality product photos demonstrate that your products are valuable and the best that consumers can find. If people do not have a chance to interact with your product directly—for example, when they are purchasing from your eCommerce store online, product photos are really all they have to determine quality. Do not skimp out on getting the most professional photos you possibly can. It will pay for itself in the long-run.

2. You can Showcase Your Store

Product photos are certainly important for eCommerce product display, but they are also great for showcasing your store and product displays in all of their glory, to direct traffic where it really counts! Many times storefronts are ultimately where businesses want their traffic going to purchase, but this doesn’t make online representations of your products less important.

3. Website Impressions & Marketing Imagery

Good product photos do more than just showcase your product for potential and returning customers. These images are part of the design and aesthetics of your website. Professional product photos can be used to leverage positive impressions of your website and can also be used as marketing campaign imagery.

4. Have a Competitive Edge

One of the challenges if you are in an industry that has many brands and companies is having the ability to take a competitive edge. Good product photos can be one aspect that not only enhances your website and overall image, but also allows you to position yourself in a competitive way with your target consumers.

5. Show Your Products in Action

Do you have products that do something worth showing? If you do, photography can be a great way to capture end results or show respective clients what your products can ultimately do for them!

The Takeaway

Product photography is becoming one of the most important aspect of eCommerce websites, but moreover, professional, high-quality images give you a competitive edge and can really help with your brand’s appearance. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has had the privilege to photograph many awesome products for our clients, and we have gotten to see first-hand how this can make all the difference in product performance.

Have you thought about improving the product photography on your company’s website? Let us know in the comments section below–we would love to hear from you!

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