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When you have a special event taking place in Chicago, you deserve the best Chicago corporate event photographer. Chicago holds many corporate events, trade shows, conventions, conferences, fundraisers and other special events. Chicago corporate events are great opportunities for networking, marketing and spreading camaraderie among industry professionals.



Chicago is a very popular place for hosting professional events. Accordingly, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has vast experience photographing all kinds of Chicago event photography, including corporate events, conferences, trade shows, VIP meet & greets, galas, corporate outings, special events, and more.

This experience paired with our team’s great talent as makes us one of the best event photography companies in Chicago.  Our professional event photographers will get the job done and done well.


Though some attendees may feel that these events are sometimes never-ending, the truth is that corporate and professional events are very short. Often, these events only last between a few hours and a few days. Recognizing the brevity of these events and ensuring that they are properly documented for future use and reference are crucial for the success of such events in the long term.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is no stranger to professional events. Our Chicago event photography company understands the amazing amount of work and coordination necessary to organize such events effectively, and we believe that your event’s photography should be a reflection of this.

Our event photographers are able to capture both the breadth and depth of your event in an amazingly effective manner to ensure that your event can be looked back on thoroughly.  We provide are one of the best event photographers in Chicago and will make sure you have event photography that will highlight the very best parts of the event long after it has ended.


The benefits of a professional corporate event photographer extend far beyond typical corporate and business events. High quality event photography of more casual, relaxed events like staff celebrations and holiday parties have their own unique advantages.

Often, the focus of these such events is the experience of the attendee, and by eliminating the need for these attendees to take their own photos at the event, on-site professional photography staff facilitates a more sincere engagement of your partygoers with your event.

After providing professional photography of your event, our team uploads the photos online. There, your guests will be able to relive the celebration, find the pictures of themselves and save them for the own usage. With these high-quality event photographs, attendees will have a permanent reminder of their time at the event, and your party will live on long past its end date.


Our team captures a large variety of subject matter in our photographs. Because photography of corporate events are often used in newsletters, promotional materials and archives, our photographers take special care to provide customers with varied photographs of their events to ensure that there are photos appropriate for any kind of usage in the future.

This mindset and the ability to execute are some of the reasons why Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s event photography clients are so satisfied with our work, and we are host to the best event photography in Chicago.  Please check out our Yelp reviews!

Photographs are wonderfully effective in their ability to tell visual stories. Though it may not be immediately clear, this kind of photographic storytelling does have a useful place in professional events photography Chicago.

Every corporate event is made up of an immeasurable amount of minute interactions and experiences, which together contribute to the event’s significance and success. It is the duty of the professional event photography company to capture these types of experiences so that you can show the world the best aspects of your event which make it truly unique.


Corporate event photography is imperative when it comes to creating a meaningful event experience for all. Not only does event photography make the event memorable for people who attend, but also it extends the event to those who were unable to make it or weren’t invited, like followers on social media platforms.

Hiring a Chicago event photographer to capture your celebrations or business gatherings will be well-worth the investment. Whether it’s a company holiday party or even a business luncheon, our Chicago event photographers have the right equipment and techniques to document your event in style.

Event photography covers a broad range of affairs, such as business dinners, conferences, conventions and trade shows, birthday parties, marketing and PR events, galas and much, much more.

The best Chicago event photographers should not only have a complete knowledge of all photography components such as composition, lighting and exposure, but also present themselves professionally by dressing accordingly to your event and in a friendly manner while interacting with event guests.  

Wherever you choose to use event photography, just make sure that it is taken by a professional event photographer so you get the most value for your money. Not having a professional event photographer in Chicago, or anywhere for that matter, take event photos for your company or organization could lead to sloppy work by an amateur photographer. That is why it is best to just trust the experts at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video.


You’re already spending time and money to host your important event.  Don’t you want to document that event so the benefits you receive from it don’t end when the event does?  Chicago event photography for marketing can be used in so many ways, most importantly on company websites, blogs and in marketing materials and brochures.

Events highlight the best your company has to offer, and professional photography of special events can greatly aid in showing your customers and potential customers great images of the event that will spark interest and build your company brand.

Professional corporate event photography doesn’t apply to just tradeshows or conventions.  Great event photography can also benefit your company in all types of functions, such as dinners, cocktail receptions, holiday parties, conferences, and really any event that is related to your industry.

Publishing the event photography to your company website adds so much marketing value, not to mention the interest it can generate via social media profiles such as Facebook or Twitter.  It will show people who weren’t able to attend the event what transpired there, and they will feel a part of the event even if they were not there.

Event photography also adds a ton of marketing value in terms of SEO, or search engine optimization.  If you input the meta information (meta titles and descriptions) when you add the photos to your website, your company is more easily able to be found on Google Images when people type in the titles you used in the meta descriptions.  For more on this, see this awesome article on optimizing images for search engines!

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is no stranger to the long list of benefits that come with event photography done by professional Chicago event photographers. Our eye for detail and extraordinary ability to capture the best angles and emotions sets us apart from other companies that offer event photography in Chicago. We genuinely want to frame your company in the best light through the use of professional event photography.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is home to the best event photographers in Chicago, IL. Our team has years of experience photographing local events, and we provide the best event photography and videography in the city.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s headquarters is located in River North, on the northern end of downtown Chicago, IL. This prime location allows for our experienced photographers to easily and efficiently service the entire city of Chicago, along with many of the surrounding Chicago suburbs including Aurora, Naperville, Evanston and many more. Our team has experience working in many of Chicagoland’s popular event venues including:

Wherever your Chicago event may be in the city, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video will ensure that you have the best event photography possible. We capture the best angles and expressions to help shed a positive light on your company or organization.

Having the best event photographer on hand will allow your company to capitalize on the event long after it has ended. Chicago corporate event photography taken by an experienced professional event photographer will allow you to utilize those photos for corporate branding and marketing in both print and digital formats.

A Chicago corporate event photographer will capture the day’s most important moments and allow you to focus on the events of the day. Event photography will both entertain and impress your guests during the event itself and will allow you to showcase the event afterward with unique and engaging professional photos.


You may be wondering what the extent of event photography is in terms of what should you hire an event photographer for. Don’t think you are just limited to professional business events when event photography can be used for corporate parties, corporate outings, and much more. Here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we work to meet your needs and make sure that no matter the event, we are able to provide the best professional event photography in Chicago.

Large events in Chicago are not limited to conventions and trade shows. Every day, there are many special events in Chicago at places such as hotels, restaurants, bars, places of worship, and residences. Indeed, Chicago corporate events are not the only the only events in Chicago; high school reunions, art exhibits, musical performances, street festivals, sporting events, boating events, and holiday events are all examples of events where it would be beneficial to have a Chicago corporate event photographer on hand.

While you may not think these gatherings deserve the best Chicago corporate event photographer, these occasions are great ways to illustrate and capture your organization’s special moments that can translate into great opportunities for marketing. Hiring a Chicago event photographer will both add excitement to your next event and allow you to use the event photography for many other useful purposes.


Book Chicago’s leading professional corporate event photographer for your next corporate event, trade show, conference, charity, gala, fundraiser, or corporate meeting. We can capture all the action of your special event, so you can remember and promote the event long after it has ended.

If you’re looking for the best Chicago corporate event photographer, you’ve come to the right place. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has captured thousands of corporate event photos for hundreds of corporate events in convention centers, hotels and many other venues. As Chicago’s best event photography company, we have attended hundreds of professional events large and small throughout the past 15+ years. We have photographed conventions and trade shows of all sizes, from thousands of attendees to much smaller events.

We have worked in venues such as McCormick Place and Navy Pier, and also captured event photography in many Chicago hotels such as the Hyatt Regency, Sheraton Grand Chicago, Trump Tower, Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, The Palmer House Hilton Chicago, and numerous others.

We are one of the best event photography companies in Chicago and will create images that are visually compelling while providing outstanding service before, during, and after the shoot. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is your premier professional event photography company in Chicago.


When you decide to hire a professional event photographer in Chicago, be sure you hire a company that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. That’s our mission here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video. We want to provide you with event photography that will provide great benefit to your company by aiding in your positive brand exposure and boosting your marketing strategy.

We are creative, efficient, reputable, attentive to every detail, and we work very hard, all of which earns us the reputation as the best Chicago event photography company. We know our way around every convention center, meeting hall and hotel in Chicago. Our professional event photography, taken by a corporate event photographer,  will capture the excitement and beauty of your convention, trade show, or special event. We have a team of professional event photographers enabling us to cover multiple events or locations, producing event photography that will capture beauty, design and look of your event.

Visit our Chicago Corporate Photography and Video portfolio for examples of our work, or view our reviews on Google and Yelp. Contact us today at 312-623-3456 for a free consultation or to reserve your date for your next corporate event!