Annual Reports

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video specializes in annual report photography for all businesses. Annual report photographs, taken by a professional annual report photographer, have significant benefits for your company and is one of the most important forms of communication with your shareholders and stakeholders.



Although a company may have many different methods for communicating with the public, the annual report is by far the most important form of communication and yearly account the company provides to it’s owners and shareholders. The numbers in the report are vital, as are the company’s achievements over the past year. The annual report photography should communicate a company’s achievements and success, and stock photography is surely not the correct way to do this. For further tips on how to have a notable annual report, click here.

Owners and investors want to see genuine pictures of the company’s facilities, employees, corporate event photography, and strategic endeavors for future growth. They want to see who is using their funds and for what purpose, and will want to gain a feeling for the company as well as its different areas of operation.

High quality, professional annual report photography done by an experienced annual report photographer conveys confidence, advises shareholders what projects and endeavors the company is working on, and helps reassure them that their investments, and their company, are headed in the right direction. Communication of these aspects is key, and a professional annual report photographer can be an enormous asset in making the annual report the very best it can be.

A professional annual report photography company such as Chicago Corporate Photography & Video can help bring your annual report to life in a way that will make all the concerned parties involved in your company pleased and impressed with the direction that your company is going. Stunning photos that capture the accomplishments your company has witnessed in the past year will give a confident outlook on your annual report.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video has years of experience with annual report photography and is able to showcase your company’s achievements and goals skillfully. Don’t risk the integrity of your annual report! Hire Chicago Corporate Photography & Video today: Chicago’s top professional annual report photography company.


A professional corporate photographer can be a tremendous help in capturing relevant, high quality photography for your company’s annual report and corporate branding photography. Good photography for annual reports is not simply taking a few nice photographs of people. Often, it takes a lot of hard work by a team of people – photographer and company representatives – to function together well to capture the best images to correspond with the text in your annual report.

A professional corporate photographer will benefit the company as they will be an expert in people and placement, lighting, photo editing, and direction of the shoot in general. The photographer will instinctively know which items or objects should be in the right place at the right time, have experience with both outdoor and indoor shoots, and be creative and experienced enough to know which types of photos will have the desired effect on what your annual report is trying to communicate.

Again, choosing general stock photos will not mesh well when you take all of the above items into consideration. It’s much better to hire a professional annual report photographer and know that the project will be completed well, and that your annual report will put your company’s best foot forward with high quality images.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is able to keep your business from detrimental stock photos that give a negative appearance. Our team is also able to provide expert insight when it comes to capturing your unique company in a way that is best suited to your needs.

Whether that includes indoor or outdoor shots, photos of individual employees or company group shots, or whatever else your business desires for its professional annual report photography. Here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we’re all about not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of our clients. We do this all with the utmost of professionalism and care because we do not settle for subpar annual report photography.


Often, for larger annual report productions, companies may choose to hire an art director to shape the visual character of their report. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is no stranger to these sorts of arrangements, and our staff enjoys artistically collaborating with art directors.

Our team is happy to work on annual reports with art directors who provide either loose or close direction. We understand that the goal of the shoots is to create the most effective work for the report, and as such, we are willing to do whatever it takes to efficiently produce photos.

More commonly, companies may feel that hiring the services of art directors is unnecessary for their annual report production. For these projects, the photographers assume a great deal of the art direction roles and utilize their own artistic license to create visually engaging annual report photographs. In our photographers’ experiences, this arrangement leads to final annual reports which are equally as effective as those curated by art directors. After all, the photography staff at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video are artists, and we accomplished in creating visually engaging and effective annual reports.

Additionally, for companies with offices or sites in multiple locations, annual reports may be shot by a number of different photographers in different cities, states, or countries. In these situations, it is essential that the photographers are able to communicate effectively amongst themselves to ensure visual consistency in the final annual report. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has proven communication abilities which aid us in proper coordination with other photographers. In situations where all photography companies involved are photographically, communicatively and organizationally skilled, there should be very few problems related to visual consistency in the annual report.


Settling for an amateur annual report photography company is not only a waste of time for your company, but it is also a significant waste of money as well. When you decide to make the wise decision and invest in professional annual report photography, make sure you do so with a reputable company that has plenty of real world experience.

Capturing annual report photography requires a professional annual report photographer because they are able to provide the technique and skill that leads to the best annual report photography. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is the annual report photography company that you need to help your company shine come time for the annual report.

The annual report photographers at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video have over twenty years of experience photographing in both corporate and non-corporate settings. As such, our team is exceptionally experienced, professional and efficient. We seek to provide you with the highest quality annual report photos possible while still delivering affordable services.

Our headquarters are located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. With this central, downtown location, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will happily service any company in the Chicagoland area and beyond. Feel free to call us at 312-623-3456 or Contact Us Here. Our staff will happily talk over your vision and provide free quotes! We look forward to speaking with you!