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High quality website photography and video by a professional website photographer is so important for your business website in today’s day and age.  It is essential to ensure the way you present your company is professional and in the best possible light.


Chicago Website Photography and Video

Professional photography and video is so important for your company’s website in today’s day and age. It is essential to ensure the way you present your company is professional and in the best possible light. Appearance and first impressions are everything, and in many cases your audience’s first impression of your business is through visiting your website.

Here are just a few of the numerous benefits you will receive from having professional photography on your website from a professional website photographer:

Send an Effective Message

When you have professional, high quality photography and video on your company site, it allows you to send a very positive message, and frame that message to be exactly the one you want to convey. Stock photography—or worse, no photography or video—will not allow you to take advantage of enhancing and honing the positive message you want to convey to your audience. Don’t miss an opportunity to send an appealing message to your customers and prospective customers on your website by using a professional website photographer!

Promote Your Brand By Hiring a Professional Website Photographer and Videographer

Using professional photography and video on your website lets you fully convey what your brand is about. In today’s modern age, personalization is key; customers want to choose a brand they believe in. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million. Business website photography and video taken by a professional website photographer and videographer is so important to convey the message you want to your audience in the way you want to convey it. You want your customers and prospects to already have a sense of what your brand is about before they even contact you.

Make It Easy For Customers To Get to Know You

Customers want to get to know you, your brand, and your company. Stock photos are not the best way to showcase your business. First, stock photos have become so prevalent that most internet users know the difference between a stock image and a unique company picture. Many users even experience seeing the same stock photo on many different websites! Second, stock photos do not make you or your company stand out and do not provide an accurate portrayal of what your company is really about.

Professional photography and video for your website, especially videos, are one of the best marketing tools you can use for your audience to really get to know yourself and your brand. The photos and videos you use on your website can literally make the difference between gaining a client and losing one to a competitor. Showcase the best your brand has to offer with unique, high quality photography and video for your website done by a professional website photographer.

Best Chicago Website Photographer

When it comes to successfully marketing and enhancing your business website through professional website photography and video, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video leads the pack. We are a Chicago professional website photographer that has been in business for over 15 years and that has captured website photography for hundreds of Chicago businesses. We are experts at taking compelling, unique website photography for your business to enhance your website and brand.

Business Website Photographer in Chicago

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s best business photographer. When you’re building a business website to represent your Chicago business, professional photos are of the utmost importance. If you’re looking to portray your business in the best light possible, don’t look any further than Chicago Corporate Photography and Video.

Putting YOU At the Center of Your Business

When potential customers visit your business website, they are looking for YOU. They are not looking for the same stock photo they have seen on your competitors’ websites. They are looking for photos that demonstrate who you are as a business—everything from your team, your location and interior, and the products and services you sell. The closer to YOU your professional business website photos are, the closer to YOU your potential customers will want to be!

In today’s age of surfing and scrolling, a captivating picture converts interest to business much more quickly than “a thousand words” ever could. According to, website visitors are 80% more likely to read your text if it’s paired with an image. Beyond that, visitors are 64% more likely to remember what they read on your site. Talk about brand retention!

While some business owners brush off professional business photography as a “nonessential,” having professional photos taken for your business website is a vital part of getting started and making a powerful impact on your business website’s visitors. Let Chicago Corporate Photography and Video supply you with all the shots you need to start your business website or revamp your existing one.

You Retain Complete Ownership of Your Business Website Photos

One major downside to stock photography is that it can be bought by anyone. Your website could be among tens or thousands of sites using a stock photo to promote themselves. In the minds of potential customers, that could put you parallel with your competition… or worse—scammers! And that’s no good. You want your business’s website to stand out from others in your field and make a big impression on potential customers.

When you select Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, the photos and videos we capture for your business website are 100% your own. They’re yours to use for every element of your website, social media, and branding. Others can get in legal trouble if they try to use them to represent their brand and even better—they won’t be associated with your competition or scammers. The images on your business website are uniquely your own.

Professional Images Help You Get Discovered Online

If you have full ownership of your business website, you can use your professional website photos for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the many elements of SEO is images, and when potential customers are looking for a Chicago business that fits their needs, images are one of the first places they look. Optimized photos can help your business website get found in searchable image results, making your business website place higher and “more relevant” in rankings.

Professional business website images may also encourage potential customers to choose you over a competitor. Beyond all of that, professional photos let business website visitors know that you’re willing to show them exactly who you are. This authenticity and transparency can prompt visitors to your business site to share your photos and content, which drives your SEO numbers even higher.

Statistically, people spend more time and click more on a website that is relevant to them. When you take high-quality professional photos for your business website that contain the subjects people are looking for, they’re more likely to click on your images or the surrounding content. That activity equals more time on your site, more time with your brand, and more money in your pocket.

A beautiful photo for your business website versus a fuzzy iPhone snapshot can mean the difference between a scroll and a click. Professional photography or videography for your business website lets customers know you want to engage with them—and that makes you more easily found online, more relevant in search results, and more interactive when visitors finally land on your homepage. Simply put, professional photos equals increased website traffic!

Use Professional Business Website Images Across Platforms

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video provides versatile images when it comes to professional business website photography. Sure the photos we take will get their primary use displayed on your website—but they can also be used across your business’s social media to attract and impress current and future clientele.

Feature your professional business website photos prominently on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+ or Google Business
  • Yelp
  • TripAdvisor

A Chicago Business Website Photography Company You Can Trust

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video takes great care to understand your business and what you would like to capture in a session. We take time to listen to the needs of your business website and what you want to achieve by hiring a professional Chicago photographer.

No matter what good or service your business website promotes, you should have high quality photography to show your customers, investors, and internal staff the quality of your business. There are many businesses with websites online, but you don’t have to be well-known to benefit from the quality and prestige of professional business photography and videography.

We’re experts at creating the look and feel you’re going for online. Do you have a pre-established color scheme you’d like us to work from during post-production? How about a business mascot that needs to find its way into every photo? Does your business website focus on something that requires special photography skills like food, nature, or cars? Chicago Corporate Photography and video has got you covered.

If you’re feeling stressed by the prospect of getting professional photography done for your business website, you can rest easy knowing that Chicago Corporate Photography and Video will handle everything. From shooting to editing to delivering the right file type and size to you, we’ll handle the nitty-gritty on our end and deliver nothing but a quality selection of photos and videos to you. Think of hiring us as outsourcing what could be a very long to-do list for you.

Benefits of Professional Business Website Photography

Consumers are smart. They know the difference between a decorative image and one that gives them the information, feeling, or identity they’re looking for. By taking the extra step and obtaining professional photography for your business website, you can add value to your business website. In a nutshell, professional photos or videos for your business website give your potential customers the security that they need to choose your product or service.

High-quality, beautiful professional photos show visitors what they can expect from your brand. Characteristics of your business such as the lighting at your downtown location or the detailed custom engraving you can do on a coffee mug really drive home what makes your business special. Professional photography is a great way to guarantee you’re showing off both the greatest and the smallest details of your product or service. And all of that information can be obtained through professional photos on your business website.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video – Chicago’s Trusted Photo & Video Company for Websites

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is one of Chicago’s best website photography companies, and will help take your company to the next level in terms of using high quality photography and video to help with your company’s marketing and branding. We work with companies and nonprofits of all different sizes and many different budgets, and are happy to work with your company as well!

Our company specializes in high quality video production for websites. Our video team, both the videographers and the editors, are located in-house and have a combined decades of experience shooting professional video for websites. Video is one of the fastest growing methods of marketing, and has a very high impact as well as a high return on investment.

Do you have questions about photography and video for websites? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!