Aerial & Drone Footage

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video specializes in Chicago Drone Photography.  Our drones have captured hundreds of high quality images of buildings, companies, people and places, and we have the experience necessary to take on your next important drone project!



Usage of drones for photography and video has become increasingly popular across many different industries. From realtors who want to get a bird’s-eye view of buildings, to general contractors who want to get an accurate view of a building site, to event photographers who want to create compelling photo and video of their events, and the list goes on. Chicago Drone Photography and video requests have been numerous lately, as many customers want this unique footage of their project and there are few Chicago drone photographers and videographers who are both licensed and experienced enough to work on these types of projects.


Just over a year ago, the Federal Aviation Administration surprised many by issuing a series of rather permissive regulations for commercial drone usage for aircraft under 55 pounds. Though these regulations are suggested for national adoption, many states and cities have their own drone laws which do not necessarily align with the FAA’s regulations. That being said, some of the FAA’s regulations which will likely be adopted by many state legislatures in the near future include:

  • The pilot must always keep the aircraft in sight unless the pilot is using First Person View technology. In this case, the pilot must be accompanied by an observer who must always keep the drone in their sight.
  • Flights are only allowed during daylight, the 30 minutes before sunrise, and the 30 minutes after sunset. However, if your drone is flying after sunset, it must be equipped with visibility lighting.
  • Drones are permitted to fly at any height as long as they are within 400 feet of a structure. If the drone is further than 400 feet from a structure, it is only allowed to fly 400 ft high.
  • The maximum speed for a drone is 100 mph!
  • Drones may not fly directly above any person without their consent.
  • To pilot a drone, one must hold a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating, or be supervised with someone with said certificate.

There are a number of other, more technical rules, which can be found in Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. (


​For as long as photography has existed, photographers have been limited by the restrictions of the human body. At events, photographers could take photos above their heads, or—if they were lucky—could manage to snap a few photos from the top of a staircase or a high balcony. These shots, though, were only able to capture so much.

​Later in history, people began to take photos from such things as planes and helicopters. Though these developments extended the scope of what a photographer was able to capture, they were still limiting: nobody was flying a helicopter 20 feet above a wedding ceremony to capture a photo.

Now, however, because of the accessibility and ease of use of drones, it has become fully within reason to aerially film an event which was once nearly impossible. What does this mean for the average person? Special events are going to be increasingly documented with the help of drones; videos of weddings, festivals, and the like will feature more and more shots from the skies as drones continue to increase in popularity.  This is why usage of professional Chicago drone photography has increased already just in the last couple of years!


In the last few years, the buzz regarding unmanned aerial systems, or drones, has reached new heights. With the recent technological advancements of late, drones have only recently become reasonably accessible to a large portion of commercial consumers. With prices hovering around a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, many are jumping at the opportunity to pilot a drone of their own.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has many years of experience shooting professional drone photography and video on behalf of our clients. We have mastered the art of capturing compelling photo and video for Chicago area clients using our many drones. Drones provide a unique perspective that will enhance and improve your important photography or videography project, and we have a team that will capture your drone footage the right way and provide your audience with an “overview” of your important project.

Our team will meet with you beforehand to determine your drone photography or videography needs. We will then arrive for your shoot with the right equipment and team members to get the job done, and done well. After the shoot, we professionally review and edit your drone photography shoot to create high quality, high resolution photography and video that you will proudly display to your audience or customers.

Do you have questions about your upcoming drone photo and video project? Great! We’re here to help you in any way we can. Please feel free to give us a call here at the studio at 312-623-3456 or email us at