Chicago Conference Video Production Company

Whether it’s a press conference, symposium, seminar, or conference for your association, business or organization, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, Chicago’s best conference video production company, has got you covered. Our high skilled videographers shoot footage nationwide to produce your corporate conference video for clients.  



With over 20 years of experience, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s conference video production company has the tools and techniques needed to till all of your conference videography needs, exceeding expectations with precision and high professionalism. If you have a business conference, corporate or live event coming up, it’s vital to have our professional Chicago conference videographer on site. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video produces engaging content for corporations, small and large companies, and local businesses.

Our highly respected team of trusted videographers capture your conference or event in such a way that presents your company, organization or association with utmost professionalism. From single camera quiet coverage to a multi-camera live video webcast, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will solve your live event video production needs.


At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, our reliable Chicago conference videographers are proficient at quietly blending into the background while filming, since we are aware of the need for your audience to pay attention to what it is you’re saying, promoting, or announcing. We provide support for your live event from beginning to end.

We start our video production process by specifically meeting with clients to learn about when and where the conference will take place and for what. Whether you’re looking for a live webcast of your conference or a produced video to share afterward, knowing the minute details will aid us in creating a reasonable cost estimate.

Following, we work straight with your conference venue to discuss specifics surrounding the location’s requirements for insurance purposes, parking details and more. We know just what to ask to make sure we avoid any potential issues. Our conference video production company makes sure to arrive early to set up so that we have plenty of time to film every detail of your conference, so you don’t have to worry about where your cameramen are but rather be able to focus on welcoming guests.

Not only is it important to have all the information surrounding your conference venue but it’s also vital to have an in-depth outline of your live event. By knowing what is going to happen and when, our conference videographers are able to stay one step ahead. We can work with you to help build a successful and rewarding event.

Once the day comes, our team arrives at the venue and begins setting up our equipment. We’ve learned to bring multiple backups for our video and AV technologies, just in case something were to occur. After setup, we comprehensively test and practice using our cameras, speakers, etc., as a result, to make sure we have the best lighting, sound, and visuals possible.

Once your conference starts, our advanced conference video production company team provide above and beyond recording and producing services for your conference or live event. After the conference is over, our services don’t stop. We provide post production videos of your conference or corporate event. From featured presenters to keynote speakers to guest interviews, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video captures it all to make the most out of your conference video.


  • A video of your conference’s highlights will be able to give people who couldn’t attend an overview of what they missed
  • Conference Video Production is a great way to market your conference for next year, if the event is an annual thing
  • A professional video of your corporate event or conference will reflect well for your company
  • Conferences can take a long time to plan, so it’s important that you make your event as memorable as possible by capturing it on film
  • An experienced conference video production company has the essential sound and lighting equipment, as well as technological knowledge to determine and provide the best lighting, audio and video possible


At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we provide a wide range of video production services for all sorts of conferences, seminars, symposiums, corporate events, or live meetings. With our talented and skilled videographers, we use unique filming techniques, including various camera movements and positions, as well as specific lighting considerations, to capture the crucial moments and key details of your event. With professional conference video production services, you can easily expand the impact of your event by reaching a wider audience, further building your brand.

Our conference video production company will document your conference in its entirety and produce a video of the event with the highest quality possible. We offer a range of conference video production services, including everything from single camera coverage of corporate meetings to full conference post production services. Our conference video production services are scalable to fit clients’ needs.

Below are some of the services our conference video production company can provide for your conference, meeting or live event:

  • Extensive pre-production, production and post production support
  • Audio and Lighting Design
  • AV Support
  • Attendee Interviews and Testimonials
  • Single or Multi-Camera Videography
  • Conference Location Scouting, Working Directly with A/V Personnel
  • Full Conference, Life Event, and Keynote Speakers Coverage
  • Web Videos
  • Event Highlights and Recap Videos
  • Video Press Releases
  • Conference Promo Videos for Marketing and Social Media
  • Conference Video Editing, Adding Company Logo and Important Speaker Title
  • Web Ready Formats of Final Conference Videos


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has been capturing and producing professional videos of conferences for over 20 years. Our conference videographers can be wherever you need them to be and they will not only make sure you look and sound your best when they begin rolling cameras but also make sure not to intrude with any normal affairs of your location.

Our videographers have provided conference video production services for clients from all over the country. Since we are so used to traveling and bringing excellent video production services to others around the globe, we make sure that our equipment is highly portable and easy to schlep. Our professional camera crews haul state of the art technologies and equipment to provide the essential services for a high quality and successful production anywhere you need.

At our conference video production company, we’ve learned the importance of assessing the lighting conditions in venues prior to the event to help us determine which lighting and camera equipment we need to bring. Our team owns a number of special lenses that will allow us to be flexible when choosing the right cameras and positioning on the day of your conference. As well, to ensure quality audio for your conference video, we provide highly developed sound equipment, including professional microphones and wireless speaker systems.

Having years of experience producing tons of videos of conferences and meetings, we are trained and used to editing video footage from live events. That being said, we provide a quick turnaround on your conference video production. Even more, our conference video production company is highly proficient in color grading and video editing to make your video’s imagery look distinct and clear.


To conclude, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s leading conference video production company. We have experts in every part of video production, from editing to embedding final videos into web-ready formatting and everything in between. Our professional conference video production company can capture your conference on location without disruption and with the utmost professionalism.

With competitive prices and years of experience, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the go-to for your conference video production needs. Overall, exceeding client expectations and delivering advanced videos of your conference, hiring the best conference video production company in Chicago is well-worth the investment.

Are you looking for a professional conference video production company to highlight your live event? Please feel free to give us a call today at 312-623-3456 or send us an email at for a free consultation and we will be happy to assist in any way we can!