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Video is everywhere and there’s a good reason for it. Video helps to draw in an audience and keep their attention. That being said, video for marketing is a great move. It helps your business to stand out and give your customers and clients something to remember. However, it is important that you don’t skimp when it comes to video marketing because quality is everything.  That is why you need to hire a Chicago video marketing company that has years of practical experience and an eye for detail.



Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a professional Chicago Video Marketing Company that has been in business for over 15 years!  When you need consistency, high quality professional video services, our company is one of the best and most widely known in Chicago!



In today’s digital environment, video marketing services are important for so many reasons!  Video is the fastest growing form of marketing today, as over 75% of all content viewed over the internet is video.

Our Chicago Video Marketing Company creates so many videos every day for a variety of companies, and companies and organizations now understand that they will be left behind if they’re not using high quality video marketing as one of their strategies to differentiate themselves from the competition.


Here are 5 reasons why video marketing captured by a professional Chicago video marketing company is so important in this day and age:

  1. Engagement – Video is one of the best formats to engage your audience and provide them with a real picture of what is happening. With video, people can see and hear what you are saying instead of just reading about it or listening to what’s going on.  On many platforms, especially with live video, your audience can react to what is being said as it is being said.


  1. Sharing – Video can be shared across multiple social media outlets, making it easy to market and re-purpose one video over multiple different platforms and channels. You can upload it to YouTube, then embed the video into your website, then share it on platforms such as Facebook and others.  Professional video captured by an experienced Chicago video marketing company is the gift that keeps on giving!


  1. Consumption – Video is very easy for people to consume and digest.  It’s much easier to watch something than to read it or even to listen to it.  People can learn about your company very quickly with professional videos created to highlight your company!


  1. ROI – Video marketing has a very high ROI for multiple different platforms. Once you create a good intro that can be used for multiple videos, creating the videos can become a seamless, easy process that will have a huge ROI for your company!


  1. SEO – SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, will be greatly increased by having high quality, professional videos on your YouTube Channel. This will result in significantly more website traffic.  Google owns YouTube, so they give a much higher SEO “weight” to sites that have embedded YouTube videos as a part of them vs ones that do not.



When it comes to marketing your company, professional, high quality video is the best way to go!  Do you want to know why?


Here are 5 statistics that show why video production by a video marketing company in Chicago will help grow your Chicago business:


  1. Informational – Over 90% of marketers say that professional videos help their customers learn more about their products and/or services. Video is one of the best ways to provide customers and prospective customers with a detailed look at your product or service quickly.


  1. SEO – Over 75% (and likely more) of internet traffic will be made up of videos by 2021. Both search engines and customers love watching videos, so businesses have to and are responding to that by increasing producing a lot of video content for their audience.


  1. Competition – Over 80% of companies are now using video as part of their overall marketing program. Short instructional videos can do wonders for explaining your products and services to your customers.  There’s almost no better way to stand out from the competition and personalize your company than with professional videos created by a Chicago video marketing company!


  1. Personalization – Live video will account for over 12% of traffic by 2021. There are so many platforms now to create live videos, including Facebook Live and Instagram stories.  They help with building trust on your brand and offering a live interaction with your audience.  Using them is now a must!


  1. Conversions – Over 85% of purchasers claim a video helps them decide on whether or not to buy. People want to see what they are purchasing before they go through the trouble of purchasing it.  They would rather watch a short video beforehand to see the product or service in action rather than risk that it does not meet their needs and have to return it.

There are countless other statistics and reasons why you should create professional video for your company and why you should use a professional video marketing company in Chicago to do it.  Increasing your brand presence, leads and conversions through high quality video is no longer optional in today’s digital age – it’s required to succeed!



With a professional video marketing company such as Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, the process is seamless.  We make it as easy as possible for you to create high quality videos that will effectively market your business and resonate with your customers and prospective customers.

When you contact us for professional video marketing services, we will work with you to establish your goals and then make a plan to meet and exceed them.

We can also help with content development and pre-production preparation so that everyone on your team will be informed as to how the process works and what you can expect from us as your Chicago video marketing partner.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is primarily a video production company with a backbone in marketing. With over 2 decades of experience in both fields, our Chicago video marketing agency brings your brand to life.

By combining creativity, an understanding of your target, and high production value, our Chicago video marketing company creates compelling videos. Engaging video content this strong will make you a major threat to competitors.

That is why you need to hire a Chicago video marketing company that has years of practical experience and an eye for detail. That video marketing company in Chicago is Chicago Corporate Photography & Video. We put our clients first in order to give them a Chicago video marketing tool that will help positively impact their business.

It’s no secret that people are exposed to a great deal of video content throughout their day. However, if this content is entertaining then people don’t mind. In fact, people really enjoy a well put together, quality video. In general, there are many advantages to using video for business. However, the aspect of business that is arguably most affected positively by video content would be the marketing sector.

Nowadays, people are no longer wanting to read a pamphlet on your company and what they do nor do they want to have a text-dense screen looking back at them if they are getting information on your company. In a fast-paced world your need a fast-paced marketing plan. The cornerstone of any great, modern marketing plan would have to be video marketing.

The one thing that, again, needs to be kept in mind though if you decide to use the highly advantageous tactic of video marketing is that quality needs to be high. Just think in your own experience when it comes to online videos. If you were scrolling through and had the choice between two videos on a topic and one video was high quality and crisp with elegant sound and the other looks like it was filmed with a cellphone, you probably wouldn’t be choosing the latter.

Now think about your own business and how it could be perceived by potential clients and customers if you were to have low quality video marketing content. Likely, your customers would associate the quality of your content with the quality of your company. That is why it is best to just hire a professional Chicago video marketing company.

When you do decide on utilizing video marketing and you also realize that it is best to hire a professional Chicago video marketing company, you may wonder what the next step is. How do you find quality video marketing companies in Chicago? Well luckily, you don’t have to look too far as Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is one of the best video marketing companies in Chicago.

Our team is extremely skilled and have years of experience under their belts so you can be rest assured that some amateur marketing videographer in Chicago isn’t wasting your time. Also, as a reliable Chicago video marketing company, you can be rest assured that your Chicago marketing video will not only be of the highest quality, but it will also be captured with the utmost professionalism.


So once you decide that it would be beneficial for your company to utilize video marketing, your next question may be, what should be filmed? That is an excellent question and one with a great deal of answers. As a business, there are probably many more opportunities for a professional Chicago video marketing company to shoot video for you than you may think.

Throughout the year, companies have different events, outings, charity outreaches, and more. All of these occasions are great times to call in a Chicago video marketing company to capture some amazing marketing video content for your business.

If you are planning a corporate event, then you had better plan on hiring a professional Chicago video marketing company as well. Corporate events are a great opportunity to market your business. Typically, corporate events are able to highlight the very best aspects of your company. If you want to be able to stand out to potential clients and customers, then utilizing marketing video content, captured by a professional Chicago video marketing company, is the way to go.

Giving your client base and those that could possibly be clients of yours a positive representation of your business through the use of professional video content is something that will truly separate you from your competition.

Another great source of content for video marketing is the everyday functioning of your office. To you and your employees, it may just be another day at the office, but for all of your potential clients and or customers, it is something that has the ability to be very interesting. By showing your clientele what a day at your company looks like you are not only able to answer some of the questions that they may have about how you do business, but they can also see a positive, safe, and productive work environment.

Things like this matter to customers and clients because they will not only think of your company in a positive light and have something to remember you by, but they will also feel more comfortable knowing that your business is run properly.

When you do decide to have professional video marketing content produced for your Chicago company, it is important that you go with the very best Chicago video marketing company. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is a trusted and reliable source for the very best video marketing in Chicago. Our team of exceptional marketing videographers and editors make the process not only smooth, but enjoyable.

We do not settle for any video content that is subpar and neither should you. When you choose Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, you are being wise and avoiding an amateur company that would probably end up costing you more in the long run.

There are many things that separate a top of the line Chicago video marketing company from the amateur companies in the area. For one, our team has been highly trained on capturing the best angles, moments, and more. An amateur marketing videographer may not have the practical experience needed to produce flawless video. Another main difference is the fact that here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we have the best equipment in the business.

A professional Chicago video marketing company can only be as good as the overall quality and crispness of their work: an added security that an amateur marketing video company in Chicago may not be able to provide.


With over 20 years of experience with professional marketing photography & videography, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video has made a name for itself as the best Chicago video marketing companies. We are centrally located in downtown Chicago which means we are able to conveniently fulfill all of your professional video marketing needs.


It’s no secret that in content marketing, the use of video is significantly on the rise. There are many reasons that businesses should include videos created by a Chicago video marketing company in their marketing.

To start, the main reason for such rapid growth in video marketing is due to its effectiveness in communicating messages. Even with so much information stuffed into one tiny message, consumers remember videos more effectively. Studies show that the human brain processes visuals much more quickly than text, increasing memory recall and recognition later on.

In addition, using videos created by a Chicago video marketing company in your content marketing will undoubtedly boost your SEO. This is because when Google’s algorithm assesses your web page, it doesn’t only take into account a specific keyword. Google also looks for any other media you may be able to offer the search engine’s users. A combination of images, text and videos help demonstrate to Google that the content on your page is credible.

Video also drives traffic to your website. If you use third-party social media platforms like Youtube to hold your videos, you can use them to drive traffic back to your original website. By sharing your videos on social platforms, you will boost the number of people viewing your brand’s message. At the same time, you’ll be earning more clicks, shares and links.


Including videos in your content marketing will improve your conversions and sales. Video marketing attracts consumer attention and capturing attention is the key for conversion rates. A case study that studied if using video lifts landing page conversion rates found that adding a video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%. Also, product videos can increase conversion rates. Studies show that shoppers are nearly 64-85% more likely to purchase an item after viewing product videos. This proves the power of including videos in your marketing strategy.

Plus, videos produced by a Chicago video marketing company can help explain things to viewers. Are you releasing a new product that’s difficult to figure out how to use? Are you launching a new service that needs to be demonstrated? Creating videos that show how products and services work will help increase customer trust and loyalty.

Perhaps most important is the power of video to evoke emotions. Although you might not immediately feel the need to go and buy a product on the spot from an emotionally-provoking video, the message will more effectively be retained in your subconscious for later on. Therefore, when a certain emotion arises later, you will recall the advertisement video you saw a few hours prior. For this reason, evoking emotions has become a powerful tool used in marketing to influence consumer decision-making.


There are many reasons to work with a professional Chicago video marketing agency like Chicago Corporate Photography and Video.

First of all, hiring a Chicago video marketing agency to create original content for your brand is one of the smartest investments you can make for your business. This is because a professional Chicago video marketing company like ours will produce content that aligns with your company’s culture. Even more, video marketing videographers are experienced so they know how to help focus on your goals throughout the process. They also know when, where and how to deliver the correct message to the right target market.

In addition, a Chicago video marketing company like Chicago Corporate Photography and Video works to create a product that’s exactly what you need. More importantly, we do so by keeping costs within your budget. Even if money is a bit tight and resources are scarce, the most dependable and highly-reviewed firms help you develop videos that are of much higher quality than you would’ve ever been able to produce alone.

Instead of having to purchase costly equipment, a professional video marketing company in Chicago can work with you throughout the entire video production process. From developing the original concept to producing a clean, professional final product, we’ve got you covered. A professional Chicago video marketing company like ours already has the resources to make sure the entire process runs efficiently.

Also, professional video marketing production companies know how to create unique videos that elicit true emotional responses from viewers. Effective storytelling, by combining words and images, can easily spread across all social networks, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you’re having difficulty increasing brand recognition, engagement and conversions from your target market, invest in high-quality video content from a Chicago video marketing agency. By sharing them on your website and social platforms, you’ll boost excitement for your brand while increasing likes, shares and reach.


We are a Chicago video marketing production company that specializes in creating corporate, promotional, event, product, training and other videos for businesses. Our talented videographers work diligently beside you as your project moves from concept to completion. We offer multiple services and styles of video for hundreds of industries and brands.

Some of the branded video marketing services our Chicago video marketing agency offers businesses are:

  • Script writing
  • Storyline/Photoboard Draft
  • Copywriting and Editing Services
  • Concept Creation
  • Original Content Development
  • On-Location Shoots
  • Staff Casting
  • Social Media Marketing Videos
  • Post Production Distribution Strategies

As a full service Chicago video marketing agency, we have created thousands of videos for plenty of various industries. Each video we produce has a goal and purpose that our Chicago video marketing company keeps in mind every step of editing and production.

For instance, we’ve created videos like customer testimonials, interviews, product launch videos, training videos, company culture videos, videos for email marketing and social media campaigns to boost brand awareness.

We’ve also constructed product explainer videos, demonstration videos, and team bios to increase conversion rates. With how-to videos, thank-yous, and promotional videos or special offers, we can keep customers engaged with your brand while giving something extra to your most valued customers.

Lastly, we’ve produced event highlight videos, trade-show videos, live-streaming and webinar videos of conventions, galas, auctions, speakers and more to promote corporate events.


At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, our main goal is to help attract attention to your company and its messages. Personalized, thrilling and entertaining videos produced by a leading Chicago video marketing company can introduce your brand, provide a call to action and boost traffic to your business, product or service. We work closely alongside clients to fully understand your brand in order to help you develop content that supports your goals while also engaging your target and boosting your reach.

We also offer editing services to ensure that the final product is of the best possible quality and clarity. If you have any questions about Chicago video marketing or if you would like to utilize Chicago Corporate Photography & Video as your go-to Chicago video marketing company, feel free to contact us. Give us a call at 312-623-3456 or send us an email at