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Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s best corporate meeting photographer. We have over a decade of experience capturing photos of numerous corporate meetings.



Thank you for taking the time to visit Chicago Corporate Photography and Video – Your Company Meeting Photography and Video Partner!  Chicago Corporate Photography and Video specializes in corporate meeting photography and video production, as well as a host of editing and retouching services for both.  We have been photographing and creating videos of company meetings for over 20 years, and are the leading company meeting photography company in Chicago.


Company meetings and special events are great ways for your company to get things done, network, and plan strategies for future success.  Documenting company meetings with professional company meeting photography can be a powerful tool to market your company and build your brand.

Company meeting photography by a professional company meeting photographer can be used for your website, blog, annual report, brochures and marketing materials, as well as for training.  A lot of thought and planning goes into preparing for your company meeting; you should complement and add to the meeting by documenting it for your clients, prospects, and for brand building.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video offers company meeting photography services that will meet and exceed your needs to impress your customers and potential customers, and take your brand to the next level.  We exude professionalism in everything we do, which is why our clients rate us as one of the highest rated photography and video production agencies in the Chicago area.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video services Chicago with a number of corporate photography and video services.  We are located in the heart of downtown Chicago, and capture photographs every day of some of Chicago’s largest companies.  Our Chicago corporate meeting photographers will travel to your location whether it’s at McCormick Place, any area hotel or convention hall, or your office.

Just a few of the corporate meeting and events we have extensive experience with include the following:

  • Company Meetings
  • Corporate Outings
  • Company Parties or Dinners
  • Sales Meetings
  • Corporate Charity Events
  • Company Galas
  • Corporate Offices
  • Grand Openings
  • Board Meetings
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
  • VIP Meet & Greets


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s premiere video production company for corporate meetings & events.  We offer full meeting or event video coverage as well as videos for conventions and trade shows. Video editing is included in all of our packages.  Videos can greatly enhance your brand’s image, as well as add significant value to your marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

The video production team at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video are experts at performing company meeting videos for all types of Chicago corporate outings and events.  We produce and edit the videos for your company to use for marketing or training purposes.
Our professional Chicago video production team can also create highlight videos to illustrate the best aspects of your company meeting, event or trade show.


Corporate meeting photography can be an excellent way to capture the meeting but also in developing your brand in terms of showing your company in action and showing what you do. We have over 20 years of experience photographing company meetings, events, parties, conventions and trade shows.

Chicago is an excellent location for hosting corporate meetings. With a beautiful lake and city skyline, great restaurants, and plenty of attractions, the city hosts thousands of events annually. Corporate meetings give your company the chance to not only meet and strategize, but are also great opportunities to promote and market your brand to your customers and prospective customers.

Having a professional corporate meeting photographer to cover your important corporate event will add value to your company long after the event has ended with photography that can be used to build your brand. Professional corporate meeting photography can be used for company websites, social media pages, press releases, photography for annual reports, and in company brochures and marketing materials.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video also specializes in events such as annual meetings, company conferences, and a multitude of business events. We have worked with a variety of clients, from smaller businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and annual meeting photography is one of the most frequent types of meeting photography we work on.

Regardless of the size of the corporate meeting, the team at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will create images that are visually interesting and that fully capture the nature of the meeting. An annual meeting is a very important event for your company. Make sure you adequately capture the event for your employees, customers and stakeholders with professional corporate meeting photography.


In addition to being a corporate meeting photography company, we also cover all types of corporate events such as conventions, trade shows, dinner parties, holiday parties, office photography, and pretty much any company event you can think of. Our team of meeting photographers are professional and friendly, and will work with you to capture the best images of your corporate event or meeting.


Below are a few tips for Hiring a Corporate Meeting Photography Company in Chicago:

  • Define the job clearly so there are no surprises or misunderstandings
  • Make sure you take a look at the portfolio and reviews of the photographers you are considering for the job
  • Ask what the final product will be—digital images, printed images, etc. and if there is an additional cost for the final product you desire
  • Define how long it will be between the day of the shoot and when you will receive the images
  • Clarify whether or not you have special requests such as videography. The photographer will need to know so they can plan to bring a videographer or an additional photographer
  • Make sure your Chicago meeting photographers know the venue or business – both in terms of knowing their way around the location as well as how to get there


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is known as one of the best corporate meeting photographers in Chicago. We pay attention to every detail, and work hard to exceed your expectations before, during and after the shoot. We know Chicago and the best places to capture the images you are looking for. We strive to take compelling, marketable photos that will leave a great impression on anyone that is viewing them, and will highlight the very best of your company or brand.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is located in the heart of downtown Chicago, in the “Bloomingdale’s building” at 900 N. Michigan Avenue. We are very close to the Drake Hotel and Water Tower Place, and are very familiar with both Chicago and the suburbs of Chicago.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has over 20 years of experience shooting photography and video for company meetings in Chicago.  We have multiple team members with great experience in both the photography and video production, as well as editing. Our company event photographers are experts in every aspect of photography and videography, and will work with you to ensure you have the very best footage of your important meeting or event.

Our professionally trained Chicago company meeting photographers will provide the best services at a very affordable cost, and have worked in every Chicago venue including all convention centers and hotels.  We are familiar with how all of the events work in terms of both set up before the shoot and protocols during the day of the event.

We understand how important your company meeting or event is, and we want to help make it as memorable as possible for your clients, employees, customers, stakeholders, or guests.

Do you have questions about Corporate Meeting Photography or are looking for a reliable, professional and efficient corporate meeting photographer in Chicago? Please give us a call at 312-623-3456 or you may Contact Us Here.