Commercial Video Production

No matter where you go it is likely that you will see some sort of advertisement. Advertisements come in all shapes and forms. However, one of the best types of ads would have to be the commercial. The commercial has the power to use video content to help grab the attention of the viewer and help to get the company name and or product name in the head of whoever is watching it. Your business could greatly benefit from the utilization of commercial video production in helping to get the word out about your company.


Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is your go-to for all of your commercial videography needs in Chicago. No matter what you are advertising, be it your business in general or a specific product or service, we have your back. Be sure to go with the experts at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video today.

On nearly every platform that a person could search either on the internet, in print, on the TV, or even just walking around their neighborhood, they will stumble upon an advertisement. Arguably, however, the most effective means of advertising your business or organization would be through commercial video production.

Having a commercial for your company could reach across a bunch of different platforms be it on the TV or on social media. Without ads, it would be likely that no one would hear about your company on a large scale. It is becoming more and more common for people to just perform a Google search to find businesses rather than asking around or referring to print ads.

Video commercials are probably the best bet for getting across the message of your company to a wide range of people simply because people tend to prefer video content rather than print. Just think about your own experience. It’s hard to get a good grasp on a product or company un general simply through the reading of an ad. However, it is easier to get a general feel for someone or a more clear idea of a product through a visual representation via a commercial.

In fact, commercials can be so entertaining and informative that people will actually make video compilations of them just for sheer enjoyment. This is especially common when it comes to big name commercials that are featured during the Super Bowl or other large events. Don’t let your company be removed from the great exposure that commercials can garner. Be sure to hire a professional commercial video production company in.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is one of the best commercial video production companies that exists in all of the Chicagoland area. We have an expert team with years of experience and a broad knowledge in advertisements.

The eye for detail that is found at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is hard to compare to as we not only look at things for the artistic value that they hold, but we also produce commercial video content based on practical insights regarding efficient advertising. Our editing services also come in handy in this area to ensure the correct message is delivered to potential customers and clients with, of course, the utmost in quality and care.


As mentioned previously, people are exposed to a great deal of ads. However, the ones that are effective are the ones that are crisp and high quality. When it comes to commercial video production in Chicago, or anywhere for that matter, you have to be sure that you remember quality is king. You could have a great idea for a commercial, but if it is executed poorly then it will flop and likely lead to a negative perception of your business as a whole.

Consumers can be very picky with advertisements. That being said, people will have a part-whole mentality when it comes to content that your company puts out. If you release an amateur commercial, then they will probably think of your company in the same light. Professional commercial video production is therefore a must have.

Unlike a professional commercial video production company, amateur commercial videographers will not have the practical experience that is necessary for the highest quality content. Without years in the business and a portfolio of quality content to back up a claim of professional commercial videography, an amateur commercial videographer would not be able to compare to the likes of a professional.

Also, another area that an amateur commercial videographer would not be able to compare to a professional commercial video production company would be in equipment. More times than not, an amateur does not have access to the highest quality equipment and even if they do they do not have the back-up equipment that a professional has.

Unlike all of the amateur commercial video production companies that exist in Chicago, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video has not only the best equipment in ample supply, but also years of experience and knowledge in practically all aspects of commercial video production. Our team has contributed to the overwhelmingly positive reputation of Chicago Corporate Photography & Video.

Our reviews speak for themselves: we make sure that very client we have is more than happy with the work that we do for them. We do not take our job lightly. Commercial video production, along with professional photography, is more than just a career to us here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video: it’s a passion and a lifestyle.

No matter the client, we want to make sure that their commercial video production experience is better than they ever could have imagined. If you put your faith in us to produce high quality commercial video content, you will not be disappointed. We would look forward to being able to add you to our long list of satisfied clients.


For a unique experience that is filled with enjoyment and great satisfaction with the finished product is just part of what you can expect when you work with Chicago Corporate Photography & Video for professional commercial video production. We help to take your vision of representing your company in a commercial from just a simple idea to a great work of art that you will be proud of showing off to represent your company.

Again, we even offer editing services to help further polish your commercial video production project. A great commercial produced by Chicago Corporate Photography & Video holds the potential of offering great positive representation which could lead to an increase in business and interest in your company as a whole.

We have had over 20 years of experience and all of our commercial videographers are highly skilled and trained. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video’s headquarters is conveniently located in downtown Chicago, close to the Loop, so we are able to easily meet all of your commercial video production needs all over the city.

If you have any questions regarding commercial video production, our commercial video production possibilities, or if you want to hire us to create a high quality commercial for your business or organization, feel free to contact us. You can give us a call at 312-623-3456 or send us an email at