Convention Videos

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s best convention video production company. With over 20 years of professional experience, our team produces impactful and memorable videos for your corporate conventions, live conferences, trade shows and special events.



Your convention will live on far beyond its end date with expertly-produced convention videos from Chicago Corporate Photography and Video. Undoubtedly, your convention is the culmination of a great amount of time and work, and your video should be representative of that. Our videos are skillfully captured and artfully produced so that your convention or event can be appreciated for years to come.


It’s impossible for someone to fully appreciate every facet of a large event: often, there is too much to experience and too little time. A high quality video of your convention may be exactly what former and prospective attendees need in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your convention. We feel that viewers of your convention videos should feel equally as illuminated and invigorated as attendees of your actual conventions. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s production team and Chicago videographers have the experience and expertise needed to do just that. Our videos are produced professionally, and create long-lasting impressions on viewers.

Professional videography, especially of the numerous conventions held here in the great city of Chicago, will make the viewers feel that they were at your convention even if they were not. They will get to see the convention as a whole, your booth if you are an exhibitor, and will result in increased interest and global visibility of both your brand and of the convention itself.


Our professional videographers in Chicago and our entire production team are Chicago locals. As such, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is no stranger to the Chicagoland area’s numerous convention halls, conference centers and event spaces. This local familiarity paired with our central location in downtown Chicago allows for us to promptly and efficiently work at any venue in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs.


Video Production in Chicago for really any event is an excellent marketing tool that will serve your company well for years to come. Quality videos for your company or special event can be used on company websites, blogs, newsletters and marketing materials. For event video production, the videos can be used on the event’s website to attract significantly more attendees at later events. You or your company likely spent a good amount of money on the preparation for the event and time for attendance, so wouldn’t you want high quality video to document the event for marketing purposes? They say if a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1 million words.

Videography is a very powerful marketing tool. It’s really amazing that so many companies don’t have video on their websites, newsletters and other marketing materials. Video captured by a professional video production company in Chicago can add value in that it is one of the best ways to tell the story of your brand. Nothing shows people what your company or convention is truly about better than professional video taken by a professional videographer. Not to mention, the search engine optimization (SEO) value is enormous, especially because of the fact that many other companies do not have video. In addition, Google owns You Tube, so a huge amount of weight is placed on companies that not only shoot video but also use You Tube as the platform to upload their videos on.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has been producing high quality convention and corporate videos and numerous other videos for over 20 years. We are one of Chicago’s best video production companies. There is both an art and a science in producing interesting, compelling and marketable videos, and we possess both the knowledge and experience to do the job and do it very well.

Our team has the best equipment for video production in the Chicago area, and our staff is extremely professional and friendly. We have mastered the best way to take video of corporate events, conventions, trade shows, company meetings, and many other events in Chicago that require high quality video production.

Below are just some of the convention video production services we provide in the Chicago area:

  • Convention or Meeting Recording and Editing
  • Video for Marketing Materials including office video, interviews, demos, and live streaming for events
  • Keynote Speaker Videos
  • Multi Stage Event Video
  • Trade Show Marketing Videos
  • Marketing Videos for the Trade Show Organizers
  • Time Lapse Video
  • Full Service Video Editing

Our video production team here at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video also has numerous photographers we can send to accompany our video production team to your shoot if needed. Do you have questions about video production in Chicago? We’ll be happy to help! Please Contact Us Here or feel free to give our studio a call at 312-623-3456.