Celebrity Portraits

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a professional Chicago celebrity photographer and has been working with all kinds of celebrities, popular athletes, politicians, entertainers and more for well over twenty years.



A unique professionalism is required when working with celebrities and projects with professional celebrity photography. As a professional Chicago Celebrity Photographer, we have worked with more and more celebrities over the years, we have become very familiar with this kind of work. Of course, our dealings with celebrity clients is mostly informed by our interactions with the individual celebrity, as each person is different.​

Often in celebrity photography, the beginning of celebrity or executive portraits shoots is spent getting the subject comfortable in front of the camera. This process may take some time, but is absolutely necessary for creating great photos. Many celebrities, however, are already extremely comfortable getting their photos taken.

Our professional celebrity photographers recognize this and react accordingly. In our work as a professional Chicago celebrity photographer, we expedite the process of “warming up” and allot ourselves more time to work meaningfully with the subjects to create the best celebrity photographs in Chicago.​

Additionally, we understand that celebrities often have very tight schedules. Fortunately, our Chicago celebrity photography company is familiar with accommodating busy schedules, as we consider all of our clients’ time restraints—celebrity or not.

Our team is also mindful of the usages for celebrity photographs. Photos used for magazine covers, bio pages, news articles, and advertisements all require slightly different artistic and technical approaches. Because there are so many different usages for celebrity photographs, our team has mastered a variety of different portrait styles over the years. Click Here to learn a bit about different portrait styles.


If you are hosting an event with a celebrity presence, then the benefits of having a Chicago professional celebrity photographer on site cannot be overstated. Whether you are hosting a grand opening, film premier, celebration, fund-raiser, or anything else where corporate event photography may be needed, photography of a celebrity at your event will drastically increase the event’s marketing power.​

With quality photos of your celebrity event, you will be able to extend the excitement of hosting a VIP beyond just those who were in attendance. Sharing these professional celebrity photos on social networks and newsletters, will undoubtedly lead people to take notice of your event and company. This sort of brand recognition is invaluable and should be regarded as such.


Aside from photographing celebrities at events, the Chicago Corporate Photography and Video team has an abundance of experience in celebrity portrait photography.​

One of the amazing perks of celebrity portraiture is that viewers are already familiar with the celebrities and their personalities. This provides a thrilling opportunity for Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s celebrity photographers to visually elaborate on the the personalities of our celebrity talent.​

Celebrity portraiture allows us the opportunity to shoot notoriously serious personalities in a very dramatic light, the deep-thinkers in a pensive way, and the jokers in a humorous manner. Granted, the artistic process is more complex than this, but shooting along these lines is fun for the photographer and the subject. Additionally,—and perhaps most importantly—the viewers enjoy seeing their favorite celebs shot in a manner which complements their character.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has the experience and skill necessary to considerately and artfully photograph celebrities. Our photographers are mindful of the distinctive aspects of a celebrity shoot, and our prior professional celebrity photography speaks for itself.

Do you have any questions regarding our history photographing notable individuals? Are you looking for a celebrity photographer? Feel free to Contact Us Here or give us a call at 312-623-3456.

We offer free consultations and estimates, and we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please note our company will keep any and all conversations regarding Chicago celebrity photography in the strictest confidence.