Whether you are in the early stages of branding your new company, are planning a re-brand, or are releasing any new marketing materials, marketing photography, taken by a Chicago marketing photographer, can provide the foundation for any one of your brilliant Chicago marketing campaigns.


Our Chicago marketing photographers at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video have a combined experience of over 40 years. Each of them have studied and practiced in major cities across the world, mastering the art of photographic styles that range from photojournalism to conceptual and fine art photography.

An artist that seeks to become a marketing photographer will express excitement at the opportunity to try something new. Our passion for digital marketing and corporate branding photography here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video will show in fresh and inventive, images for marketing that are custom tailored to your original ideas.


Marketing Photography for New Websites or Website Re-Design

Whether you are creating your company’s website from scratch, or updating your site, high quality photography is critical to a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing webpage. Setting up a shoot with one of our marketing photographers in Chicago will set you apart from the rest and help you achieve a stunning new site.

New Office/Relocation Photography for Marketing

New spaces are very exciting and are worthy of being photographed! Your employees will share brilliant ideas inside these walls and it’s important to capture the space within them. With experience providing real estate photography, our professional photographers can bring your workspace to life to use the images in a press release, to post to social media, to share with your prospective employees, for websites, blogs & company brochures.

Photography for Your Company Anniversary

Every year you are in business is such an awesome accomplishment. As your company is growing, change is bound to occur and it’s important to take marketing photos along the way just as you would of your growing child. You may be coming up on a five, ten, or fifteen-year company anniversary and there will be good buzz surrounding it! Wow your clients, investors, and employees alike by creating a press release with noteworthy and brand-building marketing photos to highlight all your company’s recent accomplishments.

Advertising Material

Avoid stock photos as often as possible when creating new advertising content for your company. It is essential to have your own photo and video products when planning a new campaign. Including a face no one has seen before, a new product that changes the industry, the office that inspires your team, or capturing a company culture that is unparalleled will personalize your materials and help your prospective clients connect with you and your company. Use your imagination when it comes to building your next campaign, and we will provide the Chicago marketing photography and video to match it.

Marketing Photography and Videography for Company Events

Event photography can be one of the most fun and exciting places to capture professional marketing photos and footage. There is typically décor, unique lighting, and a great positive atmosphere that can provide a distinctive backdrop to any photo or video you may need. You may be hosting a product launch party, or a grand opening where photos of the product itself or the building are required. What better way to commemorate the day than to capture high quality marketing photography and video in Chicago at your next event.

The Takeaway

Although we have provided a few occasions on which you should hire a marketing photography company, there are so many ways your company can always benefit from having new photography and video to add to your marketing materials – almost any occasion is a good excuse to document the milestone or event and use that footage to help build your brand! Especially in a digital age, photography is essential to make your company’s marketing successful. Create an unprecedented campaign that is sure to impress your clients.

Our professional and experienced photographers here in Chicago love the opportunity to work with you on your next innovative project!

For more information on high quality photography and video for marketing by a Chicago marketing photographer, please feel free to give us a call at 312-623-3456 or Contact Us Here!