Chicago Dental Office Photographer

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a leading Chicago Dental Office Photographer with over 20 years of experience. Shooting images for dentists across the midwest, our Chicago Dental Office Photographer can capture genuine photographs for your office’s marketing.


Why Work With The Best Chicago Dental Office Photographer?

Although descriptions of your dental practice services are vital to your marketing efforts, powerful images truly shape your practice’s branding. Everyone knows that humans are predominantly visual creatures. That said, photos and videos can leave an intense impression on potential clients—whatever that may be. Hiring a professional Chicago dental office photographer will ensure you make a positive lasting impression on patients.

Satisfactory pictures illustrate to people what your dental office looks like, however, exceptional and professional images really draw people in. A Chicago dental office photographer will take substantial photos that showcase your facility.

When someone visits your website, they’ll expect to see what they will see when showing up for their first appointment. Having pictures that show your reception space, staff and operation area will help reduce any anxiety for first-time patients.

Client before and after photographs are strong images that can inspire and motivate patients to seek after a treatment plan. They also showcase your wide range of abilities. Stock photos of before and after pictures overcrowd many dentists’ websites.

To professionals, it’s evident these aren’t unique — the sepia tone, poor shading cast, as well as low resolution are dead giveaways. Original photos better improve marketing with unrivaled color exactness and saturation, sharpness, and high detail.

Before and after pictures can also be considered genuine testimonials. For things such as teeth whitening, highlighting the noticeable transformation of your dentistry’s services will enhance your practice’s reliability. Make sure to always have clients sign a photo release consent form beforehand, though. It’s also essential to make sure the pictures match each other. For instance, for both of the before and after photos, your patient should be in the same pose both times in front of the same background, smiling.

But be careful and stay away from clinical posed photos. Patients want to be able to see what the outcomes will look like in a casual, regular manner, so be sure to include a concise description under each photo, and a short testimonial statement from your satisfied client.

In addition, in today’s digital age, modern marketing is overwhelming constituted by visuals. Premium photography lets people feel comfortable with you and your staff before they’ve even scheduled their first appointment. Possible patients will feel encouraged to schedule an appointment if they are convinced by your pictures. Text by itself is often lacking in describing dental ideas or particular surgeries. A photograph is worth of a thousand words, and fosters more action and exchange than bullet points.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Chicago Dental Office Photographer

Although cell phone pictures are adequate for your practice’s social pages, you’ll need an expert photographer for your website’s pictures. In case you’re not happy with utilizing a professional camera, we recommend using a professional. Proficient photographs are a critical part of demonstrating your office in the most ideal light. Photos taken by our Chicago dental office photographer are undoubtedly worth the extra costs to have photos professionally done.

Another benefit of utilizing an expert Chicago dental office photographer is that they know how to appropriately create a shot to show the subject in their best light, and these small changes can have a huge impact your site’s appearance.

For some individuals, an office environment is becoming an increasingly powerful factor in their decision of a dental practice. Patients seek after a comfortable office with an inviting, clean feel and an inside and out hospitable environment. Photographs can help convey that message, particularly pictures that capture details and subtle elements.

People get a kick out of the chance to see modern, stylish decor. They appreciate sensible luxuries, including drink stations, kids’ play zones, and televisions in treatment rooms. Wonderful lighting probably won’t appear to be a major ordeal to a dentist, however taking measures to reduce the obvious clinical lighting and overall feel of dental workplaces of the past can make a huge difference, especially for restless patients.

On the off chance that you use welcoming photographs that recount your practice’s aesthetic, you will take your advertising to the next level! You’ll demonstrate to individuals the dental experience you provide patients, not only inform them about the dental procedures that you offer

Even more, personalized photography can drastically enhance your dental practice marketing efforts. Think about it; if most dentists use stock photos for their web pages, they will not be original photos. Usually, these websites don’t have tons of great dental office pictures, so they keep getting used by different practices. By hiring a Chicago dental office photographer, you will have unique images that ultimately stand out and help your site stand out, as well. Further, it gives patients a sneak peek into your office.


  1. Hire a professional — The majority of us have a decent camera,or at least a phone with a quality camera. Yet, it isn’t just about getting a high-resolution picture. Professional-looking pictures require the correct lighting, posing and composition.
  2. Capture only permanent employees in your shots — This is because staff shots just include those employees who are expected to be a part of your dental team for the long-run. In the event that somebody leaves in a half year, pictures that include them will end up obsolete.
  3. Stage the pictures —Solicit a couple from patients or relatives to come in for the shoot and act like clients. Show them sitting in the waiting area, conversing with the receptionist, and sitting in the operating room with the dentist. This makes the practice look welcoming and active.
  4. Draft a Shot List —Some professionals, like a Chicago dental office photographer, may require a shot list so they know exactly what photos you’re looking for. Regardless of whether they don’t, giving them a list will help guarantee that you get everything that you want and need for your marketing. In case you’re taking the photographs yourself, a shot list will fill in as an agenda to make sure you don’t overlook anything.


At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we know it can be difficult for dentists who are swamped managing all facets of their practice to get all the necessary items for a website, like photos and design, among other things. Some start to feel worn down with the process and are thus motivated to hurry to the finish line, either by producing bad-quality photos of their practice or not using any at all.

At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we know that being a dentist is difficult enough as it as without having to worry about minor things such as office photography and web presence. This is why hiring a Chicago dental office photographer will take all of your worries away.

For any questions about how we can help bring your dental office to life with the help of our highly-rated Chicago dental office photographer, please feel free to give us a call at 312-623-3456 or you can Contact Us Here.