Chicago Videographer for Explainer/ Instructional Videos

Arguably, the most efficient way to either get across the message of your company or organization is through the use of video content. Compared to text, video is much more entertaining and can get across more information in a shorter period of time. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is the best Chicago videographer for explainer videos and instructional videos. We have the expertise and the experience in order to capture exactly what will represent your company or organization in the most accurate and positive light.



It is no secret that video content is very popular. Just searching something on Google, you are likely to see at least one search result being some sort of video on the first page. Keeping that in mind, using video for business is not only effective, but it is cost efficient as well. There are seemingly countless benefits to using video content in a business or organizational setting. Not only is video more entertaining to your intended audience, it saves them time as well which is a win-win. If the consumer is entertained and at the same time getting the message of your company or an explanation of one of your products explained to them, then both parties benefit. However, it is important to remember that the quality of you content is very important as well so it is wise to not rely on an amateur Chicago videographer for explainer videos and instructional videos.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video knows full well all of the advantages of utilizing explainer videos and instructional videos. We have years of experience in creating professional explainer and instructional videos for companies in all sorts of industries. This means that we are very focused on meeting the needs of multiple businesses in order to refine our skill even more. The portfolio here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is very strong and consists of a large amount of explainer and instructional videos. We would love to add your company’s or organization’s video project to our ever-expanding portfolio. It would also be great to be able to offer your unique company the eye for detail and service that it deserves. We want to communicate to make sure that your vision is exceeded.


Your company or organization has a message that you stand by. This message is unique to your company and it should have proper representation and visibility. Therefore, your company’s message should be accessible to those that are interested in a format that is not only entertaining, but one that is also good at getting information across in a way that is retained well. Explainer videos are the way to go when it comes to achieving this. An explainer video is a clip that tells what the values and intentions of your company are. These are particularly effective when used on your website or on social media outlets. Explainer videos do not have to be very long, but they do have to be high quality and easy to follow. Think of them as a video summary: you want it to be informative, but if it’s boring then no one will care to watch it anyway.

When you decide to make an explainer video for your company, be sure to invest in a professional Chicago videographer for explainer videos. A professional videographer for explainer videos is able to use the best equipment and an eye for detail that you simply won’t find in an amateur videographer. It is also key to note that quality is very important to consumers as they no longer have to settle for subpar content. If someone were to run into subpar content then they would simply just move along and find the quality they desire elsewhere. You don’t want people to move on from low quality content on your website or social media to higher quality content on your competitor’s website or social media platforms. Trust your company with one of the best Chicago videographers for explainer videos. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is one of these companies that has earned the title of one of the best.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video values your individual company and will not treat you in a cookie cutter way because we realize each business is unique. We have strived to give our clients explainer videos that they will be proud to display wherever they can. Our work is not amateur as our team is highly trained and will communicate with you to get the very best content. When you rely on an amateur Chicago videographer for explainer videos then you risk the reputation of your company because people will associate poor quality video content with your business as a whole.


As it has been stated previously, video content is huge. It is also one of the best ways to get across information with high retention. Therefore, video is a great idea when you want to give instructions or explain how something works. Instructional videos provide the opportunity for a visual explanation and a more in-depth experience versus having to read instructions. Whether you need instructional videos to help explain certain aspects of a job or you need instructional videos to show how a product is properly used, you will not regret investing to make high quality instructional videos with the help of a Chicago videographer for instructional videos.

Not having a professional Chicago videographer for instructional videos create and do the post production for your instructional video needs is a huge mistake. The more experience a company has the better the instructional video that they are able to produce. That’s why it’s never a good idea to use an amateur instructional video production company in Chicago, or anywhere for that matter. If an amateur is not able to produce the quality that you deserve, then you wasted money on something that will not help your business. On the other hand, had you just invested a little more money into a professional, you would be very happy with your instructional video.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is the Chicago videographer for instructional videos that your business needs. We do not settle for anything but the best and we realize how important instructional videos are to you. Our team acts with the utmost professionalism in order to give you an experience that is free of stress and worry. We want you to be able to trust us to make your instructional video dreams happen in a cost effective way. Therefore, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video should be contacted for all of your instructional video needs.


Well over 15 years of experience helps to give us an advantage in the videography industry as we have seen and done it all in terms of video. Our headquarters is located centrally in downtown Chicago so we can travel to fulfill your instructional and explainer video production needs. We even offer editing services to ensure that your video content is the best that it can be. If you have questions about explainer or instructional videos or you want to hire a professional videographer for explainer videos and instructional videos feel free to call us at 312-623-3456 or email us at!