Interviews & Testimonials

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video interview is worth one million. Video interviews are one of the best methods for getting information to your audience without pandering. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is ready with the best equipment and highly skilled videographers to film all your interview needs.


Tell Your Audience Who You Are

People want to see the faces behind what makes your company great, and professionally filmed interviews will give you the opportunity to show off in whatever method you want. Corporate video interviews have the unique power to convey a message through both personality and facts. A good interview shows your viewers that you are an expert in your field in a personalized manner. Audiences get to learn about your company and connect with the people who built it. Interviews can be with anybody in the company, talking about anything you feel is relevant. This builds trust with your customers, audiences can feel as if they are part of the company because they get to know the people on the inside. These can be as basic or as exciting as you imagine! Even just one interview can lead to an impressive array of media tools. As a small example, Single Grain has a list of “8 Videos You Can Generate From One Interview With Your CEO.” They state that a filmed interview with a CEO can “provide a way for the leaders of these innovative companies to connect with end users, partners and even internal employees. Interviews provide a way to connect on a deeper level with audiences….at scale.” These benefits come from just one interview with the CEO! Of course this is not the only kind of interview that can be an effective communication tool. Here is a list of types of interviews alongside some messages they can communicate:

  • Employee Interviews
  • Customer Interviews
  • HR Interviews
  • Event Attendee Interviews
  • Founder Interviews
  • Family Interviews
  • Expert Interviews
  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Values of Service
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Company Culture
  • Company know-how
  • Company Values
  • Company Origin Story
  • A Look “Behind the Scenes”
  • Recruitment Material

These are just some useful examples of how to use a corporate interview video. These methods and benefits apply to any industry. After serving a greatly diverse set of industries, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video knows exactly how to make Corporate Interviews work for you. Audiences are thirsty for interesting ways to engage with your company and Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is here to make sure you have access to the best video services available to make that happen.


Why To Choose a Professional

Recently, Entrepreneur published a marketing piece detailing some of the benefits of filming an interview for your brand. They published their advice with a warning, “Branded videos, whether intended for use internally or externally, are a reflection of your company’s values, capabilities and commitment to quality. They should be thoughtfully produced every time. Otherwise, you’ll inevitably find yourself trying to explain why you weren’t more careful.” Interviews have a great deal of communication power, which can mean incredible potential to demonstrate what is remarkable about your company. But it also means that, if not executed correctly, video interviews can communicate your company’s failures. For example, a low quality video communicates to your audience that you are not willing to invest in communications, and therefore do not care about the audience that is watching. There are many things that can go wrong in a low quality video interview. Bad microphones mean spotty and uncomfortable voice levels. Bad lighting can mean unattractive interview subjects. Bad cameras mean grainy and distracting footage. The good news is, there is a guaranteed way to avoid any problems that come with a company branding interview video: bringing in the professionals. When you choose Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, you will always get the highest quality video services, guaranteeing your audiences that you care about their attention. We take pride in staying up to date with state of the art video equipment, including microphones, video cameras, and lighting kits. Our expert team will make sure that your video is attractive, letting your subjects and messages shine through without any distraction. You can check out some of our examples on our Youtube Channel here.


What Makes a Successful Interview

State of the art video cameras, microphones, and lighting is one of the first important steps in making sure that you have a successful interview. Other small, but impactful, details include proper framing of the subject, audio balancing, and staging. But expert videographer skills and high quality equipment are not the only things that are important when it comes to video interviews. There are many more benefits that a professional videography team brings to you. In fact, Production Hub lists “Create a Warm Atmosphere” one of the most important factors for getting great corporate video interviews. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has over ten years of experience in showing off our customer’s best side. With this highly professional team on your side, you can always feel confident. A video interview is like putting a spotlight on the subject. This can seem intimidating, but in reality this is a great opportunity to show off your best side. Our camera crew takes pride in creating a comfortable and open atmosphere so that our subjects feel at ease and talk about what they do best. Take the example of photography portraits. A good portrait depends on the photographer. This has to do with their equipment, but also their relationship to the subject. In fact, there are many famous portrait photographers who even use old camera equipment, but still take successful portraits that capture their subject. It all has to do with how the camera holder is able to capture and create the essence of the moment. All these details and skills are just as important for capturing a person on video. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video knows exactly how to use these methods in a professional context. Here are some of the examples of these skills for professional photography portraits. Take advantage of these skills for your company now. Check out our homepage to find out more about our company and request a quote to find out what we can do for you!