Did you know that one of the most effective ways to create a loyal consumer community and digital following is to utilize bio videos? At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we understand how this knowledge is critical to the success of any digitally focused company. And that is what we aim to do – to provide only the best Chicago Company Bio Videos out there. Because at our Chicago Bio Video Company, we put our client’s wants and needs first in order to create digitally engaging stories that truly reflect your brand and vision.



The Importance Of A Bio Video Company

With a skilled Chicago Bio Video Company, your company will see unique and palpable growth that will make your organization stand out from the rest!

What Is A Bio Video? Bio Video Strategies Our Company Employs:

Bio videos are quite simple to understand yet critically important to any company’s success. Essentially, a bio video is a video that introduces folks to a member of the company.

Just like any other introduction, a bio video will go through short yet succinct biographical points of a team member. It is not only a highlight but a reflection of your company, as you showcase a key member of your team to a viewing audience.

But what makes your bio video better than the rest? That is where our Chicago Bio Video Company comes in – with years of professional experience, our team incorporates certain visual and narrative elements that will make your bio video stand out.

Here are some key elements that our company incorporates when building out premium bio video content for clients:

  • State name and position at company: This may seem like an obvious one, but having the person who is getting interviewed clearly state their name and role at your company is critical. With this information, there is a clear and personal introduction, as well as an articulation of how the employee provides value to the organization!
  • Discuss personal values in a professional way: To add to the personalized experience, we always enjoy it when bio videos highlight the employee’s ideals – and how this ties back to the company. For example, what part of your job is the most fulfilling? Answering a question like so will offer insight on not only the position, but the values that such position, employee, and company prioritize.
  • Incorporate life-outside-of-work details: To make any interview memorable and engaging, our Chicago Bio Video Company likes to incorporate relevant yet personalized information about the employee. That is, what this employee’s life is outside of work; what is their favorite hobby, how do they unwind at the end of the day? This element sparks an immediate link between employee and viewer, adding a smart level of humanness to the bio video!
  • Overall, keep it short and simple: And ultimately, something that our Chicago Bio Video Company always prioritizes is to keep the bio video short, simple and sweet. Highlight each of the above elements in an efficient way so that the audience is never distracted or disengaged. Keep the dialogue moving in a timely yet personalized manner!

With these rules of thumb, our Chicago Bio Video Company remains creating only top of the line bio videos for a variety of clients – just read our amazing Google reviews for bio video testimonials! Because our Chicago Company Bio Video Production services are simply unmatched.

Executive Bio Videos For Your Company:

At our team, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we specialize in bio videos for executives or C-level employees at any organization. Whether a CEO or co-founder, a bio video is a great way to showcase your business.

Why have executive bios videos for your company? Executive bio videos are a great platform for sharing your business’s values, mission, and story to your digital audience. Why does this make a difference? If your company specializes in e-commerce, for example, an executive bio video offers a touch of personal context to the product your company sells.

And in a world where online shopping and advertising reign supreme, this is where our Chicago Bio Video Company can truly make your company stand out. By connecting the person at the top of your operation down to the potential customer, viewers will feel more accounted for in their purchase. They will see that a product was made for the critical and honest purpose of helping people like them lead an easier, better, or more fulfilling life.

Additionally, executive bio videos also add a refreshing element of humanness to the inhuman nature of the digital world. Make your business an organization that values human connection and honest storytelling in the face of a typically static digital platform with an executive bio video from our Chicago Bio Video Company!

Employee Bio Videos For Your Company:

In addition to executive bio videos, our Chicago Bio Video Company also specializes in employee bio videos! This type of bio video is similar to the executive bio video by showcasing the values of your company by using your team members to tell the story.

A place where we love using employee bio videos? On a company’s About Us page on their website. Instead of a few lines of unengaging and standard text, have employee bio videos instead! This will not only give your company a much more modern edge than the rest, but will also give off the perception that your business is a people-first operation.

Think about it – one of the most common qualms with navigating an online business to shop for a product or inquire about a service is how users feel like they are talking to automated robots, not humans.

With employee bio videos from our Chicago Bio Video Company, your company can effectively circumvent this issue and showcase how human connection is critical to the success of your business!

Why Use A Bio Video? Ways Our Team Can Help You:

  • Our Chicago Bio Video Company can foster team trust: Another great aspect of bio videos is how they can create strong rapport among employees – if your company relies heavily on remote work, for example, have your employees make bio videos with our Chicago Bio Video Company to then share with the rest of the team to establish a connection outside of the office!   
  • The best Chicago Company Bio Videos can build a social media brand: Want to establish your company as a trustworthy, legitimate, and people-first initiative? Use our Chicago Bio Video Company to put faces to names with bio videos on social media – introduce different employees with unique videos to add a much needed human element to your company’s digital presence!
  • Using a Chicago Bio Video Company to boost a special event: Is the CIO of your company about to present at a big conference? Is your company about to headline a major panel within your industry? Use a bio video to promote and create buzz about any special event your company is involved with – this sort of bio video can be included in your social media and email marketing, as well!

The Best Chicago Company Bio Video Production Services – Only At Chicago Corporate Photography And Video!

Is your business ready to take on the best production services out there? At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we pride ourselves in being the best Chicago Bio Video Company out there, providing only premium, professional bio videos for our clients!