Corporate awards are important for a number of reasons. It’s always beneficial to highlight the achievements and accomplishments of your organization whenever possible. Using a Chicago video company for awards is a great way to have high-quality footage to document and showcase the success of the business.



Why Use A Chicago Video Company For Awards?

At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we know how much hard work and dedication it takes to achieve awards, so we want to make sure that this is properly highlighted in your video footage.

Whether your company is receiving a business award from a third-party organization or distributing awards within the company, it’s always important to have great video footage.

Our team of experts is skilled in documenting and showcasing corporate awards in a complimentary and professional way that can be used as marketing and advertising content.

Benefits Of Corporate Awards

Winning awards as a company can definitely make your organization stand out. For a newer corporation, using a Chicago video company for awards will establish a sense of credibility and reputation.

For a more established company, our Chicago video company for awards will provide your marketing team with quality content that highlights your distinguished accomplishments as an organization.

  • Visibility – When your corporation uses our Chicago video company for awards, you immediately have high-quality marketing material that highlights the exceptional achievements of your company. Once this video content is posted and distributed, you will gain much more visibility as a reputable organization.
  • Employee Morale – Employees want to work for companies where they can actually make a difference. Awards give employees motivation to work hard, contribute more, and take pride in the organization that they are a part of.
  • Bottom Line – Understandably, winning awards as an organization can increase your bottom line because they make your achievements stand out, which is always beneficial to the company’s success as a business.

Different Kinds Awards That Can Use A Chicago Video Company For Awards

It’s important to note that there is an endless number of categories and kinds of awards that corporations can win or give out. The main distinction to be made is between awards that are given out to individuals from within an organization and awards that the company wins from third-party organizations.

In order to raise employee morale and dedication to the corporation, your company might be interested in distributing the following awards to be highlighted in a video:

  • Tenure Awards – Achieving a work anniversary shows an employee’s commitment to your company’s mission. Using a Chicago video company for awards is a great way to give this employee the recognition that they deserve to show how valuable they are to the organization.
  • Performance Awards – Performance awards highlight an individual employee’s exceptional achievements that stand out in the company. Highlighting their great performance by using our Chicago video company for awards can show the employee how much their hard work is appreciated by the corporation.
  • Behavior Awards – Rewarding certain behaviors in business are a great way to show what kind of conduct your organization prioritizes. If you showcase employees’ great behavior using a Chicago video company for awards, your corporation promotes the behaviors that it would like to see in the future.

Awards given to employees within an organization can do great things to increase employee morale. These company awards will make hardworking individuals feel important and motivated.

Another useful type of award that businesses can utilize is awards given out by credible third-party organizations. These awards are of the utmost importance because they establish a strong reputation in the industry, which will ultimately lead to more business and visibility.

The following list includes different categories of awards that a corporation can achieve that would be great to highlight in a video done by a Chicago video company for awards:

  • Service Awards – If your company offers a service, it is important to distinguish how your team stands out in serving its clients better than the rest. By winning a service award, your organization has tangible proof that your services produce the desired the results.
  • Industry Awards – No matter what industry your company might be in; your organization is always competing against others in the industry. A Chicago video company for awards will highlight how your corporation is decidedly better than the rest, which can make a significant impact on your reputation and bottom line.
  • Impact Awards – It’s always beneficial to make a significant impact as a corporation. When you win an impact award, it’s important to highlight it with remarkable footage from our Chicago video company for awards.

What Can You Do With Awards Videos?

Award videos can be extremely valuable for marketing and advertising purposes. A Chicago video company for awards will be able to capture the essence of a corporate event that features awards, so that the organization can use the content for any marketing purposes.

Once a Chicago video company for awards has created the ideal video content for the organization, it is important to distribute the video content into the right channels to make a more significant impact.

Listed below are some different places where you can highlight the incredible achievements of your company as shown in an award video:

  • Online – If your company just won or gave out an award, highlight it on your website’s homepage by featuring a video from a Chicago video company for awards. By having an awards video on the homepage, your company’s website will have new, relevant content that shows your distinguished achievements.
  • Direct Mail – Direct mail is an important communication tool for company stakeholders. Whether your organization wins an award from a third-party organization or gives out an award to an accomplished employee, the people who subscribe to your corporation via email will definitely want to know about it.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the social media site that was designed to help businesses and professionals connect with one another. Sharing videos on LinkedIn the perfect place to show off any company awards that you might receive, and it even facilitates sending congratulations.
  • Facebook – Facebook pages remain important for businesses to maintain and keep up-to-date. Posting videos from a Chicago video company for awards will help your organization stay relevant and active on social media.

The Best Chicago Video Company For Awards – Chicago Corporate Photography And Video

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has been helping corporations improve their branding and marketing with professional and high-quality videos for over 20 years. Our experts are equipped to capture the very best aspects of your important awards ceremony.

Winning awards requires hard work, dedication, and determination. Our Chicago video company for awards wants to make sure that this does not go to waste by allowing any and all company awards to endure in your corporation’s history forever through video.

Awards mean that your company or its employees have achieved greatness. Using our Chicago award video production company at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will properly match the incredible accomplishments that the organization deserves.

Feel free to reach out to our team of photography and videography experts if you are interested in using our Chicago award video production company for your next corporate event. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you, so please call 312-623-3456, or Contact Us Here!