Advertising Photographer

Due to the nature of the advertising industry, Chicago advertising photographers need to have a very rich skill-set in order to succeed. This is because ad agencies are often looking to create something fresh and different. A professional Chicago Advertising Photographer can provide your company with the images it needs to succeed.



Advertising projects offer a very unique opportunity for collaboration between photographers, art directors, and clients. Often in other fields of photography, the photographer is the sole contributor to the artistic decision-making process. However, commercial advertising photographers provide the opportunity for all involved to put their creative minds together.

The collaborative spirit of advertising shoots is extremely valuable. As the creatives of a project communicate, they learn from one another. This provides all involved with the opportunity to improve their respective crafts. Additionally, with so many artistic individuals contributing to a project, the final product is has the potential to be amazingly creative and especially well-done.

A specific benefit of the artistic and collaborate nature of advertising photography shoots is that there is great potential for the advertising videographer and photographer to experiment. Keeping in mind the fact that some advertisements are created to catch people’s’ eyes, art directors, photographers, videographers, and others involved are open to trying different and unusual approaches to a photo. If you allow the right Chicago advertising photographers the freedom to experiment, then they may produce something truly artistic and eye-catching. This creative commercial photography positively impacts your business in multiple ways.


Industry experience is very important for advertising photographers, especially in a large city like Chicago. Advertising photography is structured differently than many other photoshoots, and this may rattle a less experienced photographer. Professional advertising photographers who have worked on advertising projects in the past are likely better suited for the real-time critiques, marked specificity, and larger production found in the industry.​

Additionally, professional advertisement photographers sometimes feature celebrities or individuals of exceptional importance. Because of this, it is also valuable for advertising photography companies to have experience photographing people of importance. A notable professionalism is required when working with celebrities, and this professionalism is shaped by experience. For more information on Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s experience in celebrity photography and celebrity portraits, please don’t hesitate to reach out!​

A breadth of subject matter experience is also important for an advertising photographer. Many advertisements require that a photographer be able to effectively photograph a wide range of objects. For example, an advertisement may feature people, products, food, a set, and a landscape all at the same time.​

The complexity that is often inherent to advertisement shots requires a photography team which is competent in an array of photography styles and genres. These more intricate advertisements usually also require very skilled retouching and post-production editing. Knowing this, it is also crucial to hire a photography company with outstanding retouching abilities, such as Chicago Corporate Photography and Video.


Often in the realm of advertising photography, a campaign will run through a number of different media classes. A common example is a campaign which features both print and television advertisements. The nature of these media classes often requires for a campaign to have photography and video.​

In order to maintain visual consistency between photos and videos, many agencies seek to hire a photography company which can produce photos and videos. Some benefits to hiring an advertising company specializing in both photography and videography include:

  • Visual consistency
  • Lower costs
  • Expedition of shoot times
  • Ease of communication
  • Less hassle!

These benefits cannot be understated. Take visual consistency as an example. If photo and video can be recorded on the same day and on the same set, then things like lighting, hair, makeup, wardrobe, prop placement and more will stay exactly the same. These details do not go unnoticed by viewers. Together, these specifics contribute greatly to campaign uniformity, and therefore stronger brand image and recognition.​

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s team has a wide variety of skills, experience in Chicago advertising photography, and an open mindset. Together, these characteristics contribute to our stellar ability to shoot both photography and video for advertising agencies exceptionally well. Our expertise in both photography and professional videography in Chicago adds to our status as the best advertising photography company in Chicago.


Located in downtown Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has easy access to almost all shooting locations in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. Additionally, we are more than willing to work with you in our own downtown studio.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has over 20 years of experience as professional advertising photographers in Chicago. We are the best at what we do, and our professionalism is unequalled. We have worked with advertising agencies both locally and nationally, and will give your important advertising photography project the creativity and high quality photography it deserves to set your company or agency apart from the competition.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video also specializes in video production for advertising projects. All of our videographers are in house, both for the actual shooting and for the editing. As video is becoming the norm instead of the exception, we shoot video projects on a weekly basis for both advertising agencies and corporations. Video is one of the best ways to build a brand, and an experienced Chicago advertising photography and video company like ours will make you or your clients really stand out.

Are you searching for the perfect photography and videography company for your next advertising project? Well, look no further! Give us a call at 312-623-3456 or you may Contact Us Here. We are ready to discuss your advertising vision and take your brand to the next level. We look forward to speaking with you!