Did you know that video has become the preferred format of content over photography? That is because video catches not only our eyes but our ears, as well as stimulates short attention spans in ways static photography simply cannot do. With this in mind, more and more businesses in the area have been hiring the best Chicago Architecture Video Company for their architecture firms. Because everyone wants to win over that client, diversify their portfolio, and stand out from the rest – even in the world of architecture!



Our Chicago Architecture Video Company – Chicago Corporate Photography And Video

In the highly competitive market of architecture, utilizing our best team will make your firm extremely sought after. And at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, our Chicago Architecture Video Production Company team is here to help!

Chicago Architecture Video Company – Our Process:

There is a lot that goes into our team when it comes to our process. Because it is not just making a video, it is painting the best possible, branded picture of your firm. Here are the steps we take at our Chicago Architecture Video Company:

  • Meet with our prospective client: Before we start planning, we need to know about you and your goals. Are you looking to change up your portfolio from photography to video? Are you looking for a professional drone video of an urban planning project? Whatever it is, our Chicago Architecture Video Company will work with you to come up with a game plan – including budget, style, aesthetics, and more
  • Settle on a plan with our prospective client: Sometimes it takes some back and forth negotiating before a plan is settled on – and that is okay! Our Chicago Architecture Video Company will receive your feedback and provide mock ups until your firm is ready to settle on a plan
  • Writing the script and storyboarding: Once the plan is in place, our staff will storyboard each step of the project. Is a script needed? Actors? What camera angles should our Chicago Architecture Video Company incorporate? All of these ideas and more are considered in the pre-production process so that the next step in production is smooth sailing
  • Production: One of the reasons why we are a top rated Chicago Architecture Video Production Company is because we use only the best, high tech audio and visual equipment during production. Are you looking for a Chicago Architecture Video Company that is highly skilled with drones? Or a team that can produce the most high definition video quality? Look no further than our business!
  • Post-production: Post-production is one of the most important steps of the process at our Chicago Architecture Video Company. This is where our staff will work hard to fine tune each and every production detail, including mixing, editing, color grading, and more!

Unique Visual Strategies And Styles We Employ At Our Chicago Architecture Video Company:

Our Chicago Architecture Video Company promises to deliver on creativity when it comes to our architecture clients looking for videos. Because of this, there are some eye catching angles and visual strategies we employ in our videos for architecture clients specifically, as they have the ability to truly showcase a physical space in a powerful manner.

There are many different types of videos that architecture firms tend to favor. Here are some of these styles that we use at our Chicago Architectural Video Company for such clients:

  • Time lapse: Looking to play with the natural element of time? Time lapse is a great visual effect to employ when showcasing how a building or structure organically flows with nature and natural lighting in its environment. We recommend time lapse for any public works or outdoor installation project!
  • Motion-control style: Rather than utilize standard shots that are fixed on a tripod, our Chicago Architecture Video Company staff favors motion-control style shots – this sort of strategy allows for fluid, complex visuals for any architectural space!
  • Aerial perspective: Something our Chicago Architecture Video Company loves about aerial perspective shots is how they offer an outlook that humans are not regularly exposed to. That is, with this birds eye view angle, your firm can highlight the fine details of any structure from a refreshing view!

Of course there are many more interesting and creative visual strategies that our company can employ when working with your firm! These three above are simply some of the most popular when it comes to highlight physical spaces. However, each client and each project is different; so during our aforementioned process, we will sit down with your firm and decide how to best tell the story of your pieces!

Using Our Company To Differentiate Your Firm From The Rest:

With video becoming more and more popular in online spaces, many industries are actually incorporating the format in their own advertising, marketing, and more. In the world of architecture, this is also true – though most portfolios are print photography, we are seeing more and more modern architects use a Chicago Architecture Video Company to make them stand out from the rest.

So, what can our Chicago Architecture Video Company offer your company? The chance to diversify your portfolio and expand your client base! Because in the industry, the power lies in the portfolio.

What makes a video portfolio different than a print portfolio? Here are some key differences between the two, and how our Chicago Architectural Video Company may help:

  • Providing encompassing context: With print photography, there is little to no real life context of your plan or structure. With video, your firm can show how such building is working in real time with its surroundings – light, people walking by, cars driving past, and more – are all details that can properly and realistically contextualize any project
  • Revealing the fine details and dimension: Architectural projects, such as buildings, parks, or skyscrapers, contain more detail than most people realize. With the two dimensional nature of print photography, viewers are not truly exposed to how the sheer dimension of the structure impacts its surroundings – with a Chicago Architecture Video Company, you can capture this critical element!
  • Opportunity for trendsetting digital marketing: Ultimately, having footage for your portfolio to wow a client and stand out from others is also helpful in that it can simultaneously provide your firm digital content! Whether you find yourself active on LinkedIn, Facebook, or perhaps through newsletters, video is the preferred and most consumed format of media today!

Choosing The Right Company, Choosing Chicago Corporate Photography And Video!

Is your firm ready to take a much needed step forward towards the modern? Look no further than Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, the premier company around!

With over twenty years of professional experience, countless satisfied clients, and a positive proven track record, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video knows what it takes to take businesses to the next level.

If you have any questions about how our company can benefit your architecture firm, please contact us and we will be sure to get in touch with you. We look forward to helping a variety of businesses and industries innovate in the digital age!