Chicago Non-Profit Photographer

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a premiere Chicago non-profit photographer. Our Chicago non-profit photography and video company has worked with many 501c3 organizations in the Chicago area. When it comes to capturing the spirit and heart of your Chicago non-profit, there’s no better place to start!


Adding a Personal Touch to Your Chicago Non-Profit

People decide whether or not to support your Chicago non-profit in a matter of seconds… not minutes. It’s a powerful move to put your best foot forward and capture your audience visually with professional non-profit photography.

Your Chicago not-for- profit’s work and mission will shine through with crystal clear, high quality photos of the products and services you offer the community. And your audience will be able to get a real feeling of what it’s like to support your Chicago non-profit with their dollars or their volunteer services.

Drawing people in to the work that your Chicago non-profit does to better the world we live in is so important. Why not add a personal touch by showing current and potential donors, volunteers, and recipients what they can expect by working with you? Ditch the pay-per- use stock photos and focus on featuring the heart and soul of your non-profit in Chicago through professional non-profit photography company in Chicago.

Whether it’s professional photography of your not-for- profit volunteers, a corporate event photographer for your Chicago nonprofit event like a gala, fundraiser, or 5K, or a corporate photographer to capture your many non-profit locations, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has got you covered.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer for My Non-Profit or Charitable Organization?

Many non-profits perceive professional photography as an indulgence—not a necessity. But nothing could be further from the truth! Getting professional photos taken for your non-profit or charitable organization by Chicago’s best non profit photographer is a powerful way to convey your non-profit’s professionalism, mission, and heart.

Non-profit photography and photography by a professional marketing photographer will portray your non-profit and its mission in the very best light and generate more interest in your website and marketing materials.  Nothing relays the spirit of your Chicago non-profit organization like professional photography or video.

Many people discover your not-for- profit by visiting your website or scrolling through your charity’s social media presence. What better way to grab their attention than with breathtaking professional photos of your volunteers, your non-profit good or service recipients, or your charity’s home office?

Hiring a Chicago non-profit photographer for your Chicago social program is a surefire way to send the message that you care about showcasing your non-profit’s people, work, and mission and it helps to tell your story in a vivid way. Non-profit photography ensures that your 501c3 organization is reflected in the best light.

A Chicago Non-Profit Photography Company You Can Trust

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a Chicago non-profit photographer that takes great care to understand your Chicago non-profit and what you would like to capture in a session. We take time to comprehend your non-profit organization and what you want to achieve by hiring a professional Chicago Photographer for non profits.

We are able to work with many types of 501c3 organizations in Chicago including but not limited to:

  • Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services
  • Children and Family Charities
  • Health and Disease Awareness Organizations
  • Performing Arts, Music, and Theater Non-Profits
  • Disaster Relief Organizations
  • International Aid Charities
  • Homelessness Non-Profits
  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • Housing and Neighborhood Development
  • Environmental and Nature Conservancies
  • Public Broadcasting and Public Media
  • Botanical Gardens, Parks, and Outdoor Recreation Centers
  • Historical Site and Landmark Preservation Groups
  • Political Advocacy Groups
  • Museums and Public Institutes
  • Religious Non-Profits
  • Youth and Child Development, Shelter, and Education

No matter what service your Chicago non-profit provides, you should have professional Chicago non-profit photographer to show to your donors, patrons, and volunteers, thereby reinforcing your non-profit’s mission and work. There are many charities and not-for- profit organizations in Chicago but you don’t have to be a nationally renowned non-profit to showcase your services with high quality photography and videography.

Marketing Photography for Not-for- Profits and Charities

Many not-for- profit organizations default to using stock photos or hastily-taken phone photos to advertise their non-profit. By not having high-quality, personal photography, they’re sending a message to their donors, patrons, and communities that they are lacking a personal touch and investment in their charitable mission. This lack of a personal touch means missing out on financial support or volunteer support when it is truly needed.

Good marketing photos are essential to a successful marketing program for your Chicago non-profit, no matter what type of not-for- profit you run. High quality personal photos of your people, events, or services can drive eyes, hearts, and dollars your way.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video specializes in a wide array of non-profit photography. Before you start, think about what you would like to say to your donors, your recipients, and your community in the next year or so.

Would you like professional headshots of your non-profit volunteers and administrative staff? Do you need photo coverage of your annual Chicago fundraiser or charity walk? Would you like to make an impact on your non-profit benefactors with a beautifully shot annual report?

Professional non-profit photos created by a professional Chicago non-profit photographer communicate stories of hope, perseverance, transformation, and humanity for your charitable organization in Chicago. Tell the story of how you got started, share a non-profit video of your biggest event of the year, or feature a success story that keeps you going every day.

Professional photo and video for your Chicago non-profit is an incredible way to bring your daily vision to the eyes and hearts of people you’re looking to

Benefits of Non-Profit Photography in Chicago

A professional photographer for your Chicago not-for- profit is hired to capture the story of your charitable organization. Chicago Corporate Photo and Video takes the cue from you in how you want your audience to feel seeing these photos and shoots intentionally to get you the best results possible.

Let Volunteers, Donors, and Recipients See Themselves in Your Non-Profit Photography

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your Chicago non-profit organization is that the people you work with, for, and around see themselves in your work.

They can literally tag themselves in photos posted online to your charity’s Facebook or Instagram page, they can point to people they know who attended your latest fundraiser, run/walk, or silent auction, and they can “match a name to the face” of the people who run and manage your Chicago non-profit.

Professional photography for your Chicago charity allows your audience to put themselves in the shoes of your volunteers and donors, making the work you do more accessible and appealing. That ultimately puts more money in your pocket and more volunteers in your door.

Let professional photography for your non-profit in Chicago be the “human touch” on your website, brochure, flyer, mailer, or social media banner.

Best Non-Profit Photographer in Chicago

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has captured hundreds of non-profit organization, resulting in literally thousands of pictures across all types of charitable organizations and groups. Located in River North in downtown Chicago, we are familiar with the entire city and suburbs and can get to any location. We are professional, reliable, highly reviewed, and all of our photographers and editors are in-house. We will send you proofs of your shoot so that you can ensure that your donors, volunteers, and followers will be captured by your Chicago non-profit’s professional photography.

Do you have questions about how we can help your Chicago non-profit with high quality professional photos and videos? Please give us a call at 312-623-3456 or email us at where we’ll be happy to help!