Office Lifestyle

Professional office photography can add value to your business in many ways. Office or warehouse photography, taken by an experienced corporate office photographer, can be used to enhance your website, your digital marketing presence, and for printed marketing materials and collateral as well.


You want the branding and imaging of your business to exude professionalism, and professional corporate photography will do just that! Our professional Chicago photographers will take clean, crisp pictures that will portray your business in the very best light to your prospects and customers. This means saying no to stock photos and getting professional, corporate office photos taken that are unique to your company. No matter what type of business environment you work in, our professional business photography will make your business shine.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a full service corporate photography company that can perform any photography or video related service for your business. Our team of Chicago professional photographers are among the most experienced in the industry, and have decades of combined experience with all types of corporate shoots.


  • Business Photos for Websites
  • Digital Photos for Company Brochures or Brand Materials
  • Executive Portraits or Headshots
  • Corporate Event Photography
  • Professional Product Photos
  • CEO & Executive Profiles

A corporate office photographer will bring your business to life in the eyes of your target audience. Unique and professional office photos will illustrate the parts of your business that make it unique and will entice customers to do business with you. Why? Because a professional corporate office photographer will help tell the story of your brand and relate to potential customers on a personal level. Your websites are often the first point of contact your potential customers have with your company, and the website images are typically the items that draw attention first. If your corporate images are unprofessional or even worse, you don’t have any images at all, your company will not be portrayed the way it should be in today’s digital age.​


Professional photography is a significant factor in how you come across to your target audience. Don’t be the company with non-professional photos. You want to be the company with corporate photography that is as professional as the company itself. Projecting a strong company image through professional corporate branding photography will project an image of success, determination and good business acumen. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video offers flexible, customizable options for your next corporate photography project and will take photos that will literally enhance the image of your entire operation.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has been in business for over 15 years and are one of the best corporate photography companies in Chicago. Our team will bring a fresh and creative perspective to your corporate photography project, and will help you create compelling photos that will captivate your target audience. As for the Post production process, we will professionally edit your corporate photos, paying attention to the smallest details and ensuring your professional photos are of the highest quality.

​Our Chicago corporate photography experts have the skills and knowledge to help build your corporate image with captivating, professional photos that are of the highest quality. We are a creative team that will assist you throughout the whole process, from brainstorming, to the day of the shoot to post-production. We will be your trusted partner throughout the entire process and will work with you to make your photography project a seamless process.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a corporate photography company specializing in everything from corporate office photography, corporate headshots, company conferences and meetings, speaking engagements, company parties, and company events of all kinds. Chicago is a large, vibrant city and your corporate office photography should reflect that, rather than using unprofessional, mediocre images. As a modern corporate photography company based in Chicago, our Chicago corporate photographers will use flash and lighting techniques and years of expertise to produce corporate images that are creative and compelling.

Professional photography is an art, not a science, and it’s best to use an experienced professional photographer for your next corporate photography project. Contact Us Here or at 312-623-3456 for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you on your next Chicago corporate photography project!