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From recording to editing, the videography team at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is accomplished in all stages of video production. More specifically, our expertise and experience with keynote speaker videos undoubtedly affords us the title of the best keynote speaker video production company in Chicago.



Often, a keynote address is an event’s most significant and impactful occasion. The value of such speeches is hard to understate: their purpose is to summarize, inspire and captivate. With this in mind, the importance of keynote speeches is clear. As such, a professionally recorded and edited video of these such speeches is necessary to properly document speeches of special consequence.

When it comes to keynote speaker video production, the concept of “proper documentation” should be made clear. Yes: it’s true that these days anyone with a phone can take a video of a speech, but these kinds of videos—amateur videos included—are unable to capture keynote speeches in an appropriate manner. Poor documentation of a noteworthy speech or presentation is a misfortune which can easily be avoided with the utilization of professional speech videography.

Professional keynote speaker video producers have everything necessary to expertly capture your event’s important speeches and presentations. Our videography team utilizes a variety of professional-grade video cameras, lenses, recording devices, general equipment ,and video editing software to produce videos of the highest possible quality. Granted, this quality equipment can only produce amazing videos when it is in the hands of experts: that’s where our videography team comes in.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s videographers have been recording keynote addresses and event speeches for years and we learn a bit more with every job. With so much professional experience, there is no question that our video producers are experts in every aspect of keynote speaker video production. This kind of expertise, professionalism and experience paired with top-of-the-line video equipment provides Chicago Corporate Photography and Video with the ability to create unrivaled event videos from start to finish.


An event that has a keynote speaker is a very important and informative event for your company or organization. By using the best video production Chicago has to offer, you can forever hold on to the impactful words of your keynote speaker. A professional videographer for events, such as a keynote speaker event, is able to find the best angles to truly embody the atmosphere and emotion of the setting. A professional videographer for company events or organizational events should have an eye for detail and be determined to do what it takes to get the best keynote speaker video content.

When recording a keynote address or a related speech, there are a great deal of things for a videographer to be mindful of. One good example is timing. The sort of speeches that require professional videographers are often made at events with a lot of moving parts. This means that videographers must be heads-up, punctual and observant. After all, speeches are only made once, so the speech must be recorded properly on the first try. Professional speech videographers should be very familiar with the schedule of an event to ensure that they hit their mark.

Additionally, a professional videographer should be familiar with things like stage lighting and audio systems. A good way to know that you’re dealing with an experienced videographer is to see whether they ask about these sorts of things. After all, it is difficult to effectively film a speaker if they are under lighting conditions which the videographer didn’t suspect. As for audio, it is common for videographers to record speech audio through an event’s audio or PA system, so videographers should be familiar with this aspect of an event before shooting begins.


A keynote speaker event is a wonderful occasion to learn and listen from an expert in your field or maybe someone with a strong, impactful message. It is vital that this keynote speaker is not forgotten; rather, they need to be properly documented so their message and knowledge can stay relevant to your company or organization.

This documentation is most effectively found in the medium of keynote speaker video production. A professional videographer for events such as a keynote speaker event will provide great value to your company through the high quality keynote speaker video they can capture.

A videographer for company events can be a great way to showcase all the hard work and effort that went into making your keynote speaker event a reality. High quality equipment used by a professional videographer for events allows your event to be captured so it’s positive impact to your company can be remembered. Using professional keynote speaker videography also allows for a useful marketing tool. As you are probably aware, video content is on the rise and it would be wise to start implementing business video content for your company.

After deciding to hire the services of professional videographers to record a keynote speaker, one should consider their intended usage for the video. Most speech videos are full-length, and feature occasional shots of the audience in addition to shots of the speaker. These videos have a variety of purposes ranging from archival to promotional. Another video which clients often request is an edited down video of the speech. These videos are typically short and feature only the essential talking points. Such videos are used to accompany event summaries and are also shared on social media.

Having a specific video type in mind before the day of a speech or keynote presentation benefits all parties involved. Communicating a video’s intended usage keeps costs down because the videographers are able to focus solely what is necessary to produce the final video. Additionally, this sort of communication allows videographers to capture the most appropriate video and audio for the final cut: contributing to an all-around better keynote speaker video.

Whether you want a full length video or a short keynote speaker highlight video, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is able to meet your needs. No matter what idea you have in mind for your keynote speaker’s speech in terms of video, a professional videographer for company events at Chicago Corporate can help you capture the very best.

At Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we make it our top priority to show respect and professionalism at keynote speaker events. Videography for keynote speaker events is something that comes with a fair amount of challenges. Luckily for your company, you don’t have to worry about our team, as we are highly experienced with all sorts of company and organization events.

This means we are punctual and are sure to get the very best angles of your keynote speaker during his or her speech. Out of all of the companies that offer video production in Chicago, we are definitely one of the best because of our dedication to surpassing our clients’ expectations.


Evidently, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s video production staff is exceptionally experienced and skilled in event speech videography. Paired with our first-rate equipment, our professional abilities contribute to our exceptional keynote speaker videos.

At Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best keynote speaker video production in the Chicagoland area. Our corporate videography experts are well equipped to fulfill all of your keynote speaker video content needs. We even offer video editing services so you can be sure that you keynote speaker video is the best that it can possibly be.

Don’t risk hiring an inexperienced keynote speaker videographer when you can hire Chicago Corporate Photography & Video and be guaranteed video content that you will be proud to display. We are also backed by over 15 years of experience so you know that it will be professional videographers working with you and not amateurs.

We are headquartered in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, and we are willing to travel to any venue in and around the Chicagoland area. Having worked in the industry for so long, we have shot in a great number of venues in and around the city. This familiarity provides our videographers with the ability to even more effectively address our clients’ needs.

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