Are you searching for the best convention photographer in Chicago? If so, your search is over! Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has over 20 years of experience in convention photography.



As such, our team is well-versed in properly covering a variety of conventions and events such as:

  • Trade Shows
  • Celebratory Events
  • Corporate Conventions
  • Professional Conferences
  • Educational Seminars
  • … And Much More!

As a professional convention photographer, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will document your convention beautifully and thoroughly so that all of the details of your event can be relived in full clarity with high quality convention photography.


There is a wide variety of convention types, and different conventions benefit from convention photography in different ways. For professional conventions and business events, having a Chicago convention photographer on-site has a number of benefits.

Photography of business conventions can be used to enhance an individual or business’ online presence. Professional photography has many benefits to companies when implemented online. For organizations which run annual conventions, maintaining updated website photos is crucial for showing future attendees that the convention is growing and current. Additionally, convention organizers can use their professional convention photography in newsletters and promotional materials.

Professional convention photography companies that employ experienced convention photographers are also favored by attendees. Many convention guests like to have their photographs professionally taken in a business context, and these guests often share these professional convention photos through their own social and business media accounts.

When attendees share photos from conventions, they are providing free, genuine advertising for the event: a great benefit for the event organizers. Convention photographers in Chicago will make attendees feel like they attended the event, even if they didn’t! Convention photography will market your brand and the convention long after the convention has ended.


In addition to photographing your convention, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video offers an array of additional services that ensure that your business event is effectively and favorably perceived.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s retouching team will work to guarantee that your convention photography looks as professional and as marketable as possible. With some light photo editing, our photos will look as great as your event was!

Our team has years of video recording and editing experience, and our Chicago corporate video production services are becoming increasingly utilized at conventions and organized events. The dynamism of our convention videography provides viewers with a very lively and comprehensive look at your event, and these videos are extremely useful for convention synopsis and marketing purposes. We also offer live streaming services, time lapse videography and many more video-related services.​


On top of being experienced and skilled, reasons to hire the seasoned convention photographers at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video include: our professionalism, an openness for collaboration, and the highest-quality equipment.

Our Chicago convention photographers are extremely professional, affordable, and easy to work with. They will blend in with the crowd while taking some of the best convention photography to highlight your important event of convention.


Context matters. Business convention attendees and organizers expect their events to take place in a professional environment.

Event organizers like to see photos of attendees interacting, networking and communicating. These shots are valuable for highlighting the utility of business conventions, and so they are very popular. However, these shots require a notable amount of finesse in order to be captured organically and without disruption. An amateur photographer may disrupt these valuable moments while attempting to capture them, but a professional photographer has the know-how to document these moments in a professional and non obtrusive manner.

An Openness for Collaboration:

Career convention photographers should speak with event organizers and seek to understand what is expected of them. On top of this, experienced photographers should also offer insight to organizers regarding convention photography. As the two groups exchange ideas, they find the most appropriate approach to photographing every event.

Highest-Quality Equipment:

When you hire a professional photographer, they bring more than their experience and skills: they bring their equipment. An established convention photography company should have the highest-quality lights, cameras, accessories and software available. This kind of equipment aids in the creation of the best possible images. Photography supplies are notoriously expensive, and so the best equipment is often beyond the means of amateurs.

It should be noted, though, that a great photographer can produce better photos with bad equipment than a poor photographer can produce with the best equipment in the world. Excellent photo resources simply allow great photographers to make their photos even more amazing.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is able to offer not only the best equipment and a high level of experience to accompany it. Our photographers were trained extensively with some of the nicest photography equipment in the industry. That being said, we are able to masterfully capture your convention so that you will have wonderful convention photography that can be utilized for a variety of different platforms such as social media and your company website. This will then provide an attention grabbing aspect that will be sure to benefit your business by attracting customers and or clients.


You may be wondering what exactly can be captured through the use of convention photography. In all honesty, there is a very large range of things that can be captured through the use of convention photography. In the end, it comes down to what would provide the most benefit to your company. Now this benefit can be present in many different ways other than simply getting customers and or clients to show interest in you business. Convention photography can be used for company advertisements, brochures, on the company website, or as promotion for the next convention.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, a Chicago Conventions and Event Photography and Video Production company, offers a variety of services to add value to your Chicago Convention, Expo or Trade Show. We offer the following convention photography services:

  • Entire Convention or Conference Coverage
  • Convention Events and Receptions
  • Dinner and Cocktail Parties
  • Key Note Speakers Photography
  • All Convention Networking Events
  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  • Exposition and Trade Show Photography & Video
  • Exhibit Booth & Exhibitor Photography
  • Convention Floor/Show Floor
  • Product Photography


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video provides top quality convention photography and video production services and is familiar with all of the convention halls and hotels in the Chicago area. Our editing and retouching services is included in many of our packages, and we also have the ability to overlay graphics or your company logo on all of the photos we produce.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has the expertise and experience to document your convention or professional event in the best light possible. We are more than familiar with the needs of convention organizers, and we work determinedly to provide the best convention coverage in Chicago. We also offer our event photography services outside of the city. Our team has worked in various Chicago suburbs.

Conventions cost a lot of money in preparation, travel, lodging, and payroll expenses. Make sure you document your next Chicago convention with high quality convention photography from the best Chicago convention photographer. Don’t let your convention booth or participation go unnoticed. Hire Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, and experienced Chicago convention photographer to capture what you have built!​

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