Trade Show Videographer

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is a tradeshow videographer that really understands how impactful video content can be for a company. Our team is highly skilled at capturing the best shots in the best ways. We also operate with a level of professionalism that is unparalleled in the industry. Trade shows can be hectic and require a high level of attention for those operating your company’s booth. Let a professional tradeshow videographer take care of the trade show video content so you don’t have to.



To put it lightly, trade shows are a big deal for your company. They provide the opportunity to reach new people within the industry that could make a good business connection and they also expose you to a wider consumer base to show off your products and services to. Not to mention the fact that trade shows are time consuming for your company. In order to plan and prep for a great trade show experience, your company has to devote a number of resources, including money and manpower. Unfortunately, too many people that take all this time and effort to attend a trade show do nothing to capture it.  A professional tradeshow videographer can help with all of your video needs for your important convention or tradeshow!

Video content is blowing up on the Internet in terms of popularity. More and more people are turning to video instead of text articles or other mediums. This is a key thing that companies need to know in order to flourish in the future. That being said video content is a component that all businesses should be using to some extent. Trade show videography is a great way to either start utilizing video content or to add onto an existing repertoire of video content. A great trade show video opens up a bunch of possibilities for your company in terms of marketing and positive brand exposure as well.


When you think of versatile content, video should show up at the top of the list. Video content can be used in a variety of different locations, is able to be shared across social media easily, and can be about any subject matter. Not to mention the fact that video is very entertaining. Just think about your own personal experience with the popularity of online video content. When people want information, advice, reviews, or whatever else you may think of, they consult YouTube videos, or videos on other platforms. So when it comes to trade show video, there is also a great deal of possibilities in terms of use.

Trade show videography can be used internally as a reference on what a proper trade show experience looks like. This would then be like a training video on how trade shows are done for those that operate the booth the next year if it’s not going to be the same people. Another internal use could be showing off the success that was had at the trade show as a means of justifying all the hard work and resources that went into making it happen. This is especially useful if your company was hesitant to embark on a trade show venture initially.

Using trade show videography is also a great way to appeal to customers and clients. It could be argued that video content, including trade show video, is far more eye catching on platforms such as social media. When someone on social media sees your trade show video production project and is entertained, they are more likely to remember your company. This is a key factor in being differentiated from the competition. It will also hopefully lead to more people contacting your company for products or services you offer when a need arises.

Although only a few uses for trade show videography were listed above, be assured that there are many more. It is important that when you decide to embark on the trade show video production route that you choose a company that is able to recognize all of the benefits and uses of trade show videos. This knowledge allows a professional trade show videographer to tailor to your needs when they are capturing footage for a trade show video. Whether you want to use your trade show video for internal company use or you want to share the trade show video across your company’s social media outlets, make sure you communicate with your trade show videographer so they can produce a trade show video that surpasses your expectations.


You may think that it would be a good idea to skip on hiring a professional trade show videographer and just handling it on your own. However, this is actually a very bad idea. Nowadays, people can scope out high quality and gravitate towards it. This then also means, by default, people are distancing themselves from low quality work. The importance of quality is, arguably, most commonly present with video. Nobody wants to watch a grainy, out of focus video with poor sound. People no longer accept homemade videos from a smartphone either.

All of this simply means that your trade show video has to be of the highest quality and the best way to ensure this is by hiring a professional tradeshow videographer. A trade show videography company is able to provide the best equipment. Although, you have to be careful because not everyone that has an expensive video camera and other associated equipment is able to use it professionally. Similarly, not everyone that has a nice guitar is a great musician. Therefore, you really have to delve into the portfolio of a trade show video production company in order to determine if they will suit the needs of your unique company.

An amateur tradeshow videographer will become overwhelmed with the crowd and commotion that is often found at trade shows and conventions. They may also not have the level of professionalism that is required to be unobtrusive. You don’t want a trade show videographer to come in the way of you and a potential customer and or client. So all in all, your safest bet is to just hire a professional trade show videography company that has the experience and skill enough to provide the trade show video content that you want. Whether that be a trade show highlight video, product demonstration, or whatever else you have in mind.


When you choose Chicago Corporate Photography & Video for your trade show videography needs, you can be assured that you will have a finished product you are proud to display. Over 15 years of experience has culminated into Chicago Corporate Photography & Video being the best tradeshow videographer in Chicago. Our team is highly trained and familiar with trade show video production. We don’t settle for low quality work because we value our company and guarantee you will be happy with your trade show video.

If you have any questions about trade show videography or if you want to hire a Chicago Corporate Photography & Video trade show videographer, feel free to contact us. You can send us an email at or give us a call at 312-623-3456! We look forward to hearing from you!