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Your school has countless positive attributes that make it marketable. However, not utilizing professional Chicago school photography means you may never know how much benefit could be provided to you through this form of visual marketing. Therefore, you need to hire a professional Chicago school photographer to showcase the very best aspects of your school to make it appealing to not only parents, but also benefactors.


Not to mention all the joy that is generated by great school photos. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is the photography company that you need in order to make your school have the best first impression to those that are thinking of sending their children to your school. Don’t risk hiring an amateur Chicago school photographer! Hire Chicago Corporate Photography & Video today!

School is not only, arguably, one of the most important aspects of someone’s life, but it is also becoming essential for a successful future. That being said, parents are quickly becoming more and more picky about what schools they are willing to send their children to. This idea starts from the youngest kids entering preschool all the way to the teenagers that are ready to head into high school. One of the best ways to help get your school noticed by more parents and to help it gain credibility is by using professional school photography in Chicago. Seeing happy children, nicely arranged and clean classrooms, and an overall positive environment is key to get parents to notice your school and send their children there.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is a professional school photography company that doesn’t settle for subpar photography. We strive to make sure that you are more than happy with your school photography in Chicago. The reason we are so passionate about making sure that your professional Chicago school photography is the best that it can be is because we realize that first impressions are so very important. It’s also incredibly hard to win over parents and convince them that your school is the best option for their kids. This is something that we realize at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video and that is why you will be guaranteed the best school photography in Chicago when you hire us.


When it comes to school photography in Chicago, there are important things that you want to keep in mind. First of all, when it comes to their children, people are extremely protective and they want to make sure that they are selecting the best school for their child. No one wants to risk the education of their child. Just imagine it in the terms of shopping. Say you wanted to go to a new specialty store and you decide to look it up first. You get to the website of the store and it has generic stock images all about. There is not a single picture of the interior of the actual store nor is there any pictures of the staff or exterior.

Upon seeing this, it is likely that you will be very confused and not want to go to that store anymore. Now think about that in terms of picking a school for your children. You would be suspicious if, upon searching schools for your child to go to, there were no photos of the actual school, students, or the interior of the school. Therefore, you want to make sure that your school has plenty of photos on their website and on their advertisements. This will help to bolster the association of your school with a positive image. It’s reassuring to parents to see photos of a clean school with students that to appear to be having a great time learning in a fun and educational environment.

Now some of the things that you could have a professional Chicago school photographer capture at your school would be school functions, celebrations, assemblies, and more. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video has experience photographing all of these school events and would be honored to be hired by your school to capture all of the best aspects of your educational environment. We have years of experience and we know just how to handle the idea of both candid and posed school photos. An amateur school photographer in Chicago would not be able to handle the commotion of a school as it could be overwhelming for them.


When you want to make sure that a service is done well, you hire a professional. When you want to make sure that you aren’t wasting money or time, you hire a professional. These are just a few of the reasons why it is so important that a professional is hired when it comes to advanced services such as photography. However, when it comes to a school being involved it is especially important to hire a professional for a multitude of other additional reasons. For one, safety has to be a priority for schools.

Having an amateur Chicago school photographer come in and take photos for your school could pose a risk to students and also provide subpar results. Someone from a non-reputable company may seem like a good idea to cut costs because there likely isn’t a large photography budget, but it really will end up being a waste of money because poor quality work serves no practical purpose for a school that is trying to market themselves.

Another reason why it is always a good idea to hire a professional Chicago photographer for schools would be the simple fact that unpredictable things can happen while trying to photograph students at a school or shots of the school itself. For instance, if there were to be difficulty getting the right photo because of a band practice going on, an amateur Chicago school photographer may not have the experience necessary to find other ways to get the right shot.

Also, a professional photographer for schools in Chicago will be sure to bring plenty of extra equipment. An amateur photographer simply does not have the resources to have an excess of back-up equipment. At the end of the day if there is an accident such as a child bumping into an amateur photographer and breaking his or her camera will probably lead to the end of that photography session and a lot of money down the drain.

One Chicago school photography company that you can be sure to get reputable service from a safe and trusted name would be Chicago Corporate Photography & Video. Our team is well aware of all of the tips and tricks of getting the best possible school photography in Chicago. We have made it our mission to use our carefully crafted photography skills to bring out the very best aspects of your Chicago school.


With over 20 years of professional photography and professional school photography experience, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video has the skill necessary to capture the very best Chicago school photos for your educational institution. We work with you to help figure out what the photos will be used for so we are better able to meet your needs and provide photography that garners the most benefit for your school.

If you have any questions regarding Chicago school photography or if you would like to hire a Chicago school photographer from Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, contact us! Send us an email at or call us at 312-623-3456!