Holiday & Special Events

If you’re planning on hosting a special event, you are surely familiar with the great amount of preparation required to make it exciting and memorable. Having a professional special event photographer on-site during your holiday party or special event will ensure the memories made there will last far beyond the festivities.




An experienced special event photography team will arrive at your function with appropriate equipment and dress for the event. In regards to the equipment, the photographers should have cameras, lenses, lights and flashes which are appropriate for the conditions of the event venue. The gear required to properly photograph a dimly-lit dance party differs notably from that which is needed for a well-lit holiday dinner party.

​As for dress, the photographers should be dressed similarly to the attendees of the event or party. A severely under or overdressed photographer distracts from your event or holiday party, and detracts from the immersion and enjoyment of your guests.


Before an event even begins, quality event photographers will take a number of pre-event shots. These photographs highlight things like your event’s venue and decorations. By capturing the physical details that make your party or event unique, these photographs help former attendees to look back on your event in a more holistic and thorough manner.


There are a lot of moving pieces at large parties and holiday events. As such, the importance of good time management by event photographers cannot be understated. Effective time management at these kind of events is a skill which can really only be perfected with practice.

​Luckily, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s event photographers have over 20 years of experience photographing special events and holiday parties. Taking this into account, our staff is able to effectively capture every aspect of your event while still maintaining great depth in our photos.


To put it simply: it’s boring to look over the photographs of an event to find that they have all been shot in the same manner. Scrolling through hundreds of posed, group photos makes the event seem one-dimensional and viewers are unable fully reimmerse themselves into the party experience.

​Quality party photographers have a varied shot list in mind so that they are able to provide diverse and interesting photos. Photo types in a proper event shot list include:

  • Group shots
  • Candids
  • Venue photographs
  • Crowd shots
  • Posed photos
  • Speaker and VIP shots


Sometimes overlooked, this characteristic of event and party photographers deserves proper recognition. A courteous photographer is receptive to the wants and needs of attendees. Some people simply do not want their picture taken, and a professional photographer should recognize and accommodate this—a pushy photographer can quickly sour an attendee’s party-going experience.

​Additionally, courteous special event photographers are mindful of their subjects’ time. A professional photographer will spend just a few seconds taking pictures of one group of attendees. After this quick interaction, the photographer allows the guests to return to the party. Often, partygoers find it intrusive for photographers to spend large amounts of time photographing them. Keeping this in mind, courteous photographers are very important to a successful holiday party or special event. For more insight on event photographers, click here.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video not only meets the requirements of a professional special event photographer, but we exceed them. We work to make sure that your holiday or special event is documented beautifully and effectively. These special occasions must be photographed in order to remember them and use them for marketing purposes because they only happen once.

Despite the fact the event may be reoccurring, it is unique each year it happens and the same exact occurrences will never be seen again. At Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we realize this uniqueness and will get great shots on the first try, because there will not be a second chance. Trust us for all of your special event photography and holiday photography in Chicago.


Clients usually have a number of reasons for hiring professional event photographers for their special occasions. Most obviously, many clients want to effectively document their event so that attendees can look back on it later and remember the good times they’ve had. Usually, clients consider this reason enough to employ the services of professional event photographers.

​Other times, corporate clients seek to use event photographs for marketing usages in addition to archival purposes. Companies which host special events for their employees and clients often use the events’ photographs on their websites, social media pages, and newsletters to promote their company culture. When employed effectively, this kind of marketing is extremely valuable.


Again, our photography team has been photographing events for over two decades. We have experience shooting a variety of special events including:

  • Holiday parties
  • Private events
  • Business functions
  • Dinner parties
  • Birthdays
  • Family events
  • Cocktail parties
  • Galas

​Each individual event, party, dinner and function necessitates a unique photographic approach. This approach is largely informed by the wishes of the client, and the mood of the specific event. A perceptive party photographer takes photos which align with the client’s vision while also allowing the character of the event to contribute to the emotion of the photographs. By doing this, a special event photographer is better able to create honest and attractive compositions which better reflect the feeling of the event.

Over 15 years of experience with holiday photography and special event photography has made Chicago Corporate Photography & Video one of the best special event and holiday photographers in all of Chicago. We are familiar with nearly every type of special event and holiday celebration and can provide photography services that suit your unique event.

Located in downtown Chicago, we can conveniently access any event within the Chicagoland area. Our team prides themselves on offering the best special event photography in Chicago and we will communicate with your company or organization to ensure that your photography needs are met with the highest quality and professionalism.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s professional corporate event photographers have the experience, equipment, and skill necessary to artfully and effectively photograph your holiday event or special occasion.

No matter the holiday event, we are able to offer the best holiday photography in Chicago. Our team understands how to get the best shots in unconventional locations so don’t worry because no matter where your holiday and or special event is located, you will still have wonderful photography to commemorate it.

Also, if there are any specific shots that you want taken, we are happy to oblige. At Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we are devoted to making sure that you are satisfied with your investment in professional special event photography and holiday photography in Chicago.

​Do you want to talk to our photography staff about the specifics of your special event? Are you seeking further details regarding our event and party photography philosophy? Looking for a free quote? Well, look no further! Don’t hesitate to Contact Us Here, or call us up at 312-623-3456. We are excited to speak with you!