Chicago Conference Videos have become an integral part of corporate communication with consumers. That is because conferences alone make for important events for any company. In fact, they can really help add to your company equity.



In today’s day in age, where live streaming and producing engaging conference videos are a must, hiring a professional team to produce your conference videography will make all the difference.

At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, our team of expert videographers and editors have the skills and knowledge required to ensure you will receive an incredible product. Using our unparalleled videos, we turn your events into one of the most powerful marketing tools.


There are many reasons to hire the best Chicago Conference Event Videographer, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video. For starters, we have over 20 years of experience working in the industry, producing tons of different conference videos.

For this reason, we are able to help you add PowerPoint slides into the final video. This will make the video of your conference extremely professional. In all, we produce the best products by making all of the necessary tweaks in post-production. We want to make your final video look the best it can.

Another reason to work with our company is that our expert team can help film all of the important aspects of your conference. For instance, we can film conference attendees, interview them for testimonials and put them together in a highlight reel. Or we can have these interviews seamlessly flow together with the rest of the video of the entire conference. Ultimately, showcasing these are a fantastic way to help wrap up the conference and produce one of the best Chicago Conference Videos.

Another thing our team captures is candid shots. Throughout the entire conference, our team will get candid shots of crowd engagement and guests, as well as presenters. This way, we make sure that the videos we produce appear genuine. Further, capturing these shots are key in helping the conference videos evoke certain feelings that help show the meaning behind the event.

Another benefit of working with our Chicago Conference Video Company to produce videos are that you do not have to worry about all of the small details. This way, you can focus on what really matters – your conference itself!

Whether you are planning a small company gathering that requires a lower-budgeted video or a bigger public conference that requires full coverage and a larger crew, we have got you covered. It does not matter if it is a trade show, company gathering or annual business seminar. Our team offers professional production services and produces exceptional Chicago Conference Videos for our clients.

Moreover, at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we excel at customer service, meaning that we care about your needs. We have all of the technical expertise to produce Chicago Conference Videos that best fit your goals and needs.

Finally, as the best Chicago Conference Event Videographer, we also help prepare your company to release the video coverage we capture in our Chicago Conference Videos. As such, our team helps produce press releases for the media to showcase the event after it is over. Our Chicago Conference Videos are guaranteed to capture the attention of both the media and your conference.


First of all, there are many ways Chicago Conference Videos will benefit your brand. For starters, a highlight video portraying the best parts of the conference will help showcase the event in the best light. In addition, it can give an overview of the conference for those who were unfortunately unable to attend.

Even more, you can use our Chicago Conference Videos to market your conference for the following year’s attendees. Our Chicago Conference Event Videographers will be sure to create a powerful video that will attract more guests to next year’s conference. Whether it be interactions between the guests and attendees or keynote speakers, we make sure we capture everything for our Chicago Conference Videos.


Our team of experts makes sure to take care of everything you need during the conference. From capturing conference event videography to post-production, we do it all. Overall, we provide a wide range of services that ensure your conference is successful far beyond its completion.

Some of the services our Chicago Conference Event Videography Company offers include:

  • Full-Coverage
  • Highlight and Sizzle Reels
  • PowerPoint Production
  • Presentation Recordings
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Guest Testimonials
  • Attendee Interview Coverage
  • Keynote Speakers Video Coverage
  • Award Ceremony Video Production
  • Conference Live Streaming
  • Meeting Videos
  • Short Event Clips to share on social media
  • Seminar Video Coverage
  • Event B-Roll Film
  • Chicago Conference Videos Editing
  • Coverage of Small Meetings
  • Film of Large Conferences
  • Multi-Camera Live Conference Capability
  • Talented Camera Crew


If you hope to inspire your target audience and make them feel what they are supposed to, there’s no platform as good as our services.

Basically, this is how our videos come to life:

  1. First, we start with creative conceptualization. After all, a key idea is necessary before any video production. Whether you are in need of a creative mind or have your own ideas, we bring this idea to life.
  2. Next, we must prepare to film and produce one of our great Chicago Conference Videos. To do this, we plan and prepare. We figure out which equipment to bring based on your conference needs and start planning which shots we’ll want.
  3. After we plan our process, we make it happen. If your Chicago Conference Videos require it, we will provide people, props and places.
  4. Then, when the day arrives, we film all of the essential coverage to make our dope videos. Our expert team hits the floor with the necessary equipment and works their magic. They capture all of the right angles, moments and emotions.
  5. Finally, once the event wraps up, our Chicago Conference Videographers begin post-production. This is when we take all of our footage to develop the story we set out to share. Our trained editors work together to produce a seamlessly compelling video that will boost your brand’s equity.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is one of the only Chicago Conference Video Production Companies in the area that has the expertise and experience to successfully produce multiple camera coverage of your Conference and be able to stream it live from the venue.

With our exceptionally high-end technologies and innovative strategies, our Chicago Conference Event Videography Company produces Chicago Conference Videos from a unique, one-of-a-kind lens.

Finally, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a full-service video production company with the ability to produce coverage from events small and large.

If you have any questions about us, please feel free to give our studio a call at 312-623-3456 or you can Contact Us Here to receive a free quote for your video.