Chicago Videographer for Advertising Agencies

In today’s modern age, videos are a must-have for advertisers, consumers, advertising networks, and social media platforms. It makes sense. In today’s busy world of constant distractions in media and online, videos are what catches people’s attention the most.  Advertising Agencies know this, which is why when they make videos for their agencies or their clients, they make sure they always use a professional Chicago Videographer for Advertising Agencies!


Why Create Videos Using a Professional Chicago Videographer for Advertising Agencies?

In today’s digital world, why would someone settle for reading text or looking at a photo when they could watch a video? Video ads help businesses of all kinds reach their targeted audience, build awareness, and tell their unique stories.

Creating and distributing video advertisements using high quality video captured by a Chicago Videographer for Advertising Agencies is very manageable with today’s technology. Although creating amateur videos is easy, it is well worth the expense to go with a professional.

Your customers and prospective customers will easily be able to tell the difference between a video captured by a cell phone or other common device versus a professional, high quality video captured by Chicago videographer.  Advertising Agencies have a reputation to uphold, so the video your agency creates needs to be created by a professional.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use a Chicago Videographer for Advertising Agencies when you create your next video for your agency of your clients:

  1. Quality – Don’t disappoint your audience or your clients by producing a video that is anything other than top quality. Consumers won’t have the patience for viewing an amateur video.  Your clients won’t be pleased either unless their brand is represented by top quality video.  Don’t disappoint them.  Go with a professional that does video day in and day out!
  2. Consistency – When you find an excellent Chicago Videographer for Advertising Agencies and stick with them for all of your professional videos and those of your clients, you know the quality will consistently be top notch and you won’t be disappointed or have any “surprises.”
  3. Reliability – When you choose a Chicago Videographer for Ad Agencies such as Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, you’re choosing to go with a very reliable company that delivers well every time. Quality, consistency and reliability are so important when you’re capturing professional video, so pick a great company like Chicago Corporate Photography and Video and you know you’ll get an experienced, professional team with high quality video production every time!

Following are some tips to make your ad campaign a success when using videos.

How to Create Effective Video Advertising Campaigns – From a Professional Chicago Videographer for Advertising Agencies

Keep your videos short and to the point. Remember, these are ads, not movies. These days lots of people don’t have the time or the attention span to read large amounts of text. People also don’t want to sit and watch long videos either.

People have varying ideas about what constitutes a long video when it comes to marketing. Studies have shown that videos get the most engagement when they are around 1 or 2 minutes long. So it is important to catch your audience’s interest and get directly to the point of your message while you still have their attention.

Another aspect to consider is how you use humor in your video ads. Making funny videos works for some industries and not for others. So it is essential to know your audience and keep them in mind when producing videos.

If your products and your market are very formal and conservative, it probably doesn’t make sense to make a video filled with jokes and gags. There is nothing wrong with serious videos that are direct and to the point.

You can always keep things casual and lighthearted. However don’t try too hard to be funny or your audience will pick up that fact, and your video ad campaign could backfire and result in negative attention.

Video Production Company for Chicago Ad Agencies – Keep It Simple!

Keep your videos simple. Using lots of industry terminology and advanced language will cause a lot of viewers to click away from your video ad and lose interest. Talk to people calmly and casually. Focus on capturing the audience’s attention by being honest and transparent.

Consider that some social media advertising platforms don’t even play audio on their video ads in specific contexts. So you should ensure you’re not just talking about your product or service in your ads. You want to get your message across visually with catchy text and catchy colors too, especially at the beginning of the video ad.

Use the beginning of the video to grab the audience’s attention. Studies have shown that you will lose a lot of viewers in about 20 seconds. So no matter how engaging you think your video might be, a lot of your viewers are only going to watch around 20 seconds.

What this means is that you should include your most important messages at the beginning of your videos for maximum exposure. Also, you should ensure your videos include a call to action towards the end. Consider the next steps you want your audience to take after viewing your video and focus on making your audience want to take these steps with your guidance.

Know Your Goals

No matter how you approach the creation and distribution of video ads, your primary goal is to get the audience to want to use your service or product. Don’t just talk to people.

Don’t just have actors playing out scenes. Show your product and service in action. Show how your product or service can help people. Video ads can work on several different social media platforms like YouTube, AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram.

Do you have questions or want to learn more about professional, high quality videos from a Professional Chicago Videographer for Advertising Agencies?  We’re here to help!

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