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Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s best digital marketing photography company. A digital marketing photographer at our company will take the very best photos on behalf of either your agency or your clients. We help numerous Chicago digital marketing agencies with their photography which helps enhance their clients’ imaging and branding.



Photography is a great attention grabber for every industry. People love to see visuals as evident by the extreme popularity of photography sharing apps such as Instagram. Having a visual aspect such as photography included in your digital marketing strategy can have great positive impact for your business.

Whether your clients sell products or services, high quality photography will greatly enhance their digital marketing program. High quality photography taken alongside the digital marketing efforts your agency is already providing can be used for many different purposes, including for your clients’ websites, blogs, brochures, and marketing materials. Additionally, professional corporate event photography can also go a long way in attracting new and repeat business.

Digital marketing photography, performed by a professional digital marketing photographer, can help to capture the best parts of your company, corporate events, or whatever else you feel would help to add value to your business’ digital marketing strategy.

A Chicago digital marketing photographer such as Chicago Corporate Photography and Video can capture the highest quality photography to be used on client’s websites, blogs, content marketing, social media marketing, press releases, annual reports and corporate events. Not having great photography coupled with an already great digital marketing program lessens the effects and cheapens the client’s corporate image. Digital marketing photography companies can add value in so many ways, so it is very worth it to have a Chicago corporate photographer on staff to improve the hard work and tangible results you obtain for your clients.


In today’s digital age, consumers make split second decisions on which products or services they will purchase. You need to have compelling content that answers their questions quickly, and there’s almost no better way to add value to your content then with compelling photography. A picture will answer many of their questions immediately, and customers won’t have to read through as much of the product or service decision before reaching their decision as to whether or not to purchase.

Quality photo’s can also promote your client’s brand in a very personal way. Instead of just telling them how your product or service will benefit them, show them with high resolution images captures by a professional digital marketing photographer. Don’t just do the same things your competition is doing, go above and beyond with high quality professional corporate photography!

Hiring a professional digital marketing photographer will ensure the highest quality which is vital for content these days. Consumers don’t have to settle for low quality anymore because there is so much competition in every industry. People will find what they are looking for elsewhere if they cannot find it in your business.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video provides that extra edge to your clients with the highest quality digital marketing photography. Years of experience has culminated into our being able to offer some of the best communication and finished products in the business.

We don’t settle for low quality digital marketing photography, we do everything we can to get the very best shots that will highlight the best aspects of your clients’ products or brand in general. Instead of risking it with an amateur photography company, it would be best to trust the experts at a digital marketing photography company like Chicago Corporate Photography & Video.


In addition to providing more interesting and informative content for your customers, photography taken by a professional photographer in Chicago can add significant SEO value. Titling the alt tags and image descriptions will add much search engine optimization value, as these images will now be searchable by Google and the other search engines which will result in increased clicks to your client’s website.

An SEO photographer definitely keeps search engines in mind when he or she is capturing quality photography for the marketing programs you are working on on behalf of your clients.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the best digital marketing photographer in Chicago. We have experience with dozens of digital marketing companies, destination management companies, photography for advertising agencies, digital startups and many other business in the digital marketing arena.

Our professional and friendly digital marketing photography team will work with you to capture the very best photography to add to your existing digital marketing programs for your clients. We have a marketing mindset whenever we take on a new project, as the majority of our photography is used for marketing purposes. We even have a marketing team that can help blend in the best photography with your or your clients’ exisiting digital marketing or social media marketing programs.

We have very competitive packages for all of our digital marketing clients, and these also include after-the-shoot services such as editing and retouching.

Do you have questions about digital marketing photography? Do you need a Chicago digital marketing photography company to add value to your clients’ digital marketing programs? Great, we’d love to help! Please feel free to give our studio a call at 312-623-3456 or you may Contact Us Here.