Promotional Videos

Make sure that you stand out by showcasing a professionally made branding video for your business. As expert videographers we will use our skills to display the finest parts of your brand. Your customers will see you represented as you want to be represented. We are here to make it happen, start to finish.


Types of Company Branding Videos

There are many types of company branding videos that we can create together to showcase what your brand is all about. Here are some examples:

Brand Explainer

  • A video which explains to its audience what your company does and how it gets done

Brand Style

  • A type of video that focuses on the style and mood which you want your company to embody

Brand Culture

  • This video showcases the kind of company culture conducted at your business by focusing on the employees

Brand Recruitment

  • A recruitment video focuses on why it would be great to work for your company

Internal Brand Communication

  • A video that is meant to be spread to those working within your company to convey any type of message

There are many more types of company branding videos, and even these categories can be combined to fit your needs. Darren Travers at Spiel Creative wrote this handy blog piece explaining some uses for corporate branding and some examples big companies have made in the past. There are obviously many different reasons to use one or many of the brand video categories to communicate a message. A brand style video would be used to establish your company as trendy or classic. It appeals to people with eye-catching visuals and attractive representations. The brand culture video on the other hand showcases to your audience what kind of relationships your company has built with people. Maybe those relationships are highly polished and professional, maybe they are relaxed and fun. Maybe both! No matter what part of your company you are trying to show off, our professional team here at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is skilled in creating each type of company branding video. As well as choosing which one showcases you best. We have the skills to determine the best type of branding video to suit your needs and then have it executed for an excellent final product. Check out our Youtube Channel for numerous examples of videos we’ve made in the past. You will find that our customers are always satisfied with their videos.


We Know What Makes Your Business Stand Out

It may be daunting to know that there are unfathomable combinations in types of branding videos. You may know about your brand, and how you want it presented to the world, but without a great amount of research and video communication skills, your message may fall flat. In this list of “What 7 Godawful Videos Teach Us About Video Production” you will find some examples of companies who tried to convey a message which turned out disastrous. These companies may have tried to make the videos without any professionals involved, or they worked with professionals who did not know (or did not care) about the message the company was trying to project. The fact is that there are just about as many ways to go wrong with a branding video as there are ways to go right. Some mistakes include improper professional video equipment techniques or misjudging an audiences capacity for reactions. The good news is that you have taken the first step in avoiding failure by coming across our page! Chicago Corporate Photography and Video are experts in all things video. Each client we serve is unique in their brand. We work together with each and every client to make sure that we understand clearly what type of message you are trying to convey to your audience through your brand. Our professional and highly skilled team will make sure that any video made through us gets the special attention it needs to be successful. The wide breadth of clients we have served in the past prove our experience and skill in making sure your branding video communicates what your brand means to you.


What It takes To Put Together a Professional Branding Video

There is no “one size fits all” mould to creating a company branding video. Each video is unique in message and scope. But there are a few broad steps we will take to determine how to produce your branding video. Firstly, our team will work with you to decide on a message and the audience you are trying to communicate. This message may be broad or more specific. Click here to read a succinct little guide by Forbes for video communication for businesses. After a message and audience is determined, we would work together to determine what elements to include. This could include footage of staff members in action, interviews with the boss, documentation of the service or product being offered, etc. Back at our office, we would choose the best equipment to do the job. Since we take pride in offering top-of-the-line video services, we put a lot of research and care in choosing exactly the right type of professional equipment for each customer. Whether the job needs aerial footage or ultra high definition quality, we have got you covered. The next step would be in determining a schedule that works for you, our client. We are diligent in deciding a schedule which gets all video shooting done in a timely and convenient manner. Our professional team would then execute the video shoot with the care and attentiveness necessary for a high quality footage. Once all the footage has been gathered, we work on editing the footage in a manner already discussed with our client. Our editors are capable of endlessly diverse techniques which are at your disposal. The very last step we would determine is the best way to disseminate the final product so that it reaches its target audience. The final branding video is ready to use as you please. It could be shared on your website, on social media accounts, in office lobbies, or broadcast on tv. No matter what kind of job you have in mind, Chicago Corporate photography and video has the ability to execute your company branding video so professionally and painlessly. You can contact us and request a quote here. We look forward to making our next project with you!