Chicago Hotel Video Production

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is able to provide high quality, professional hotel video production that will showcase you hotel and all its uniqueness. We can help capture the best parts of your Chicago hotel that will make guests want to say at your hotel. The value that hotel video production can bring to your hotel has to be seen for yourself.



Video is becoming an essential tool for businesses, especially hotels. Guests want to be able to know what kind of environment that your Chicago hotel has to offer. That being said, hotel video production is greatly beneficial to your hotel in Chicago by making you stand out from the competition.

Having professional hotel video present on your hotel’s website helps to entice potential guests. In a large city like Chicago, there is seemingly endless competition in the hotel industry. This is why it is so important to utilize tactics that really attract guests and pique their interest in your hotel. A professional hotel video is an effective way to be more memorable as well, as information via video is easier to retain than information that is present in text format.


Video for any industry has a long list of advantages, and the hotel industry in Chicago is no exception. Professional hotel video that is implemented well can provide an edge to your Chicago hotel. Also, given not every hotel will invest in professional hotel video production, created by a hotel videographer, you will show potential guests that you go the extra mile for them.

A few of the many benefits that Chicago hotel video production offers are; the ability to show your hotel’s personality, allows for the ability to share over social media, and provides a boost to your hotel website’s SEO.

When someone is searching for a hotel to stay at, they want to have an idea of the amenities and environment. This can be accomplished through professional Chicago hotel video production. Guests can see your employees happy at work and other guests enjoying their stay when they watch a video of your hotel.

For example, it’s one thing to talk about the amazing views, pool, or restaurant on your hotel, but it’s another level of engagement to be able to show them in use. A potential hotel guest that sees these videos on your website or elsewhere can have a better idea of what your hotel is all about. This is accomplished through the use of hotel video production for your Chicago hotel.

Another example of one of the many advantages of hotel video production would be the ability for hotel videos to be shared on social media. Nearly 70% of American adults use some form of social media. Video is also a hallmark of social media for it’s possibility to go viral. Being able to have a beautiful, high quality hotel video for your Chicago hotel means you can expand effectively into the world of social media.

If a former guest or even someone that has never stayed at your hotel, but appreciates your professional hotel video production and shares a video of yours on social media, then you have just expanded the audience of people exposed to your business. A professional hotel video production company can help fulfill all of your hotel video needs so that you can be primed to succeed on social media.

The last of many advantages of hotel video production that will be discussed is the boost to SEO it provides. If you are unfamiliar, SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization which is the process of utilizing keywords and other means to get your website to show up higher in Google search results when phrases related to your business are searched.

Making sure you have solid SEO practices in place is very important, especially for hotels because many out of town guests will just perform a Google search to find somewhere to stay in Chicago. Hotel video, when titled properly, can help to get your website ranked higher in search engine results.

Upon hearing about just a few of the many reasons why professional hotel video production is so vital for your hotel, you may be wondering where to start. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is your one stop shop for all of your hotel video production needs.

Our team is very experienced and we help capture all of the things that make your hotel unique. Having the uniqueness of your hotel on display on your website, social media accounts, or wherever else is easily accomplished through hotel video production in Chicago.


By now, you probably realize how valuable hotel video production can be for your business. However, you may be tempted to avoid hiring a professional hotel videographer. This would be a big mistake for your hotel, as quality is king. Typically, the content on the Internet that is highly popular and goes viral is very high quality.

Consumers nowadays are very displeased with low quality content. This negative outlook to low quality content is one of the main reasons why it is so essential to hire a professional hotel video production company in Chicago, rather than relying on an amateur.

A professional hotel video production company in Chicago offers significant benefits, and is able to use the best equipment and artistry to set your hotel apart from the rest. Investing in a hotel videographer from an established video production company is not something that you will regret.

In fact, high quality video for your hotel will indicate to potential guests a sense of class and crispness. It will also show your hotel in the way that it deserves to be displayed. Showing your hotel in a cheap way may indicate to people that your hotel is also cheap, and not in a good way. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video can offer the high quality hotel video services that you are searching for.


Trying to find a hotel video company that suits the needs of your specific hotel can be quite challenging, especially in a city like Chicago. Although there is an abundance of video production companies in Chicago, that doesn’t mean they have the experience in hotel videography.

A videography company in Chicago that is very well-versed in the proper capturing of hotels is Chicago Corporate Photography & Video. Years of experience have made us one of the best Chicago hotel video companies. We strive to make people want to stay at your hotel by utilizing our carefully crafted hotel video techniques to increase interest.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is conveniently located in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago. We offer not only hotel video services, but also video editing services to ensure the best of the best is displayed.

Don’t trust just any video company, here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video we operate with the utmost professionalism at an affordable price. If you have any questions about Chicago hotel video production or want to get a quote, feel free to call us at 312-623-3456 or send us an email at!