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Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a Chicago video production company with over 20 years of experience. Compelling video content created by a professional, experienced Chicago Video Production Company is a necessity in today’s digital world, and the power of video to promote your brand is unequaled in terms of effective marketing tools to promote your business, engage your audience, and build your brand!



Video content is taking over as the most common form of Internet traffic. Knowing this, it would be wise for your company to invest in corporate video production before you fall behind to your competitors. Now, more than ever, people want information quickly and efficiently.

Professional corporate video production can help you satisfy this want for clients and or customers. Video production Chicago has to offer is able to bring to life the unique aspects of your company and showcase why people should choose you over your industry competitors.

Let Chicago corporate video production services allow you to get creative with your company and create something that will not only impress customers and clients, but will also make you proud to display.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a nationally serving corporate video production company in Chicago with over 20 years of experience. Compelling video content created by a professional, experienced Chicago Video Production Company is a necessity in today’s digital world, and the power of video to promote your brand is unequalled in terms of effective marketing tools to promote your business, engage your audience, and build your brand!


Are you looking for the best Chicago video production company? Well, look no further! Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is home to Chicagoland’s most exceptional business videographers. Our Chicago video production company specializes in motion graphics, 360 product animation, aerial and drone footage, and most importantly, traditional corporate videos.  

Your company is very valuable and should be treated accordingly. This is why it is so important to rely on a professional corporate video production company rather than an amateur, inexperienced corporate videography company or, even worse, your smartphone.

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t leave your child in the hands of an inexperienced babysitter nor would you hire an electrician that doesn’t have a good track-record. For your business, you deserve the best video production company Chicago has to offer.

We are no strangers to creating professional corporate videos for use on websites, digital promotional materials, business pitches and more. Professional corporate video is an amazing medium for storytelling and informing, and we love helping clients realize their goals through exceptional corporate videography.

Corporate video can be utilized for a variety of different occasions. Hiring a professional corporate video production team is a great way to capitalize on corporate outings, special events, and more. High quality business video can be used on your company’s website to help market your company and increase interest in your brand. People are captivated by video, especially in this day in age when video is consuming a majority of Internet traffic. Although, video for business has to be done by a professional corporate video production team because consumers are not pleased with low-quality work and it will reflect poorly on your company.

If you are looking to win new clients, attract employee applications, or to expose your brand’s values to the world, our Chicago Video Production Company will transform your company.

Our Chicago corporate video production projects have included video production of business meetings, seminars, company training sessions, video bios of corporate offices, client testimonials, commercials, viral videos, interviews, and YouTube marketing videos. Our Chicago Video Production Company has produced corporate videos for all types of companies and organizations such as large businesses, law firms, real estate agencies, restaurants, marketing companies, advertising agencies, boutique shops, and hotels large and small.


Video production for companies has many benefits, and does not take a whole lot of time if you’re using a professional videographer. Many of the best corporate videos we create are company bios. Company bios of your office culture, warehouse or workspace, will go a long way in enhancing your corporate image. If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth a million. The videos do not have to be very long either; they should be a maximum of 2-3 minutes, as that is a reasonable amount of time most people will devote to watching a video. Our video production of your company tour will instantly add value to your company, showcasing the corporate environment you work in and the professionals that work there. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to tell your company story in a fun way that customers will relate to, which will instantly elevate your company past “just another product or service provider.”


Testimonials are another area in which our Chicago Video Production Company can greatly enhance your corporate image. What better way to highlight the great job your company does for your clients that a few short videos of client testimonials? Although written testimonials are great to have, video testimonials will be significantly more effective. Some of the best Chicago videos we have created were of happy clients promoting companies they were very pleased with. If you have clients that you have been doing business with for a long time, one of the best ways they can thank you for a job well done is to promote your company with a video testimonial. Testimonials go a long way to show potential customers how happy your clients are, and speak much louder than a written review.


Our Chicago video production company can also produce short videos to serve as commercials for your business. Again, these videos shouldn’t be long in length, and also shouldn’t take too long to produce once you have designed the concept for the video and prepared the script. A good video production company should be able to help guide you in the concept design for the video as well as the preparation. A great Chicago Video Production Company will have a portfolio of many video commercials they have created for other companies, so you shouldn’t have to “reinvent the wheel” to create a compelling corporate video for your company. Whether your video commercial starts with a company bio, testimonials, or exciting video of your company products or services, don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of your corporate videos.


Make sure you make the most of your next corporate event with video production that will serve valuable long after the event has concluded. Corporate video for events is expanding at a rapid pace, and is a great way to show customers or potential customers great footage of your company booth or exhibit.

Event video production can also serve as a great marketing tool for branding, and you can incorporate video of corporate events into other videos to be added to your marketing program. Our event video production company will be able to shoot video of your event without disrupting the affair or getting in the way of your attendees, and videos are one of the best ways to show how successful the event was and illustrate the great event attendance, etc.

Corporate events are a large undertaking for both small and large companies, so make sure you capture the value of your company events with interesting and compelling corporate event videos.

A professional videographer in Chicago has the ability to bring interest and value to your company or organization through his or her skill in capturing high quality corporate video of your corporate event that can be utilized and shared across many different platforms. It is evident once you work with a professional videographer that the quality and eye for detail can’t be beat.


Potential clients viewing your corporate videos are rarely interested in minute details about your company—these customers want to hear what your company can do to immediately benefit them. This means that information which is not contributing to your business’ selling proposition does not merit a large focus in your company’s video.

Not only should you focus less on unimportant details, but you should work to emphasize what makes your business unique. By highlighting your unique selling proposition, you clearly express to viewers the exact reasons why your business is preferable to your competitors’.

These kinds of strategies—highlighting your business’ unique selling proposition—are very common in advertising. Take sub sandwich chains as an example: one popular chain stresses its fresh ingredients while another boasts about its freakishly quick delivery times. In both situations, the companies are clearly expressing their distinct advantages. Brand positioning such as this is amazingly beneficial in corporate videos, which our Chicago video production company is well-equipped to produce.


Corporate Videos are targeted at a business’s clientele and staff. They can promote a company’s product or service and are, for the most part, shared through the web via social media and web sharing. Our Chicago video production company has discovered that corporate videos are designed to promote and spread a brand’s ultimate message. They guide corporate teams’ communication efforts, which can help in saving the company money overall. If created for promotional purposes, corporate videos can clarify business offers or a products’ features in very exclusive and original ways. Corporate videos produced by the best Chicago video production company will have many benefits on your company’s image.

Modern consumers value easily accessible and consumable information. This is especially true for potential clients as they shop around online. Understanding and reacting to this fact is a great first step to better promoting your business. One easy way to give clients the information they want in the method they prefer is through digital business video.

In these corporate videos, your business can tell its story in a captivating way which is equal-parts digestible and informational. The most significant benefit of video is its ability to blend audio and visuals; this combination enriches your brand’s story. As your brand’s video truly engages consumers, they garner a much greater familiarity with your business. This customer-business familiarity is essential in setting your company apart from its competition.

Another notable benefit of digital business videos is the fact that they reflect extremely well on your company. Hosting professional, custom videos on your website shows consumers that your business is staying current and that it understands the needs of modern businesses. This impression comforts consumers as it leads them to trust that other aspects of your business are equally updated and consumer-oriented. Our video production company understands these benefits and works with your company to produce a video that causes viewers to gain confidence and trust in your brand.


Trusting your company’s representation through video with an amateur video company in Chicago could be detrimental to your business and how it is perceived. Consumers will associate low quality work that is tied to your company as a sign that your company is also low quality when that couldn’t be more far from the truth.

A professional videographer with Chicago Corporate Photography & Video may be the extra boost your company needs to stand out from the competition in your industry. Years of experience and knowledge set us apart from the many other video companies in Chicago.

Our professional video production company team can work wonders while creating corporate videography, but there are a few aspects beyond their control. To make your business’ video as successful as possible, be sure to follow some of these simple tips that will work wonders to elevate the quality of your video:


If one of your employees is going to be speaking in your video, their speech should be fairly well-rehearsed. An employee stumbling over their words or someone audible unsure of what they’re talking about reflects poorly on your business.


This tip has a few meanings. For one, it means that the employees in your video should wear something that they would typically wear to work. Some employees overdress on days when video is shot, and viewers can usually tell that they look out of place. Additionally, this means that employees’ wardrobes shouldn’t be distracting. Shoot days probably aren’t the best time to break out your novelty tie.


In a corporate video, the state of your company’s business space is very telling. Many companies prefer to have very tidy spaces in their videos, as this demonstrates organization and professionalism. However, some businesses may prefer a messier space. Creative businesses sometimes favor videos which highlight their atypical workplaces. Either way, the state of your business space should be considered before a videography team comes in to begin filming.

Also, in addition to following the steps listed above, it may be wise to have ample communication with the professional corporate video production team you are working with to ensure a flawless business video production project. At Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we strive to make your professional corporate video production project shine by highlighting the best aspects of your company, products, or whatever else you think is valuable to include in your business video.


Videos shot by an experienced Chicago video production company are a great way to add to your company’s SEO strategy. A great search engine optimization strategy is to add unique, compelling content to your website on a regular basis. Video production will not only engage your target audience, but will carry a lot of weight in how your website fares in the website ranking on Google.

It’s always helpful to remember that Google owns YouTube, so posting your corporate videos to YouTube in addition to your website is always a good idea. When posting your company videos to YouTube, make sure to tag them correctly with the appropriate keywords; this serves as a guide for Google in terms of what your video was about and how they should classify it. Our video production company at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has a wealth of experience not only shooting videos, but also how to format them for SEO when uploaded to your company website or as YouTube videos.


When deciding how you want to approach the ideation phase of your Chicago video, let the creative juices flow! Be as passionate about creating the best corporate videos for your company as you can. Try to really take the time to create a corporate video that is unique, compelling and fun.

If you have an idea for a video that is especially interesting and unique, there’s always a possibility you will have created a video that will go viral. Once this happens, it will drive a huge amount of traffic to your website, which will result in enormous brand awareness which will likely result in more sales. While the primary goal of your video production strategy should not always be to create a viral video, doing so certainly won’t hurt your company as long as the video is in good taste and went viral for the right reasons. If you share any unique ideas you might have with our video production company, we’ll be sure to do our best to help your video reach its potential.


Businesses that publish video content see 41% more traffic to their websites than those who do not.

That’s one of the many benefits to employing a professional Chicago video production company that you might be missing out on.

Chicago corporate video production is mastered by the experts at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video. Our team of highly trained business videographers work to capture the highest quality video for company use. We strive to make the video production process quick, yet quality, so that you can use your amazing corporate video project to start attracting interest. The experience of our team is unrivaled and we are sure to produce business video that you will be proud to show off.

We are also set apart by our distinguished positive track record of happy customers. Our reviews can certainly speak for themselves as it is evident that we are able to surpass expectations and provide professional video production that goes above and beyond in terms of quality and value.


Depending on your industry, you may be facing a lot of competition. This competition is even fiercer if you are a new company just starting out. How can you possibly compete against established businesses with reliable customers?

You need to be able to carve a niche within your market while giving people clear incentives to become your customers. Unique, clever, and poignant video content can help you accomplish this. Video content produced by a professional Video Production Company in Chicago can has so many benefits!

Although video has only recently become a focal point for marketing departments, as many corporations have yet to realize video’s many advantages, this is your chance to position yourself as an innovative company that understands how fresh content marketing can help you build your consumer base from scratch.

It’s all about giving your brand a voice. Traditional marketing techniques like print advertisements and commercials are still effective, but they do not allow you the same freedom and possibilities that digital marketing using professional video can. Cultivating a unique voice is key to your sales strategy because people are more receptive to brands that resonate with them.

Using strategic digital marketing with compelling video content, you control how your brand is perceived. If you can communicate your brand’s message in an appealing way, people will be more likely to want to use your product or service. Videos give you the best opportunity to communicate this unique voice through visuals.

Put your star employees in front of the camera and have them say a few positive words about your company. Showcase new products in anticipation for their launch. Film customers interacting with your products and get their opinions on your company in the form of a testimonial.  Do a tour of your office space and show your customers how you conduct business or manufacture your products. You can use high quality videos by a professional video company in Chicago to promote any aspect of your company you desire.

Rise above your competitors by embracing unique video content as a way to stand out in your market.


Building meaningful relationships with your customers is very important to ensuring the long-term success of your business. But this is not something that is easy to accomplish. If you are entering a market that already has a lot of players, it’s hard to imagine that customers would immediately migrate toward your products, especially if you haven’t conducted any outreach initiatives.

High-quality video content can help you build these connections with customers that so many corporations covet. In your next brainstorming session, develop content ideas with your Chicago video company that you think your customers will care about.

Answer common questions about your products or services. Address talking points that are relevant to your industry. Try your best to be a resource for your customers. The more useful information you can provide for them, the more they will trust you and what you have to offer.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to try and create video content without the proper equipment or expertise. No one wants to watch a marketing video taken on your cell phone, no matter how high quality your camera is. A professional videographer in Chicago, IL from our video production company can help you visually articulate your content ideas.

When your videos are complete, it’s time to make sure your customers watch them! Your social media accounts are the best place to publish your videos because you’ll be able to reach your customer base instantly, while potentially gaining some new customers in the process.


When it comes to your video content, you want to make sure that you can give your customers the most professional product possible. Employing high quality videography in Chicago shows your customers that you take your services seriously.

The best videographer in Chicago will provide post-production services like editing moments together, adding title cards, and putting in background music. This is the stage where your video will really start to take shape and come alive. If you try to film the content yourself or employ an amateur company with no experience, it will reflect poorly on your products and the way you conduct business.

A video that seems to be haphazardly put together can only affect your sales negatively. If your video is too long, your audience will lose interest before you get to your main points. If your video is not filmed in high resolution, your audience will assume you can’t afford better production values or simply do not want to allocate the resources.

You will not be sorry when you hire a Chicago corporate video company. The definitive edge that a professional business video company can offer your company is a great way to try and get a step ahead of the competition. Showcasing the best aspects of your company allows for people to not only appreciate the high quality corporate video production, but they can also learn about your business and be entertained at the same time.


When conducting research for a video company in Chicago, it’s important that they can handle the scale of the project you want to entrust them with.  They should have state of the art equipment, years of experience, and the ability to travel to trade shows, photo shoots, and film sets. They should be able to work within a previously agreed upon timeframe while being realistic about costs and turnaround times.

It’s also crucial that they are able to successfully articulate your content vision. Hiring a video company in Chicago doesn’t mean you are just paying them to film. They have to be able to help you tell a story.

Ideally, they’ve done videos for companies like yours before, and they can help you come up with the most effective way to turn your ideas into a visual masterpiece. It helps if they’re easy to work with as well. If you can build a great working relationship with them, then you can potentially cultivate a long-term partnership. This will allow you to focus on video content as a major part of your marketing strategy.

Finally, they should be excellent at communication. You should be aware of the status of your video project every step of the process so you can make sure it’s headed in the right direction. You should never feel as though your video project is out of your control.

When you start your search for a video company in Chicago that can meet your needs, look no further than Chicago Corporate Photography & Video. Our video production services are tailored to fit the needs of your specific project. We push to provide the highest quality for the price and we don’t settle for subpar work. We want to make sure that your professional video content is something that you will be proud to show off on your website, social media, YouTube, or wherever else you choose to utilize it.


Are you a marketing agency or digital marketing agency in Chicago in need of video services? We can help! Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has worked with all types of marketing agencies in Chicago and the surrounding area. Chicago video production is significantly increasing in demand, and we can partner with your agency to shoot professional video for your clients.

Our Chicago video production company services clients both locally and nationwide. We can help with everything from brainstorming ideas for compelling video content to shooting, editing and post production. Whether the assignment is large or small, our exceptional team of Chicago videographers is available to help with your next creative video project.


Chicago Corporate Photography & Video offers the best business video production in Chicago, IL. Over 20 years of experience and a highly trained staff means you are in good hands. The fear of wasting money on a corporate video that doesn’t live up to par is dismantled by the level of consistent quality that we offer here at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video.

Our expert corporate videographers capture the life and feeling that exists in your office while still managing to beautifully get across your company’s message. We even offer video editing services to ensure that your Chicago corporate video production project is the best it can be.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has a team of professional Chicago videographers that specialize in creating some of the best corporate videos for our clients. Corporate photography and corporate event photography is one of our specialties, and we have extended experience creating original corporate video for all types of companies.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the premiere corporate video production company in the city. Our eye for detail, storytelling ability and years of experience provide us with the ability to create truly exceptional business videos.

Our ability to collaborate also ensures that your videos are in line with your company’s artistic vision. Also, because of our central location in Chicago’s River North, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will happily film anywhere in the Chicagoland area.

With decades of experience, competitive, affordable pricing, and a wide range of services offered, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video can fulfill all your photo and video needs, from digital marketing, event coverage, and product showcasing.

We know how to make your company look good for your customers and stand out with high-quality video shot by our Chicago video production company. We’ve helped with the branding efforts for companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, real estate, law firms, manufacturing, and food services.

We are one of the best professional video companies in Chicago, and our videos will help your company increase your exposure and build your brand! All of our professional Chicago videographers are in house, so we do not outsource the video shoots or the post-production editing.

Do you have questions about Corporate Video Production? Want to know more about our experience? Feel free to call us up at 312-623-3456, or Contact Us Here.