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Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a 360 video production company that specializes in creating groundbreaking 360 videos. Our Chicago 360 videographer uses high-end technologies to transform the way potential customers view your products and services. Combining traditional storytelling elements with interactive 360 video, our Chicago 360 videographer helps share brand messages in revolutionary ways!



Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has over a decade of experience producing 360 videos. Interactive videos are becoming more and more adopted as ways to engage and attract customers by industries of all kinds. Users can enjoy the ease of immersive 360 video even without a virtual reality (VR) headset.


360-degree videos, otherwise known as immersive or spherical videos, are live-action videos that can be rotated on screen. They can be seen from any viewpoint, giving viewers a full view of what’s around them. Users can move around the video by clicking and dragging to see various angles. Essentially, a 360 video is a panorama photo in video form.

360-degree videos are videos that place the viewer in the director’s chair for a full cinematic experience. They let the viewer look in any direction or perspective they so choose for a more interactive experience.

Watch the Super Bowl from any seat in the stadium. Attend concerts in another state. Hear keynotes speak across the globe. View a hotel room before booking. See every side of an item before purchasing. The possibilities of 360 videos shot by a professional Chicago 360 videographer are endless.


As people who own virtual reality headsets continue to grow, industries and brands are beginning to invest in spherical video content to create more interactive engagement for the future and growth of their companies. Since technology is constantly evolving, so are we. Our Chicago 360 video production company offers transformative ways to engage customers. With professional grade 360 video cameras and technologies, viewers no longer are seeing things through the eyes of the storyteller. Rather, they’re experiencing it alongside them.

At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, our Chicago 360 videographer has mastered emerging tools. This is so we can deliver a coherent 360 video experience for our clients. We are committed to a high standard of creative integrity and professionalism. Having worked with some of the world’s most renowned brands, we know what it takes to interact with customers.

Our Chicago 360 videographer understands the creative and technological distinctions of 360 video production. This allows him to be able to know the necessary processes for writing, planning, staffing and casting your 360 videos. Our Chicago 360 videographer also has an in-depth understanding of the latest 360 camera equipment. Even more important, he knows which works best in various scenarios.

At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we pride ourselves on our 360 video production strategies. Using drones, rigs, cable cams, multiple cameras, and controlled dolly systems, our Chicago 360 videographer captures spherical videos to film overlapping angles simultaneously.

By actively moving the camera across land, water, and air, we provide people with an immersive experience in which they can actively be a part. Our Chicago 360 videographer creates videos full of dynamic motion that brings otherwise boring content to life!

Whether you need to get a 360 camera on a helicopter, an athlete, famous musician, on a race car, or even beneath the ocean, we’ve got the tools to make it happen and the knowledge to know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.


Media is currently in the midst of a fundamental paradigm shift. Marketing and advertising have moved from what was once popular mediums like television and radio to the Internet. Not keeping up with these new technologies can have a truly negative impact on your business. That said, with the popularity of virtual reality (VR) on the rise, demand for 360 video production continues to grow.

360-degree videos and VR are changing the future of almost every industry. As previously stated, 360 videos offer a new marketing tactic for business alike. Brands all around the world have seen remarkable success through their use of 360-degree video and VR.

A 360-degree video case study compared a regular video with a 360-degree one and promoted both videos on Facebook with the same ads. The study showed that the 360-degree video received on average 28.81% more views. Even more impressive, twice as many viewers watched the 360-degree video in its entirety compared to the regular one. As a result, the 360 video was a more efficient purchase because its cost-per-view was lower when organic and paid views were combined. This shows how marketers and businesses can use 360 videos to increase engagement, reach and conversion rates.

Including 360 degree video content on all social media networks and platforms that accept it will ensure more views on your post. As traditional media continues to be in decline, 360-degree video content will surely become the next generation of consumer media.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video provides production services for 360° videos from beginning to end. Our team of dedicated creative professionals, including our Chicago 360 videographer, helps manage your production so the finished product exceeds your needs and expectations. Everything from conceptualization to pre-production, shooting, stitching, editing, tracking and distribution – we are the 360 Video Production Company dedicated to serving your needs.

When planning to produce a 360° video, there are tons of things to consider, such as where the video will be displayed. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a full-service Chicago 360 video production company that listens to your goals. We work with your team to create a scene and provide all the necessary elements for production. Our Chicago 360 videographer works closely alongside you throughout the entire process, beginning with concept planning, location scouting, shooting, stitching, and ending with distribution.

Interactive 360° video creates an immersive experience that lets consumers choose where they wish to look. The tools used to build this atmosphere requires professional technologies and a creative mind knowledgeable in the production process. When a viewer is free to look wherever they choose, the key to converting them into customers and persuading them is by making them look at what you want them to see. Our Chicago 360 videographer is highly trained in moving a simple concept through its production to create a highly engaging product that persuades viewers.


360 video production is the newest and most comprehensive, expansive form of video marketing. It offers the capability to reach your target audience and provide them with an experience, unlike anything they’ve ever encountered.

Here at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, our Chicago 360 videographer specializes in creating videos that place viewers in the middle. By filming all surroundings, viewers can be truly a part of the experience. Since there are many time-consuming components involved when creating a 360 video, so having a team of professionals produce your 360-degree video will certainly make all the difference. Specifically, a trained professional Chicago 360 videographer will take your multiple videos and build them into one seamless creation. Our team of creatives helps to share your story while providing an unbeatable return on investment for your business.

If you have any questions regarding our 360°video production or about how our Chicago 360 videographer is able to provide guaranteed customer satisfaction at such a low cost, please feel free to give our studio a call at 312-623-3456 or Contact Us Here.