Live Streaming

Now, more than ever before, a digital presence is the best way to reach an audience. Live streaming offers a way to connect with an audience in real time. Our team has the resources and skills required to make sure that your live stream looks polished, professional, and gets your desired message across.



You have probably noticed a growing number of online platforms offering live stream services which are being taken advantage of by more and more companies. You have also probably noticed that live streaming is an excellent way to communicate with audiences. These audiences may include your customer base, professional peers, company employees, potential clients, family, or even strangers. We here at Chicago Corporate Photography and video have noticed all these things, and are staying on top of those trends for our customers. No matter who you are trying to reach, or what kind of message you are trying to get across, live streaming is a guaranteed method for getting the attention from your audience. When live streaming, your message has the ability to attract millions of attentive listeners. If you had any doubts before about the popularity of live streaming today, Check out these statistics from Go-Globe, including findings that live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic in 2020. Tubular Insights, a blog for video marketing insights, outlines some helpful statistics and graphs which show that audiences are much more likely to spend time watching a live video stream than any other type of video content online. Many individuals and companies out there have already discovered the benefits and are invested resources in their live streams. According to Grand View Research, the streaming industry is estimated to reach $124.6 billion by 2025. By choosing Chicago Corporate Photography to take care of your life streaming needs, you will not only be keeping up with current trends, but will also be pulling ahead by utilizing professionals who are experts in live streaming services.


Why Pick Our Professional Team to Film Your Live Stream?

For the simplest live stream all you need is a camera (even a phone camera works) and a connection to the internet. There are many popular live streaming platforms available for free, such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch; to name a few. All these readily available resources may make it seem like it is easy for anybody to just post a live stream and get their desired result. But in actuality, posting a live stream without professional help is not that simple. As the market grows, sloppy video work and lazy listings will be ignored. Studies show that most consumers will tolerate as little as 90 seconds of a clumsy live stream before switching to something else. Meaning a self streamer who is just holding a low quality camera will annoy audiences more than anything else. More than often, amateur broadcasters will post to the wrong platform or use the wrong marketing tools. According to this document published by PwC on market research, only about 12% of consumers say that they can find the content they want on streaming platforms easily. This means that even if a potential consumer is actively looking for the type of live stream content that you are posting, they will not find it unless you know exactly how and where to publish in order to reach your audience. Those are just some of the reasons, among many others, it is important to hire Chicago Corporate Photography and Video to take care of your live streaming needs. Our team has done careful research on the best way to get your message professionally posted live. Our state-of-the-art video equipment has the ability to film your content in the highest quality available. Audiences will be dazzled by your live stream video quality, keeping them engaged with your message. We are experts in all things video, so we know exactly where and when to post your live stream online so that it gets broadcast to its intended audience. We know how to advertise a live stream before and after it is published so that it will be easily found by people looking to engage with your content. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will advise you thoroughly on the best way to conduct your broadcast so that you will get exactly the results you are looking for in a live stream.


How Live Streams Engage with Your Audience

There are a plethora of reasons one might decide to “go live” with their content. Maybe you are trying to make an interactive “how to” video where people can comment questions that you can answer immediately. Maybe you want to strengthen a heartfelt message by delivering it in real time. Or maybe you just want to have a fun and novel way to interact with your audience. No matter who you are trying to connect with, streaming a live broadcast sends the message that you are present for your audience at that very moment. Live streaming is the most personal way to connect besides in-person presence; and you can do it to millions of people at a time. Live Streaming gets results when you are trying to deliver a message to your audience who will actually attentively listen. This report from Forrester shows that users actually watch live video streams 10-20 times longer than video content available on-demand. On-Demand was previously thought to be one of the most effective ways to get users attention, until now. These numbers mean that audiences are going to spend more time with your message when it is posted live so you can connect more meaningfully than a simple glance at a blog post or short video. Not only does live streaming offer a substantial way to connect, it is also proven to be a remarkably lucrative endeavor. Video in general will comprise 80% of global consumer internet traffic by 2021 according to a report by Cisco. So if a consumer is on the internet they are most likely to be spending that time watching video content. While they are looking for videos to watch, they are even more likely to be spending time with a video if it is posted live. Then on top of those numbers, the Digital Entertainment Group found that consumers spend about $12.3 million on subscription streaming in 2018, and that number keeps on climbing. The streaming industry is even expected to reach 124.6 billion by 2025. All this adds up to more money and more customers for you. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video knows exactly how to make sure that your live stream will reach its greatest potential. Because of our variety of experience in many industries we know the best way to stream your message so you get the quality and audience that you want. Check out our easily accessible website to request a quote today!