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Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the best Educational Videographer in the city. With years of experience shooting and producing promotional videos for schools, universities and colleges around the country, our advanced Educational Videographer knows just how to capture authentic and engaging recruitment videos for your school’s marketing efforts.



Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the best Educational Videographer in the city. With years of experience shooting and producing promotional videos for schools, universities and colleges around the country, our advanced Educational Videographer knows just how to capture authentic and engaging recruitment videos for your school’s marketing efforts.


In today’s highly competitive digital market, standing out from the crowd can be quite a challenge. Video marketing has always been relatively essential for schools, but nowadays, promotional videos for educational institutions can really strengthen and improve a school’s marketing strategy and online engagement.

According to a survey from the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS), 45 percent of high schooler juniors and seniors indicated that videos were among the top ways to learn more about a college’s campus and community. This information further emphasizes the need to include videos as part of your school’s marketing strategy. Professional videos produced by a Chicago Educational Videographer will give your video a unique, genuine feel that will make others take action, whether that be signing up for a campus tour, reaching out to an educator, or, hopefully, applying to your school.


Videos shot by our established Chicago Educational Videographer can and should be posted on your university’s main website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts, along with any other social media sites.

Promotional educational videos like these also must be placed on your YouTube or Vimeo channels. Doing so will generate an influx of potential new students interested in what you have to say about your school and its functions. Producing recruitment videos or mission statements will further engage students and the community surrounding your educational institution.


Besides students, there are other, perhaps even more important people to get excited and interested in your college or university. When it comes to making big decisions in life before the age of 18, moms and dads play a large role. Despite their persuasive natures, more often than not, parents contribute to or fully pay for their child’s education. That being said, it’s important that they know what it is they are investing in.

Luckily, the same NAIS survey also discovered that 40 percent of parents ranked the school’s website as one the top informational sources when researching their adolescent’s potential future educational institution. That being said, easily navigable website design for colleges and universities is imperative to be able to easily express a large amount of information to a wide variety of audiences.


Since the majority of students and parents search the Internet to evaluate and research a potential institution, a school’s web presence and standing out is very important. Promotional videos for schools, colleges and universities will help with this.

While many colleges continue to struggle cramming excessive information into such a small space, other schools are thriving, establishing themselves as premier educational institutions by integrating interactive multimedia content on their site’s pages.

Including entertaining content like videos shot by the best educational videographer in Chicago on your school’s website is a very effective way to engage all types of prospective new students, trying to experience your university for their first time.

College-bound high school students constantly surf the web while researching their potential colleges. If they come across pages of written content or interactive videos that inspire emotion, which do you think they will be more drawn to? Clearly, promotional videos for schools are a must when it comes to your school’s marketing strategy, and hiring a professional educational videographer to effectively convey your institution’s appeal is even more imperative.


As Chicago’s premier educational videographer, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is able to capture promotional videos that feature authentic student and staff testimonials, inspire nostalgia among alumni, or showcase new discoveries from the biology department.

Whatever it is your school is trying to emphasize, videos are a truly effective way to help your school stand out online, and an online experience for students can help make or break their ultimate decision when choosing their next educational path. Promo videos for schools produced by the best Educational Videographer in Chicago can advertise the school’s academics, campus, location, and much more.

Here are some of the various types of promotional videos for schools that our qualified and skilled Educational Videographer can produce:

1. Campus Tours:

The most important and popular school promotional videos are campus tours. Wherever a student ends up, a college education is an incredibly large investment. When a student decides to accept an offer to attend a university, it not only means leaving one home behind, but also calling this new place home for the next four years, maybe even longer.

A virtual tour helps prospective students better visualize themselves actually living on campus. With a video tour, not only can you highlight special buildings and landmarks on your campus, but also, with the techniques of our educational videographer, you can share the college experience with your family and friends by showing them where you will live, eat, study and learn.

2. Student Testimonials:

When selecting which school to attend, students are looking for an experience that helps transform their lives in ways that will make them smarter and more successful. Essentially, students want to see that their large educational investment will be well worth it in the long-run.

Hearing from current or former students firsthand how great a school was and how it impacted their careers and lives is a very powerful marketing tool. When potential students hear others
genuinely share their stories and experiences at your institution and learn how your school helped them achieve their goals, they will feel particular emotions that will be sure to move them in the right direction when making their tough decision.

3. Staff Interviews

While perhaps not as essential as student testimonials, staff and professor interviews help students see who they will be learning from and if they will be a compatible match.

Also, a professional educational videographer will be able to professor testimonials in such a way that the school will seem loved by all, including people who call it their job, instead of home.

4. Community/Location

Since potential new students will be calling your campus their home, it’s very essential to promote the surrounding areas in your school’s promotional videos. What state/where is your school located? What part of town? Whether it’s in downtown Los Angeles, the heart of Chicago, or between the lakes of Wisconsin, the local surrounding community has a lot to offer.

Students looking for a college often don’t just look at where and how they will be learning and working; they also want to see where they will be living and playing. Therefore, it’s important to highlight things like historical landmarks, gorgeous buildings, entertaining restaurants, sports arenas, fun bars and any scenery that might attract students like beautiful trees, lakes or hills.

5. School Clubs, Athletics and Organizations

Another main thing students search for other than academics are clubs and organizations to join on campus. It’s important to showcase what your school has to offer other than learning in a classroom.

Emphasizing your school’s philanthropic efforts is a great marketing tool and way to show how your school is helping make an impact on the world. NonProfit Organizations, BigTen athletics teams and arenas, and any organization from ping pong to sign language club will be sure to attract a wide variety of interested potential students.

6. Press Releases

Promotional videos are not only great source of entertainment, but also can be very powerful sources for learning. An educational videographer can produce videos that encourage students to vote in a state election, that showcase the university’s dean of students reminiscing on her time at the college, or inform the world that your school now accepts 2 out of 3 in-state applicants.

Whatever it may be, videos shot by the best Chicago educational videographer can be the most effective way to share new information reaching a wide variety of audiences, like parents, students, faculty or alumni.


Video is the most powerful tool you can use to communicate to potential students to sell your school. This is due to the fact that video is able to express emotion better than any other medium. Since the majority of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on emotion, it makes sense that this is no different when it comes to students considering where to attend school or parents considering where to send their kids for the next four years. Our educational videographer has the skills and techniques needed to establish your school as a top institution through educational promo videos.

Here at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we offer specialized techniques and personalized strategies to ensure your school has a successful online presence by creating, producing and sharing a promotional video for your educational institution. Our educational videographer helps capture inspiring student endorsements, interactive shots of the surrounding community, and engaging images of the campus where potential students will foresee themselves attending the next four years of their lives.

Ultimately, it’s all about standing out among the hundreds of educational institutions as unique, exciting and informative. If you’re looking to create a promotional video for your school or institution, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the Educational Videographer you’re looking for.

For any further questions about how we can help bring your school and campus to life with the help of our highly-reviewed educational video production, please feel free to give our studio a call at 312-623-3456 or you may Contact Us Here.