Food Photography

Chicago is an amazingly diverse culinary city with a rich foodie culture. As such, competition in the food industry is strong, and catching the eye of hungry consumers is extremely important. Thus, it is necessary to have quality photos of their food in order to compete in Chicago’s food market. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a professional Chicago Food Photographer that will deliver photos that look as good as your restaurant’s food tastes.



The saying is true: people eat with their eyes. If you’re not using the best Chicago food photographer to photograph your food, then you’re severely narrowing the amount of people who get to taste your cuisine. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s professional photography team is experienced in producing the highest quality food photography for an array of Chicago restaurants and establishments.

Not only are we experienced, but our equipment is professional grade. Great equipment along with decades of combined experience allow us to provide some of the highest quality food photos in Chicago. On top of this, the rest of our production team—food stylists, re-touchers and editing assistants allow us to focus on the minute details of our work to ensure perfection.


Food Photography is truly an art-form. It takes a lot of skill and experience to be able to capture food in an appetizing way. Your meals have to look mouth-watering to customers in order for them to have interest, especially if they are browsing online for a place to eat. Professional food photography allows your food to take center stage. The food photography, captured by an expert food photographer Chicago has to offer, is able to entice customers and make people want to eat your food. This is why it is so essential for your restaurant, catering business, bakery, or whatever other food establishment you run to hire a professional Chicago food photographer.

Our team can also stylize our shots of your food to further develop your brand image by using us as your professional corporate branding photographer. After consulting with you about your artistic vision for your business, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video can produce high quality photos which reflect the values of your business as well as the beauty of your food. Whether you’re looking for something rustic, modern, simple or something totally different, we are happy to take photos which best show off what your establishment is all about.


After receiving our professionally shot and edited pictures of your food, you’re free to use them in any way you see fit. As you very well know, a great deal of consumers evaluate restaurant options online. A hungry consumer is much more likely to visit your eatery if your website features professional food photography.

Consider social media. Many restaurants post amateur pictures of their food online. These pictures cannot compare to a professionally styled, lit and retouched photo of your restaurant or food company’s product. Food culture is a very prominent and powerful sector of social media, and capitalizing on it as effectively as possible through professional food photography in Chicago is amazingly beneficial.

There are also in-store usages for your professional food photos that were taken by a Chicago food photographer. All of Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s photos can be printed in very large sizes. With this in mind, you have the freedom to use our food photography in window decals and signs. If your establishment features a good-looking, larger-than-life photo of your food in the window, your visits from hungry passersby will undoubtedly grow.


In addition to taking the best photos of your cuisine, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video offers experienced restaurant photography services—an important but often overlooked facet of the food industry. There’s a reason why services like Yelp offer options to look at the inside and outside of restaurants. Potential customers take ambiance into consideration when deciding where to take their business, so why not show off your restaurant in the best way possible?

Our team understands what consumers are looking for in restaurant photography, and our experience in the field allows us to capture your restaurant in the most attractive manner possible. Pairing the best restaurant photography with exceptional food photography presents your business in the most attractive light in the eyes of hungry consumers, and will assuredly drive customers to your establishment.


As an experienced food photography company, we understand the importance of making your stomach grumble when you see your dish in a magazine, on a billboard, website, blog, or anywhere you might want potential hungry people viewing your food. In today’s competitive market, restaurant owners have tons to consider when it comes to establishing themselves as unique from their competition.

If your food looks yummy on your website, it makes sense that people will be more inclined to want to come and find out if it really is for themselves! Our talented food photography company has the skills necessary to make your food look good enough to eat.

Professional food photography of your restaurant’s meals by a professional food photographer can help your restaurant’s marketing strategies by highlighting your restaurant’s most well-liked dishes. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s best food photographer also knows just how to make your food look so mouth-watering that nobody will be able to scroll past its photo without getting hungry.


You have worked hard to make delicious food, but this doesn’t mean much if no one buys it. To best share your culinary creations with the world, you need to show your product in the best way possible—through high quality food photography. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a professional Chicago food photographer and will provide you with top-quality photographs of your food and establishment. From there, the pictures will do the talking. Your business will be able to break through the competitive Chicago culinary scene, and more people will have the opportunity to enjoy your delicious food.


When it comes to food photography, Chicago is a hub for food photography companies. Although, you can’t be guaranteed that every one of these food photographers will be able to meet the needs of your business. At Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we strive to make sure that our professional food photography is high quality and that it makes your culinary creations come to life and make customers hungry. Years of experience means we are a leader in the Chicago food photography scene. You can be rest assured that your food will be shown in the best light by a Chicago food photographer at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video.

Centrally located in downtown’s River North, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video offers services to food establishments all over the Chicagoland area. Before a project begins, we offer free consultations and estimates. Later, our staff plans how to best capture your food and restaurant. After shooting, we retouch the pictures to ensure your business is being shown in the most effective way possible. Upon request, we offer customers cross marketing services to help promote our customers’ businesses as best we can.

Our team at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video provides the best food photography services in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. If you have any questions regarding food photography or related services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us Here or give us a call at 312-623-3456!