Industrial Photography

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s best professional industrial photographer. Our corporate and industrial photography company has captured thousands of photos of industrial businesses in the Chicago area. When it comes to industry, we will provide high quality photography that will highlight the very best imagery of your industry and brand.



Photography is advantageous for those in any industry, especially those in the industrial field. Not only is industrial and manufacturing photography cost effective, it is a great way to get people interested in your company. Industrial photographers are able to capture the intriguing aspects of your company that make it unique and allow for people to have a reason to remember your brand name. A professional manufacturing photography company in Chicago will provide the highest quality industrial photos that can be used for a variety of different company purposes whether that be in print or online.

Industrial Photography can be for marketing, company brochures, annual reports, and company websites. High quality photography of your industry or warehouse will help build your brand and image with customers, prospects, employees and stakeholders. With an industrial photographer, professional photography can be taken of equipment, products, machinery, and team members or employees. Many will take pictures of all aspects of the business or industry, including location photos, to significantly enhance the website, blog, brochures and marketing materials.

It is so important to showcase the best your products have to offer on your company website. Manufacturers often do not take quality manufacturing photography of their products, which can lead to decreased or lost sales as a result. Especially in Chicago, America’s 3rd largest city which is still ripe with manufacturers, your industry, warehouse or factory cannot afford to go without high quality industrial photography by a professional industrial photographer in Chicago.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video caters to all industries when it comes to providing manufacturing and industrial photography. Our team of industrial photographers can capture high quality images that can help increase brand exposure and show your clients a little bit of the behind the scenes functioning of your workspace.

Photos that are not professionally done will not be able to do your company justice and will likely be ill-perceived by clients and customers. You wouldn’t want industrial photos to make your workspace, warehouse, or factory appear dingy and lacking life and movement. That is why you should invest in hiring the best manufacturing photography company: Chicago Corporate Photography & Video.


There are hundreds of manufacturing and industrial companies in Chicago, including manufacturers in industries such as:

  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Biotech
  • Food
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery
  • Steel
  • Equipment
  • Recycling Plants

No matter what industry you’re in, you should have high quality photography to show off your products to customers and retailers, thereby building your brand’s image. There are too many Chicago industrial and manufacturing companies to name, but nowadays you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to build your brand through quality, professional photography by an industrial photographer.


Manufacturers generally lack in having quality photography on their websites and in general. This affects them in so many ways. By not having quality photography, this means that their retailers (the ones selling their products) likely do not have quality photography as well. This means the retailer either has to go without good photos, or spend time and money having to take them.

Industrial photographers can help capture your company and your workspace in a way that you probably never thought was possible. You may be thinking though why would anyone want to see my company’s workspace because it is simply a warehouse, but be assured, people do want to see. It is interesting for consumers to see the behind the scenes of companies, especially those in the industrial field. Industrial photography can make your business more relatable to consumers because they are better able to visualize what your company does and how it does it.

Good marketing photography are essential to a good marketing program, no matter what you manufacturer. Manufacturers’ primary job is to produce products, but don’t you want to have high quality product photography to promote the products you manufacture, and in turn creating more interest and driving more sales? Good images not only convey product quality, but also successfully tell the story of your company or brand.

Personalization of your manufacturing company through professional manufacturing photography will help customers understand exactly what you make and drive engagement more effectively than almost anything else you can do to promote your brand. It also allows you to grab customer attention by making your company stand out and appear unified.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is Chicago’s best manufacturing photography and industrial photography company. We work to show off all that your company has to offer with our professional and high quality industrial photography.


Chicago manufacturer photographers will capture photos that can add significant value to your SEO, or search engine optimization, efforts. Manufacturer photos, when uploaded, should be titled correctly in terms of meta descriptions and alt tags. This will make your manufacturer photography appear at the top of the search results in Google. Creating unique content, including pictures, on a regular basis and adding the meta descriptions and alt tags for every picture will vastly improve your company’s search engine rankings.

Why improve your SEO program? Because this will allow more prospective customers and potential clients to find you more easily on Google, which will result in increased traffic to your website. Increased traffic will lead to increased calls or emails, which will lead to increased sales. Professional manufacturing photography in Chicago will significantly increase your company’s bottom line!


Industrial and manufacturing photography for your Chicago company will convey the hard work you put in every day manufacturing your products. It will show consumers that you really care, and will portray your products in the best possible light. Manufacturing photography, or any photography for that matter, should always tell a relevant story. Corporate branding photography can help with this!  Doing so will put the photos in perspective for anyone that views them.

The production of your company’s products or the operation of your warehouse can be a great thing to show customers. By showing positive and happy workers, a clean warehouse, and the operations of your company in a transparent way, you can build trust with your customers. People are probably more likely to do business with a company that displays the actuality of their production methods and operations due to the fact they can be more rest assured that your company is fair and goes about its business in a way that still leads to a positive work environment.

That being said, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is able to meet all of your manufacturing photography needs. Our staff of professional and experienced manufacturing photographers can make your industrial photography vision a reality.


Not all photography companies that offer manufacturing photography in Chicago are at the same level of quality and professionalism as others. You don’t want to choose a photographer that is not able to meet all of your industrial photography needs with personalization and a genuine care for your company.

It would also be unfortunate if you wound up with an amateur photography company that could not provide the best equipment and utilize the best lighting to make your workspace shine. These are all worries that you can leave behind when you trust your manufacturing photography needs to the experts at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has captured photos of hundreds of manufacturing companies, producing literally thousands of pictures across all types of different manufacturers and industries. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago in River North, we are familiar with the entire city and can get to any location in the Chicago area very quickly. We are professional, reliable, highly reviewed, and all of our photographers are in house.

Do you have questions about we can help your business with high quality photography of your business, manufacturing facility, warehouse or office? Please feel free to give us a call at 312-623-3456 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help!