Chicago Commercial Photographer

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a Chicago commercial photographer that specializes in shooting high quality, professional photography for companies of all sizes. We are known as one of Chicago’s best commercial photography companies and you can count on us to get the job done right!


Professional Photography and Video by a Chicago Commercial Photography Company

The commercial photographers here at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video create professional photography and video of all kinds of places, people, and events! We are a commercial photographer in Chicago, IL that photographs events and meetings, conventions and tradeshows, office lifestyle and corporate branding, executive headshots, CEO profiles, conferences, galas, corporate meetings, conferences and more!

Our Chicago commercial photography company works with many different companies and industries, including:

  • Commercial Advertising Photography
  • Commercial Healthcare Photography
  • Destination Management Photography in Chicago
  • Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Photography
  • Commercial Restaurant Photography
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Photography
  • Law Office Photography
  • Transportation Photography

Having been in business for almost 20 years, our team is the very best and most qualified to handle all of your important commercial photography and video projects. There is essentially no venue in Chicago that we haven’t been in, and almost no type of industry we haven’t worked with.

All of our professional commercial photographers and videographers are in-house and we do not outsource. Our team at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has combined decades of experience shooting high quality, professional commercial photography and video. We will surely make an impact on your important photography or video project, and will make your brand shine!

Why Commercial Photography Is So Important

Chicago commercial photography supplies a clear-cut visual portrayal of your business. Put simply, the saying is very true that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Whether you are selling products or services, high quality photography is essential to advertise and sell your business’s products or services effectively, and not having professional commercial photography could be costing your business to competitors that have it.

Whether it’s a small business or a large one, a corporation or non-profit, professional photography is one of the main ingredients to a successful marketing program. According to Industrial Marketer:

  • Blogs and website pages with relevant photos average over 90% more total views than content or pages without (professional) photos
  • A press release with images received almost 15% more clicks than one that has no images
  • Over 50% of customers who purchase products or services online prefer to contact a company whose listing contains a photo
  • Over 65% of customers who make purchases on e-commerce websites say the product photos are extremely important when deciding whether or not to purchase a product

How Chicago Commercial Photographers Will Benefit Your Business

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a professional commercial photography company in Chicago that can benefit your business in so many ways! Professional photography, especially in today’s digital age, is essential to help increase your exposure and help build your brand.

Commercial Photography captured by a Chicago commercial photographer will improve your company’s image, highlight the very best of your brand, will increase awareness of your company and brand, and will ultimately increase sales. Commercial photography has one of the best return on investments out of all the marketing methods out there. Plus, once you’ve shot most of your photos, especially of your office or current employees, you’ll rarely have to do it again in many cases. They will be part of your company website forever and will make your brand shine!

Commercial photography can be used in so many ways, such as for your company’s or organization’s:

  • Website
  • Brochures, Marketing Materials, and Annual Reports
  • Professional Photography of Your Office
  • Professional Photography for Your Company Meetings and Special Events
  • Headshots and Executive Portraits for Your Company’s About Us Page
  • High-Quality Photography for Your Company’s Tradeshows or Industry Conferences

Don’t cheapen your brand by using stock photography for your website or marketing materials — your customers and prospective customers have likely seen stock photos and can tell the difference between real photos of your company or organization and stock photos. Professional commercial photography captured by our Chicago commercial photographer team will help your brand stand out in a way that stock photos just cannot.

Don’t Forget Commercial Video!

They say if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Don’t forget to add professional commercial video to your company’s marketing program as well! Commercial photography is great, but commercial professional video captured by a professional commercial video company in Chicago is even better. Commercial photography and video is one of the best methods to tell an exciting story about your company and its products or services.

Commercial video production is one of the largest growing marketing trends in 2018. Video has a wider reach than almost any other medium of marketing, will bring your company store to life, will boost your SEO and marketing efforts, and is significantly more memorable than text.

Best Commercial Photographer in Chicago – Chicago Corporate Photography and Video

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is one of Chicago’s leading professional photography and video companies for fundraising events. We have the experience needed to capture the very best photography and video that can be used to promote similar events for years to come. According to Forbes, by 2019, video traffic will comprise over 75% of ALL internet traffic. Already, over 50% of the population watches videos on a daily basis. Having high quality, commercial video captured by a Chicago commercial video company will help your company’s bottom line!

We have a commercial video team that works with companies and organizations every day on all types of projects, including brand videos, convention and trade show videos, event highlight videos, interviews and testimonials, training videos, and more! We are one of Chicago’s best commercial photography and video companies and have the experience and professionalism required to capture these important projects for you!

Do you have questions about high-quality commercial photography to ask our Chicago commercial photography and video company? Do you have questions about high-quality commercial video? Please feel free to contact us at 312-623-3456, and one of our commercial photographers or videographers will be happy to help!