Chicago Event & Convention Videographer

Put your best foot forward with high-quality video documentation of your events. Our professional team has over two decades of experience in recording events and conventions. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video showcases the most appealing features of your event with the expert level of attention required.


Our Experience is Your Gain

Years of experience has prepared us to film any event with the utmost professionalism. In our experience we have found the best methods for capturing exactly what our clients need. We have filmed a variety of events, big and small, in Chicago and beyond. Check out our Youtube playlist for a sample of our past work. You will find that each event is filmed with the care and attention required to make superior video documentation. We pride ourselves in being experts in the best video techniques and equipment to serve your needs. Choosing Chicago Photography and Video to cover your event means all your video requirements will be taken care of, so that you can leave any stress behind. You will no longer have to worry about setting up equipment or pulling out your phone every time you want something documented on video. You can rest easy in knowing that everything that needs to be filmed at your event will be covered. You, of course, have other important things to worry about.


Why Professional Videography is Important For You

The internet has quickly transformed into the foremost way for customers or even potential job seekers to research a company. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase the best parts of your company by including professional video in your online presence. Videos are one of the most convenient and reliable methods for showcasing what your company is about. They can be included on your website and easily shared on social media or blogs. This increases the chances of your company being noticed favorably online and shared with potential connections. By analyzing data collected from comScore, an article for Video Brewery presents findingings that 90% of web consumers say that a video helps them make a decision to buy a business’ product or service and that 65% of executives who watch work-related videos visit the business’ website afterwards. Which means that professional video documentation on your website may be one of the most important facets of your company’s reputation. By bringing professionals into your conventions and events for video documentation you will have candid proof of your company’s culture and ideals. Our team will make sure that events and conventions will be recorded with the care needed to make sure your event is represented the way you want.


The Expert Eye

The difference between expert and amature videography is easy to recognize in the final product. An amature may not know how to set up professional equipment or know how to use varied lighting to their advantage. Check out this link for some examples of what separates an amateur from a professional videographer. The product from an amature will end up looking clumsy and awkward. As professionals we know exactly how to utilize every aspect of video to make sure that the final product looks sharp and polished. Our experience in an extensive variety of video documentation situations means that we are ready for anything. Equipment will be carefully laid out so that we stay out of the way, but in view of the action. We have the equipment to provide you with cutting edge technology services including motion graphics, 360 product animation, aerial and drone footage, and more. Not only do we know how to handle professional equipment, we also know where and when the best moments will take place. You can find on our website that we have served a plethora of industries so our expertise is multifarious. It takes an expert to know where to film so that the most exciting parts of your event will be recorded. Our team knows how to find the people to talk to for the best interviews and what angle will be the best to record a speech. We also know how to spot where the significant candid moments will be during the event such the laughing and smiling faces. Our final video for you will be of the highest quality in content and in form. If you want your event or convention to be covered with the utmost care and attention serving your exact needs, then look no further than Chicago Corporate Photography and Video!


We Know How to Stay on Trend

Your events and conventions may be one of your best assets for growth according to Entrepreneur’s article “Why Live Events Are Like Rocket Fuel For Business Growth.” With this in mind, it is essential to consider an expert to make the most out of video documentation for your event. At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video we make sure that your events and conventions are filmed in a way that keeps consumers engaged. With technology rapidly accelerating in digital spheres and demand for content keeps increasing, it may seem hard to keep up with the newest trends. People are spending more time online than ever before which means that consumers are hungry for innovative content. With Chicago Corporate Photography and Video on your side, you can rest assured that your video content will stay up to date with what consumers want to see from your company. For example, we know that video content is not just for documenting events in your past. Live capabilities are being added to a variety of online platforms like facebook and youtube. Our team has the professional capabilities to film your event or conventions and stream them live to your followers in high-definition. This way your followers will have an exciting way to engage with your content and connect with your brand. This is just one example of how we update our services to stay on board with the latest trends. It may be that even by the time you are reading this that video trends will have changed. The good news is that you will not need to worry about painstakingly following how to create the most popular content because we’ve already done it for you. We have built our company on being creative and up-to-date in video trends. You will find no better way to stay on trend than by bringing our team on to your side.

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