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Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s premier corporate branding photographer. We have captured corporate branding photography for hundreds of Chicago clients, and work hard to build clients’ brands through high quality, professional photography and video productions services.



Professional corporate branding photography is essential to making your brand stand out among your competitors, especially in today’s digital age where people are making split second decisions on which product or service provider to go with. Likewise, in corporate branding, images are everything, both literally and figuratively. How your company is perceived as a brand is essential to whether a customer chooses your business or a competitor.

Professional photography for corporate branding by a professional corporate branding photographer is the best means to communicate your company image and professionalism to your customers and potential customers. Corporate photography of the past was largely limited to generic stock photos of professionals smiling. However, nowadays your customers and prospects expect more from your company imagery and brand.​​


Corporate branding photography is indeed the gift that will pay dividends for a long time after the photo shoot is over. According to Contrastly and the majority of marketers, high quality photography is absolutely essential to corporate branding.  Further, the professional images captured can be used for your company website, brochures, newsletters, press releases, social media pages, and more. Corporate photography used in branding involves all images that your company uses to promote itself. Corporate branding demonstrates the “personal” side of a company which can create a valuable connection between your company and your customers, potential customers, and stakeholders.

Basically, every business or nonprofit needs quality branding photography to make their image and their brand the very best they can be. We photograph and produce branding videos for all kinds of businesses, including large corporations, small businesses, real estate professionals, doctors and dental offices, restaurants, retailers large and small, law offices and ecommerce retailers. Our team will take the best photos of your office or corporate event so your brand image will exude professionalism.​


There are so many ways that professional brand photography can be used to help build your brand and convey the best first impression.

Below are just a few:

Team Photography

Team photography is a great way to give your customers a feel for the company and the people that work there. It is also a way to attract talented people to your company. Team photography for branding is a way to show how unique your company is and showcase all of the hard working people that are a part of it. Candid shots of your company’s team are an excellent way to showcase your company’s culture and personality, and will go a long way in personalizing your company.

Corporate Office & Lifestyle Photography

Photography of your office or workspace is also a great way to portray your company culture in the best light. Photographing or taking video of your office environment will showcase the space to customers and potential customers and will show that the company appreciates the hard work of all of their employees.

Personalization of a company and it’s culture is one of the best ways to connect with potential customers or clients, and there is no better way to do that that high quality professional photography and video that will show off your brand in the very best light. The more information you provide via branding photography, the more you will help consumers feel a connection to your brand and what it stands for.

Corporate Event Photography for Branding

Corporate Event Photography for branding is also an excellent way to show off your brand to clients and potential clients, and especially to people who were not able to attend the event. Corporate event photography is perfect for websites and annual reports, and photography by a professional corporate branding photographer shows your company in action at the event, conference, or company meeting.

Branding photography for corporate events allows you to express what your brand is all about, and portrays the personality of your company in a fun and exciting way. Branding photographers are professionals at capturing high quality event photography without disrupting or distracting from the event, conference or trade show.


Branding photography is one of the most important things you can do to build your brand or corporate image. It helps your company or brand connect with people so they get a sense of familiarity with your products or services, as well as your corporate culture and team.

Photography for corporate branding is essential in today’s modern era where people make very quick decisions on what company they choose to do business with for their products or services, and a corporate branding photographer can help your brand stand out among the competition by capturing photos that what will enhance your corporate culture and image.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Chicago corporate branding photography. Please feel free to contact us here or give us a call at 312-623-3456.