Chicago Nonprofit Video Production Company

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the best Nonprofit Video Production Company in Chicago. Using our highly experienced videographers, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video helps you educate others on important issues while building awareness of and advocating for your cause. You help the world; now it’s time to let us help you!



With over 15 years of nonprofit, corporate, and video experience, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video specializes in transforming images of your organization’s hard work into a useful fundraising tool. Our nonprofit video production company works hard to convert viewers into donors. Through our engaging fundraising nonprofit video production, we can help raise the funds you need while engaging the public to take action in support of your cause. We not only promote your movement but also provide an emotional appeal through our video production that makes people feel the same passion you do for your cause.

From photographing fundraising initiatives to volunteers hard at work, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video showcases your NPO’s work by telling your compelling story through video. To adequately express your empowering message to others, we capture the right emotions, find the appropriate background music to complement the video’s mood and advocate your work in relation to community values while fostering civic engagement.


The first essential fundraising tool for any nonprofit organization is video. Why? Videos are able to express the charity’s valuable message that ultimately drives your nonprofit organization. By revealing powerful stories through video, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video highlights the importance of your cause.

Our process begins with an initial client interview where we discuss your target audience, how to reach them, your current marketing campaigns and overall objectives. After we learn more about your not-for-profit,  and its mission, our professional and highly-reviewed video developers begin production planning. They start defining the emotional aspects we want to display, shape your story, develop storyboards and prepare interviews and testimony subjects. Following this procedure, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video articulates the story to your nonprofit for approval and discusses inspiration for the actual video production.

Being the best Chicago Nonprofit video production company, it’s only understandable that we have the best team of experts. Our excellent team of creatives works hard to conducts field interviews, provide art direction, and shoot in multiple locations to receive tons of footage. While capturing human emotions, team photos and biographies, we edit the video and transcriptions as well as adding motion graphics from our experienced graphic design team. Finally, we help your nonprofit best utilize the videos we produce by consulting you on distribution locations and tactics as well as providing your NPO with a social media distribution plan.


  1. Promoting your cause through video marketing will create more overall engagement
  2. You can reach a broader audience by producing a nonprofit video
  3. The more interested people are in a cause, the more likely they will be to volunteer or donate
  4. Creating a video that tells a story by capturing testimonials and interviews will shed more light on your cause
  5. Make the world a better place by reaching a larger audience to support your cause

Types of Nonprofit Organizations Our Video Production Company Works With:

  • Public Charities
  • Private, Corporate, and Community Foundations
  • Social Advocacy Organizations
  • Professional and Trade Organizations
  • Social Welfare
  • Military
  • Environmental
  • International NGOs
  • Health
  • Education
  • Animals
  • Arts and Culture
  • Women’s Rights


Some of Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s most rewarding work has involved producing nonprofit marketing videos for charitable organizations. But this gratifying work does not come easy. We provide a number of services to help create a video that highlights an initiative, tells a story, raises funds, and many other goals. While our services might be quite simple, like a one-day shoot or editing footage you already own, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video provides video production management throughout all stages of the process. No matter what, we work with our clients from start to finish, taking a project from the early stages of production to shooting, then onto post-production and distribution strategies.  

Here are some of the other services our Chicago NPO video production agency provides:

  • Capture client testimonials
  • Record employee interviews
  • Provide full pre-production, production and post-production support
  • Prepare for multi-camera location videography
  • Produce scriptwriting and teleprompter services for long scripts
  • Video editing, graphics creation
  • Location scouting, hiring actors, erecting sets
  • Add your logo and titles and illustrative graphics
  • Encode final videos into web-ready formats
  • Help distribute videos to reach a wider audience


Other than merely illustrate the magnitude of your organization’s impact, there are various types of objectives and goals that each NPO has. Some apparent goals a nonprofit organization has might include educating a larger audience, raises funds for the cause, or recruiting volunteers. For this reason, each video Chicago Corporate Photography and Video produces is unique to your nonprofit’s initiative, creating a variety of video options.

Here are some of the videos Chicago Corporate Photography and Video produces to achieve the goals of nonprofits:

  1. Fundraising Videos — One of the most important goals for a nonprofit organization is to raise money organically. These videos specialize in turning viewers into donors and views into dollars.
  2. Call-to-Action Videos — As with any organization, a primary objective is getting individuals to take action, whether that means volunteering or donating.  
  3. Profile Videos — What does your organization do? These videos emphasize to viewers precisely who you are as a nonprofit and what cause you choose to support.
  4. Interview Videos and Testimonials — Hearing from actual survivors or hearing from people impacted by your organization will provide an emotional aspect that allows people to feel inspired to respond and spread awareness.
  5. Informational Videos — Being a donor, it can be challenging to truly understand the impact your money can make. These informational videos help bridge the emotional gap and illustrate the life-changing effects that your nonprofit’s programs have.
  6. Educational Videos — Tell the story of your foundation’s impact and why it’s essential with educational videos.
  7. Recruitment Videos — Compelling video will not only highlight the importance of your work but also touches supporters in an emotional way that moves them to take action and donate something more important than money—their time.  
  8. Thank you Videos — One of the most vital messages a nonprofit campaign can elicit is a thank you. Thanking supporters for their hard work and donations show the world how rewarding it is to help others.

Let us bring your NPO’s message to life through our effective video production. For a free consultation or any further questions, please feel free to call us at 312-623-3456, or Contact Us Here and we’ll be happy to help!