Conventions & Tradeshows

With over two decades of professional experience, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a Conventions and Tradeshows Photographer that has been photographing conventions and trade shows long enough to assure excellence in our photo and video work. To put it simply, we are extremely accomplished in event photography. Over the years, we’ve perfected the art of trade show and event coverage. This desire to produce great work, paired with our rich experience gives Chicago Corporate Photography and Video the ability to create the best convention and trade show photography in Chicago.



Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has been covering trade shows for as long as we’ve existed. Our photography and videography staff is amazingly dedicated, knowledgeable and professional. Together, these qualities separate us from our competition and help us to be Chicago’s premiere trade show photography company.

Our team has worked some of the largest recent trade shows in Chicago and many significantly smaller events, and we are a premier conventions and tradeshows photographer. Because of this, we have ample experience is a variety of venues in and around Chicago. Before the event, our team dialogues with show organizers about intended photo usage so that our team can best address the needs of the client. At the shows, our photographers typically strive to capture photos which “sell,” with a perspective that highlights the best moments of your Chicago trade show. Additionally, our professional photography and video staff produces alluring and marketable photos without disrupting the attendees, staff or the general flow of the event.

Our photography expertise with trade shows is all-encompassing. Our event photographers offer specific services for exhibition booths, individual products, candids of attendees, and almost all other important details which organizers may request. We prepare effectively to ensure that our photographers have all the equipment they need while still being able to move around the event with ease. In doing so, we cover the event more holistically and produce photos which better represent the entire event. Proper preparation such as this is a skill learned only after working in the industry for years. With so much experience, our staff is ready for anything.


Our convention experience is very similar to our trade show experience—meaning that our photography team has been working conventions for years, and we consistently deliver amazingly high quality photos. We go above and beyond with our services because our team understands the value of spectacular convention photos, and we intend to maximize this value for our clients.

Proper, professional convention photos taken by a professional conventions and tradeshows photographer in Chicago are needed to maintain an effective presence online. People are attracted to beautiful photos, so by posting great photos of your convention online, you are immediately building interest. Simply telling people about the success of an event won’t have the same effect as showing them with pictures. Hosting professional convention photos on websites, social media pages, newsletters, and related promotional materials is an amazing method of promoting your event.

Attendees will be able to reflect on their time there, and some even share photos of your event on their own social media pages. The benefits of this kind of advertising cannot be understated. And after seeing the artful photos from your convention, those who did not attend will be wishing they did!


​Trade show photography with Chicago Corporate Photography and Video – we are a conventions and tradeshows photographer that is dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional, and these are the qualities that separate us from our competition. We capture some of the largest Chicago conventions and trade shows, producing alluring and marketable photos without disrupting the attendees or the flow of the event. We always strive to capture photos that “sell,” with a perspective that will highlight the very best moments of your Chicago convention or trade show.

Our Chicago corporate conventions and tradeshows photographer will capture all of the details of your Chicago convention or trade show. Our event photographers will capture every detail of your exhibit booth, including products, people, convention hall surroundings, and any other important details you wish to highlight during the event. We will capture the activity and interactions in your exhibit booth, as well as shots of the crowd to show the excellent attendance of the event. We’re very experienced in moving around and capturing photos in what can be very crowded areas, all without disrupting the attendees or interactions taking place during the event.