Evanston Photographer

Evanston is home to many different businesses and industries. Situated just North of Chicago, it is also a host to various events throughout the year. All of these different companies and special events will find themselves needing a professional Evanston photographer, videographer, or even both.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a professional Evanston photography company. Our team of experienced photographers and videographers in Evanston work with great dedication to make sure that your Evanston photography needs are met. We stand out from the competition as a premiere Evanston photography company. We offer the best photography and videography services to suit your professional Evanston photography needs.

Evanston Corporate Photographer

Professional corporate photography is becoming a necessity for successful businesses. Professional photography is used for marketing, corporate branding, ecommerce, and so much more. Providing that enticing visual aspect to your company helps to garner customer attraction to your website. It can show off the products that your company sells in the best light possible. Professional corporate photography in Evanston, or really anywhere, also has the ability to put a face to your company so that clients are able to see who they would potentially be working with through the utilization of headshots and portraits.

People are flooded with different images on a daily basis and will not hesitate to dismiss low quality, unprofessional photos. In fact, the quality of your corporate photography has a great impact on your credibility. You are probably less likely to buy something off of an ecommerce site if they have grainy, low-quality product photography versus a higher likelihood of buying from a site with high quality product photography. Make sure your corporate photography is taken care of by a top-notch, professional photographer. If your corporate photography needs aren’t handled by a professional, then you risk falling behind the competition.

Hiring an experienced, professional Evanston photographer is a sure fire way to get a leg up on the competition. Whatever your corporate Evanston photography needs are, a corporate Evanston photographer at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is sure to provide the utmost quality and professionalism. Some, but not all, of the Evanston corporate photography services that we offer are;

  • Headshot and Portrait Photography
  • Corporate Meetings Photography
  • Trade Show and Convention Photography
  • Corporate Branding Photography
  • Marketing Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Product Photography

We are sure to work with your company in order to make sure that your corporate photography desires are well executed so that they can provide great benefit to your Evanston business. Don’t settle for subpar photography, make sure you hire Chicago Corporate Photography and Video: the best Evanston Photographer!

Evanston Event Photographer

For special events and corporate events, it is essential to hire an expert event photographer. These events take a long time to plan and prepare for which means a lot of work and dedication. Don’t let your Evanston event pass by without photo documentation. The corporate event photography that you have expertly taken by an Evanston event photographer can be greatly beneficial for your company or organization. At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we offer Evanston event photography for a variety of occasions.

Here is a short, and certainly not all inclusive, list of event photography services:

  • Gala Photography
  • Corporate Outings Photography
  • Festival and Concert Photography
  • Holiday Photography
  • Special Events Photography
  • Conferences Photography
  • VIP Meet and Greet Photography

Capturing the mood and atmosphere of your corporate event through professional corporate event photography allows for those that attended to relive the event and may even inspire those that did not attend the event to go to the next one. Putting the event photography on your company’s website is also a great idea as it can show the human side of your business to both clients and customers, but also future employees as well.

Event photography captured by a professional photography company in Evanston, IL can also be utilized to capitalize on your Evanston event by corporate branding and marketing. The high quality images can be used on your company’s blog and social media platforms in order to generate buzz about the event and more importantly, develop interest in your company. Additionally, the professional event photography, captured by an experienced Evanston photographer, will positively impact your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) when the meta information is inputted accordingly.

Experienced Evanston Videographer

Video is becoming a key factor to the success of a business. People no longer want to read lengthy articles when they can watch a video about the topic instead. Video content is also an expert way of giving your company and your brand a voice. This makes resonating with customers, clients, and future employees that much easier.

However, in order to compete and make the most out of video for your business, the videography has to be professional and of the highest quality. Whether you decide on video testimonials, product demonstration videos, event highlight videos, training videos, or other corporate videography needs, make sure you choose the best Evanston videographer.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video provides the best videography services in Evanston. Our in-house, expert videographers will work to make sure your Evanston videography wants and needs are met with superb high quality and attentiveness. We can also provide editing services to make sure that your video is cohesive and that it represents your business in the best light.

Best Evanston Photographer and Videographer – Chicago Corporate Photography and Video!

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the go-to for all of your Evanston photography and videography needs. With over 15 years of experience, our team is well versed in capturing high quality photos and videos. Our company is able to provide the highest level of professionalism when assisting with your Evanston photography essentials.

The headquarters for Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago. This means that we are only a short distance away from Evanston and we are able to travel to you to fulfill your corporate photography and videography needs. Do you have questions about professional photography or videography in Evanston? We’re here to assist you! Please feel more than welcome to email us at studio@chicagophotovideo.com or call us at 312-623-3456 for a complimentary consultation!