Trade Shows & Conventions: Using Photography and Video for Brand Storytelling

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Planning a large trade show or convention is a lot of work, but the event itself usually winds up being so valuable to all that are involved. While the branding of the event at-large is incredibly important—and a lot of photography, video, and other content can come from it for the organization, the individual exhibitors and participants also have an equal opportunity to boost their own branding and involvement within the industry community.

Brand storytelling has become a buzzword for marketers and industry specialists, but what does it really mean for your company? “Storytelling” is really about using events, experiences, moments, participation, and involvement to demonstrate what your brand does day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to year. It tells a story of your engagement with the community at large.

Why Photography and Video for Storytelling?

Participating in events like trade shows and conventions is in it of itself a great thing for your brand, but more importantly, it is sharing the experience with the audience that cannot be there to participate that really makes a difference for brand storytelling. How do you capture this? The obvious way is photography and video of your involvement! Keep in mind that there are other ways, such as webinars, blog posts, and social media content—but photography and video really aids all of these as well.

When your brand puts content on platforms like your website, Facebook, or LinkedIn, the quality of the content is in-part what makes your brand stand out or blend-in compared with others in your industry! When you use a professional photographer or videographer to capture your booth, company speaker, your employees interacting with the event, and other key moments of trade shows and conventions, you are telling your audience a few different things:

  1. You want the story you are conveying to come across in the most professional and highest quality manner.
  2. You want the event to be on display for your audience to see and engage with; it is not just about being there, it is about making it a part of your brand’s community interactions and involvement with your industry.
  3. That typical iPhone shot photos and videos aren’t going to cut-it for THEM. While yes, these are for your company, telling your brand’s story is really about the audience you are communicating to, and high-quality images really make all the difference in how content is conveyed.

How to Use Photography and Video from Trade Shows and Conventions

There are a variety of ways that you can use photography and video from involvement with trade shows and conventions—all of these can really make an impact in brand storytelling for your company. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you might want to use the content you generate:

1. Across Multiple Social Platforms

You can use photography and video captured at events across multiple social media platforms, you do not need to restrict usage to just one. Post an album to Facebook, a video clip to Instagram, and a recap of the event on LinkedIn. However you choose to use the content, you can be sure that they will be high quality and stand-out enough to “boost” as a promotional advertisement (which I would not recommend doing with camera phone images).

2. Blog Images

Want to write about your experience at the event and tell your following about the experience? Write about your favorite events, speakers, celebrities, and industry specialists. With professional photography you can be sure that almost anything you want to re-cap about the event on your blog can be documented in a style that is perfect for the presentation.

3. Website

Website visitors love to see evidence of branding, and high-quality images allow you to capture your involvement in a way that tells a story without words. Use professional photography and video on “About Us” pages, home-pages, blogs, industry-specific pages, and other places where you want to improve brand image.

4. Brand Presentations

Many times you will have to give public or internal presentations on your company, and it is nice to be able to show some examples of your company’s involvement with the industry community at large. It not only stresses the importance of attending events, growing, and gaining new insights—but also that you want to effectively communicate the benefits of that kind of involvement for your brand to your larger audience.

5. A Word on Usage

One word of caution. If you plan on using convention and trade-show images in any kind of advertisement or usage that is not typical social media or website use, you should definitely check with your photographer to see if you need to purchase “usage” fees in addition to their typical creative fees. Sometimes these types of photos are perfect to use in these scenarios, but you need to make sure you have the legal rights in place to do-so.

The Takeaway

Company events, trade shows, and conventions are all great opportunities to capture and communicate branding and participate in effective brand storytelling. Keep in mind that you can use professional photography and video for a variety of purposes, and high quality images are always welcomed by your audience.

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