A photographer requires much more than simple proficiency in product photography to take amazing photos of jewelry. Capturing the character and essence of jewelry through photography requires photographic excellence which can only be achieved through the natural artistry of Chicago’s finest jewelry photographer.



Necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, you name it—effectively photographing such accessories is a practice which requires years of experience. An experienced photographer is crucial for jewelry shoots in part because so much of the beauty of jewelry is in their fine details. Attaining an eye for these details as well as the ability to emphasize them in photos are skills which are honed through years of jewelry photography.

Over these years, photographers learn the best practices for producing desired results. A photographer with experience under their belt will be able to recognize the best equipment for each individual piece, as well as the best angles for the jewelry. A photographer with this kind of familiarity is sure to capture better photos of your jewelry and speed up the shooting process.

Additionally, properly lighting jewelry is a skill in and of itself. For reflective pieces, ensuring effective lighting requires a remarkable amount of know-how. A quality photographer lights jewelry in a manner which manages to highlight the pieces’ reflective elegance without distracting viewers with glares or even worse: reflections of the photographer’s studio. They also keep in mind other tips that lead to the capture of the best jewelry photography. Because each piece of jewelry is so unique, different shots require different set-ups: a professional, experienced photographer is able recognize the best conditions for each shot and implement them perfectly.


Having photos of your jewelry product on your business’ website, social media, or printed materials is a great idea for increasing sales. Of course, by posting photos of your jewelry, you can drastically broaden the audience of those who get to see the beauty of your pieces. Because one of the most attractive facets of jewelry is its aesthetic beauty, this widened audience is sure to be receptive of the beautiful photographs. Jewelry photographs can also be used in traditional advertising. The photography team with Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has been creating advertising photography for years, and we are more than happy to work on advertising-related projects.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video also offers 360°, or spin, photography. With 360° product photography, your jewelry is shot from all angles: allowing for online shoppers to see all sides of your accessories. Much like traditional jewelry photography, professional 360° jewelry photography provides digital shoppers with the opportunity to see your product without being in your store. Unlike traditional photography, however, spin product photography enables online viewers to see all sides of your jewelry. This allows for a more holistic view of your product, as such, 360° product photography should be considered by jewelers, jewelry boutiques, and jewelry designers to increase their sales.


Within the jewelry industry, product-on-white shots are very common. These photos allow the viewer to clearly see the piece along with all of its small details. The other popular shot for jewelry is the on-figure photo. In these shots, the jewelry is worn by models to give viewers a better sense of things like size and coloring. Additionally, these professional jewelry photos provide online shoppers with a sense of the lifestyle that comes with donning such accessories. Typically, clients request that these photos exude feelings of elegance and class. Such photographic character is created through excellent casting, wardrobe, lighting and photographic capabilities.

Having an experienced photographer is of the utmost importance when taking on-figure jewelry photographs. Not only must the photographer be well-versed in the distinctive art of jewelry photography, but they must also have experience photographing people. A good photographer with experience in portraits not only knows the technical aspects of shooting people, but they should also be able to ensure that the model is comfortable and properly accommodated.


Headquartered in downtown Chicago, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will gladly travel in and around the Chicagoland area for your shoot, and we are also happy to shoot your jewelry in our own studio. Our staff has been photographing products for well over two decades, and during that time, we have been involved in shoots both large and small. Together, our experience, skill, and dedication grants us the title of the best jewelry photography company in Chicago.

We are passionate about our work, and we love working with passionate people! Whether you’re a jewelry boutique, wholesaler, designer, or anything else, we look forward to talking with you about your photography plans and bringing your ideas to fruition. We offer free consultations and quotes, so don’t hesitate to call us today at (312) 623-3456 or Contact Us Here. We’re excited to speak with you!