360° Product Photography

360° product photography, or “spin photography,” refers to a photography technique in which multiple individual product photos are captured as the product is rotated one full revolution. Then, the user can use their mouse to scroll around the product and view that product from multiple different angles.  Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a premier 360 Photographer in downtown Chicago.

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A fundamental disadvantage of your ecommerce website is that customers cannot physically experience your products as they can when visiting a brick and mortar retail store. 360° product photography is the next best thing, allowing the customer to view your product from every angle. It is easy to understand why 360-degree photos are becoming more popular as they provide benefits to businesses and consumers. Many companies and ecommerce websites alike are turning to 360° photography to show their products online not only to illustrate their products at all angles, but also to interact with every visitor to their website. It is the closest thing to actually holding the product in your hands!


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is among the best 360° photography companies in Chicago. We can capture 360° photos of your products either at your location or here at our Chicago 360° photography studio. Have questions about 360° photography? Great! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at the studio and we’ll be happy to discuss your 360° product photography needs and answer any questions you may have.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will work with you to create high quality, high resolution product photography for your business. We will make sure your products are displayed properly and in the best light possible. In addition, our expert 360° photographers can create 360° photos that are unique and professional, and we will help deliver images that will enhance the presentation of your products and your brand. Contact Us Here or at 312-623-3456 today to discuss Chicago product photography.